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2010 News In Review

New Year's Resolutions 2010-11
Your Predictions For 2011
Christmas Week 2010
    Christmas Blizzard 2010,
    Penguins Thoth, Tricksters, Ravens as Prophets
    Nostradamus, Johannes Kepler - Harmony of the Spheres

11 In 2011 - Binary Code
Moving Into 2011
    2001: A Space Odyssey - Messages from Zarathrustra - 2011
    Winter Solstice
    In the Beginning - Magi - Geometry
    We Are All Related

X-raying Lightning - Interesting Lightning Images
Healing Through Prayer
We Are All Related - Journey of the DNA
The History of Games
8th Notes and Headphones, Music Awards
You Can Never Go Back
Perception and Deception
The 99ers - Unemployment, Satire
The Awakening of the Corporate World - From Corporate To Creation
Dentistry Then and Now
LHC produces primordial state akin to the dawn of the universe - The Black Sun
3.9 Earthquake hits New York
Is Sexual Behavior Genetic? Life is a DNA Roadmap.
Looking at Names From a Metaphysical and Social Perspective
Ball Lightning May Explain Some UFO Sightings

WikiLeaks Connections and Corrections ... Getting a Head Start
Three Samoan Teens Found After 50 Days Lost at Sea
Queen Eadgyth, The Book and the Device - 12 Around 1
Astronomy November 25-26, 2010
Lakes on Earth ... Extraterrestrial Lakes - Science and Mythology
Obesity On the Rise in Animals Also
The Romance Novel
Marriage 2010 ... Prince William and Kate, Changing Face of Marriage, Marriage and Money
Tips From Ellie and Dr. Oz on Prevention & Dealing With a Cold
Empathy - For Richer or Poorer
November 13th Synchronicities - Family and Friends, Ralph Returns
Alzheimer's Disease - Forget Something What does your office space look like?
Why is Exercise Important?
What's your biggest professional regret?
The To-do Lists Before Moving in Together
Who Lives Longer - Women or Men?
Finding an 'Altruism Gene'
US survey: 1 in 10 kids has ADHD
Hermann Rorschach - Perception and Scrying

Stargates and Decoders, Creation and Destruction
    11/11 - The Fringe of Discovery, The First People, Decoder, Destruction Device, Nina and Walter Smoke Weed
    Destiny's Mission, Stargate Universe, Roland Emmerich
    The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy Emits Huge Gamma Ray Bubbles
    Sumerian Gods, Anunnaki, Creation, Making Personal Connections, The Alien in the Stargate, Creating Bloodlines
    Stargates and Time Travel, The Zipper Effect
    Aztec - Calendar, Decoder, Montezuma, Temple of Quetzalcoatl, Teotihuacan, The Place Where Men Met God

Interconnected Dreams - Strange Time Traveling Dream - Ellie and George
The Multitasking Soul - Kari's Dream

Ancient Ruins: Peruvian Stargate, Sphinx Revisited, Sarah and Alexander, South Africa
Stargate, Wormhole
Housing - Short Sale - Fire Sale - Then and Now
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Generates a 'Mini-Big Bang'
The Changing Face of Planet Earth - Mount Merapi Erupts
Touch the Sky
The Templar's Code and the Grid, Chloe Palov
The Necklace Nebula, Ptolemy
Mexico's Zone of Silence
Emotions and the Color of Ambient Light

MP3 Files
Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities
Automatic Writing
Getting Through the Holidays
The Calling MP3 File
What Do You Think Will Happen? MP3 File

Halloween 2010
October 30th
Orson Wells - "War of the Worlds", Aliens and Time Travel Video
Charlie Chaplin's Time Travel Video
Fun With My Grandsons
Jon Stewart With Obama, Rally to Restore Sanity, Ellie and Jon, Anunnaki - Videos
The Passing of Zecharia Sitchin - The Anunnaki
Is the Universe a Hologram?

Halloween Birthdays and Quotes
Election Day and Halloween
Marijuana Legalized in California?
The Mad Hatter "Tea Party"
Halloween Files and Related

Is the Universe a Hologram? The Science Experiment
  Charlie Chaplin's Time Travel Video
The Passing of Zecharia Sitchin
Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami, Mt. Merapi Erupts
   Ancient Tsunami Hit NYC, The Spiral of Life
The Spiral of Life(lines)
Waking Up To Say Good-bye, Deathbed Statements
Invitations, The Calling, Akashic Record, The Artifact, 2012, The Science Project
Ellie and Elaine - Two Psychics From Brooklyn, 2012
Tree Portals - Fractal Forest - Creation
Indian Summer and Allergies 2010
Orion, Orionids, Pyramids, Time, Above and Below, Scorpio, Full Moon, Water, Silver on the Moon
Pyramids in Time Ellie's Pyramid, Peruvian Pyramid of the Moche Culture

Do the Dead Greet the Dying?
Dealing With Karma in Soul Groups
Peeling Away The Layers
Married Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
October 13 Miracles: Chilean Mine Rescue, Fatima Prophecies
Fossils of First Plants Found in Argentina
National Coming Out Day 10/11/10, Gay and Acceptance
Remembering the Pink Planet
Perfume - History, Use, Esoteric Connections
Looking to the Skies
   Green Comet is Coming, Saturn's Spoked Wheels, UFOs Close Chinese Airport Again, Dropa Stone Discs

