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11:11 - 2011
You Can Never Go Back
We Are All Related - Journey of the DNA
Christmas Week 2010 - Blue Photo - Blizzard - Thoth Penguins
Interesting Lightning Images
The History of Games
Perception and Deception
The 99ers - Unemployment, Satire
The Awakening of the Corporate World - From Corporate To Creation
Dentistry Then and Now
LHC produces primordial state akin to the dawn of the universe - The Black Sun
3.9 Earthquake hits New York
Is Sexual Behavior Genetic? Life is a DNA Roadmap.
Looking at Names From a Metaphysical and Social Perspective
Ball Lightning May Explain Some UFO Sightings

Queen Eadgyth, The Book and the Device
Extraterrestrials Lakes
Obesity On the Rise in Animals Also
The Romance Novel
Marriage 2010
Tips From Ellie and Dr. Oz on Prevention & Dealing With a Cold
Empathy - For Richer or Poorer
November 13th Synchronicities - Family and Friends
Alzheimer's Disease - Forget Something
What does your office space look like?
Why is Exercise Important?
What's your biggest professional regret?
The To-do Lists Before Moving in Together
Who Lives Longer - Women or Men?
Finding an 'Altruism Gene'
US survey: 1 in 10 kids has ADHD
Hermann Rorschach - Perception and Scrying
Stargates and the Anunnaki - Creating Bloodlines
Ancient Ruins: Peruvian Stargate, Sphinx Revisited, Sarah and Alexander, South Africa
Interconnected Dreams - Strange Time Traveling Dream - Ellie and George
The Multitasking Soul - Kari's Dream
Housing - Short Sale - Fire Sale - Then and Now
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Generates a 'Mini-Big Bang'
Touch the Sky: Sun, Moon, Auroras
The Necklace Nebula, Ptolemy
Mexico's Zone of Silence
Emotions and the Color of Ambient Light

Is the Universe a Hologram? The Science Experiment
Halloween 2010: Orson Wells, The Time Traveler
Charlie Chaplin's Time Travel Video
Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami, Mt. Merapi Erupts
The Spiral of Life(lines)
Waking Up To Say Good-bye, Deathbed Statements
Invitations, The Calling, Akashic Record, The Artifact, 2012, The Science Project
Ellie and Elaine - Two Psychics From Brooklyn, 2012
Tree Portals - Fractal Forest - Creation
Indian Summer and Allergies 2010
Orion, Orionids, Pyramids, Time, Above and Below, Scorpio, Full Moon, Water, Silver on the Moon
Pyramids in Time Ellie's Pyramid, Peruvian Pyramid of the Moche Culture
Do the Dead Greet the Dying?
Dealing With Karma in Soul Groups
Peeling Away The Layers
Married Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
Fossils of First Plants Found in Argentina
National Coming Out Day 10/11/10, Gay and Acceptance
Remembering the Pink Planet
Perfume - History, Use, Esoteric Connections
Looking to the Skies
Animals Said to Have Spiritual Experiences
Spiritual Warriors
Koro: Lost Language Found
Happiness 2010 Style
Amenhotep III - Graonite Statue Found
Does time have a Direction? What Direction Does a River Flow
Can Someone Be Overweight and Healthy?
Body Language

Remembering Researcher Zecharia Sitchin
Remembering UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens

Venus: Clouds at South Pole - Goddess Archetype of Creation
Triple Rainbows
The Retail Wedding
Dee's Journey to Egypt
Truth ... Keneau Reeves and the Matrix
Email From a Client Named Lawrence ... One Year After His Reading
Spirals in Space, Sacred Geometry, Spirals and You
The Blue and The Gold ... Splitting the Consciousness to See Beyond
Crystal Creations
Strange Sequence Dreams - When Sumerian Gods Come to Visit
Two Tornadoes and a Macroburst Hit My Area of Brooklyn

Autumn Fun 2010 With My Grandsons
Noah Goes to Kindergarten - Separation Anxiety
Grandparents Day 2010 - Noah Turns 5

Oil Spill April 20, 2010 ... Updated June 11, 2019
Experiencing Lucid Dreams
Relationships: If I had a dollar for every time ....
Child Support Catches Up Sooner or Later
The Sperm Donor Relationship Seven Years Later - Soul Reunion
Who Goes through the Door First?
Noise Pollution
Cherenkov Radiation, Blue Lights and Time Travel - Ellie's Blue Photo
August 25, 2010 - Crystalinks Turns 15
Virgo Transition 2010 - The Value of Virgo is Changing
Spiritual Communities & Connections - Cassadaga, Florida, Lily Dale NY
Prehistoric Acoustics: Stonehenge Experiment - Mayan Pyramid of Kukulcan

July 4th and Ancient Mysteries
Heatwave July 5-9
The Oil Saga and the Alchemical Nature of Reality -John D. Rockefeller, Georgius Agricola, Nostradamus
What Lies Beneath ... Ground Zero in New York City
The Recession Causes A Modern Day Gold Rush, About Gold and Gold Coins
Bastille Day 2010 ... Remembering a French Lifetime, Espionage and the Royal Party
Remembering George Steinbrenner
A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere
Mid-Atlantic Ridge is Moving
"Inception" The Film - Reality vs. Dreamtime - The Brain - Totem Symbology
The Human Brain and the Language of Brainwaves
Gray Matter ... Depression Physically Seeing Gray ... Alcoholism
Balance Partners
The Brain :: T-Bar Exercise
Successful Conversations Involve Mind Melds - Consciousness Connections Grid to Grid
Do You Remember Your First Job? CEOs reflect on their first jobs
WikiLeaks, Afghan War Diary, Finding Truth at Last
Who Are We Sexually Attracted To?
Sexual Anorexia

Celestial Motif of the Logarithmic Spiral
"Band of Holes" near Pisco Valley, Peru
Sinkholes and Blue Holes - Guatemala June 2010
Alcoholism 2010
The Journey
The Sounds of Science - The God Particle - Higgs Boson - The Music Box - LHC
Trees, Circles, Mandala, Galactic Eye, Yggdrasil, Flower of Life, Nabta Playa Circle Sacred Cosmology

Meeting Sylvia Browne - Issues, Patterns, and Predictions
May Day 2010
Mother's Day 2010 - Stop and Smell the Roses
Lavender, Violet Flame, Milky Way Galaxy, Southern Cross, 88
Crossing Over: Science and Pseudoscience
Your Eyes Are the Windows of Your Soul - What Do They Say?
"Lost" Finale
Checkmate - Alchemy - Grids
Charlie and Ellie - Will They Ever Meet?
Fleet Week 2010 - Life is Short, Time is Fleeting

SETI - 50 Years in OZ
What the Frak !?
Six Degrees of Separation - Small World Experiment
The 23 Enigma
Soul Uniting in Global Consciousness - Disasters Bring Unity
Ellie Goes Plant Shopping
Ellie The Realtor - The 'Sales Gene'
Unexplained Noises

What the Beep Do We Know?
Iceland: Volcano Erupts and its Effects on Planet Earth Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Romantic Relationships at Different Times of Your Life
Medical Marijuana
Pleaides and Ancient Egyptian Themes
Egyptian Exhibit Comes to New York City, Welcome Back, Anubis, Barge in Ancient Egypt, Wormholes
Passover, Easter 2010, Egypt
Marian Apparitions and Projected Illusions at the End of the Program

Groundhog Day 2010, Shadow People
The New Work Force 2010, Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers
The Stock Market Junkie
The Psychic World and the Recession
Valentine's Day 2010 - Chinese Year of the Tiger
Mardi Gras 2010
The Mannequin in the Car, The Cop, and the HOV Lane
Happy Birthday - Grandma Turns 67
UFO's and Ellie's Birthday .. It's Getting Closer
Sun in Pisces: Fun in the Snow, Olympics, Ellie's Birthday, Sasha, Matthew and Noah
Road Rage
Walking The Walk - Red, White and Black

Welcoming to the First Day of 2010
Flooding rains bring rare waterfalls to Australia's Uluru
Hollow Earth Hypothesis - Holographic Universe
Edward Bransfield - Discovering Antarctica
The Olmec Gods
The Pyramids of Mesoamerica 2010
Journey of the Tao 2010
Why Do Celebrities Die Young? Happy 75th Birthday Elvis
Isaac Newton, Economics, Alchemy, Google Doodle
The Spirit in the Elevator
What People Are Saying January 2010
Who's Responsible?
George and the Talking Zebra
"Fringe", The Bishop Family, Nazi Germany, Reality is a Science Experiment, "Sarah and Alexander"
Spaceport America - UFO Connections?
Aquarius, Return of the Feminine Higher Frequency Energies
Reels and Reals of Film - Golden Globes 2010 - 2012 Sarah and Alexander

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