Animals Said to Have Spiritual Experiences
Spiritual Warriors
Koro: Lost Language Found
Happiness 2010 Style
Amenhotep III - Granite Statue Found
Direction - Science and Metaphysics - Question Marks
Can Someone Be Overweight and Healthy?
Body Language

Perception and Time Travel
   Dingy to Bright Light - Tony Curtis Dies
Astronomy Buzz ... Finding a Goldilocks Planet - Gliese 581 g
Welcome to Planet Earth Latest Effort to Disseminate Information about UFOs
Education ... It's Everywhere
Venus: Clouds at South Pole - Goddess Archetype of Creation
Google Turns 12 - Google and Crystalinks - Branding as a Career
Triple Rainbows
The Retail Wedding
Journey to Egypt September 2010
Truth ... Keneau Reeves and the Matrix
Email From a Client Named Lawrence ... One Year After His Reading
Noah Goes to Kindergarten - Separation Anxiety
Indonesia, NZ, CMEs, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes
UFO researcher and Author Colonel Wendelle Stevens Dies
September 8-11, 2010
   New Moon, Holidays, 9/11 Ceremonies and Dramas, Connecting Dreams
Grandparents Day 2010 - Noah Turns 5
Farewell Season of the Oprah Winfrey Show

Spirals in Space, Sacred Geometry, Spirals and You
The Blue and The Gold ... Splitting the Consciousness to See Beyond
Crystal Creations
Strange Sequence Dreams - When Sumerian Gods Come to Visit
Two Tornadoes and a Macroburst Hit My Area of Brooklyn
The Mannings
Tipler Cylinder, Time Travel, Prophecy
September 2010 Energies
   Holidays, Libra, Full Moon, Grandsons, Awakening Memos, Great Pyramid

Oil Spill April 20, 2010 ... Ongoing Blogs and Updates

The Sun is Waking Up
Face on Mars, Pyramid, City, Smiley Face Crater
Experiencing Lucid Dreaming
Cloud Scrying Above and Above That, Albert Eyenstein, The Lion and the Little Girl

Relationships: If I had a dollar for every time ....
Child Support Catches Up Sooner or Later
The Sperm Donor Relationship Seven Years Later - Soul Reunion
Who Goes through the Door First?
Noise Pollution
It's About Time - The Wrist Watch and The Mindset List

Cherenkov Radiation, Blue Lights and Time Travel - Ellie's Blue Photo
The War in Iraq 2003 -2010
   Ellie in DC - Last US Combat Brigade Heads Home

August 25, 2010 - Crystalinks Turns 15
   Crystalinks Moves to WordPress

Virgo Transition 2010 - The Value of Virgo is Changing

Spiritual Communities & Connections - Cassadaga, Florida, Lily Dale NY

Prehistoric Acoustics: Stonehenge Experiment - Mayan Pyramid of Kukulcan

Baade's Window - Milky Way Galactic Center

July 4th and Ancient Mysteries
   12 Ships ... Tigris and Euphrates Rivers ...
   The Star Traveler - Dean's Photos - Egyptian Tomb - Female Sphinx

Heatwave July 5-9
   Temps and Tempers
   Fracturing Creates "Bubbles" Within The Matrix

Divorce Clustering

July 7th -- 7/7 -- The 12 Around 1 Create Once Again
The Oil Saga and the Alchemical Nature of Reality -John D. Rockefeller, Georgius Agricola, Nostradamus

July 11, 2010 - New Moon 19¼ Cancer - Total Solar Eclipse
   Spain Wins the World Cup
   Ellie's Dream of Dying

What Lies Beneath ... Ground Zero in New York City
   What Lies Beneath ... Ground Zero Discoveries ... Females Seeding the Planet ... Burying the Disc For All Time

The Recession Causes A Modern Day Gold Rush, About Gold and Gold Coins, White Powder Gold
Bastille Day 2010 ... Remembering a French Lifetime, Espionage and the Royal Party
Loss of a Legend ... The Lion and The Lamb ... George Steinbrenner "The Boss" Dies
Mel Gibson ... The Year of Living Dangerously
A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere
Mid-Atlantic Ridge is Moving
   Hellooo ... Can you hear me? .... We're breaking up ... Did you get my message?

"Inception" The Film - Reality vs. Dreamtime - The Brain - Totem Symbology
The Human Brain and the Language of Brainwaves Brainwave Photo - Sound, Light, and Color
Gray Matter ... Depression Physically Seeing Gray ... Alcoholism

Balance Partners
The Brain :: T-Bar Exercise

Henges: Archaeologists unearth Neolithic henge at Stonehenge

"Fringe" Glyphs and Expressions - Fibonacci Flowers - Leonard Nimoy - Sun in Leo - Shin Symbology
Successful Conversations Involve Mind Melds - Consciousness Connections Grid to Grid

Do You Remember Your First Job? CEOs reflect on their first jobs
WikiLeaks, Afghan War Diary, Finding Truth at Last

Who Are We Sexually Attracted To?
Sexual Anorexia

Oil Spill April 20, 2010 ... Ongoing Blogs and Updates

Celestial Motif of the Logarithmic Spiral
   Z said, "That is what's next." -- Ellie Pointing Up
Reality and Consciousness Programming
   Techie Dreams and Rainbows - George, Trae, Danijela
Teaching Activates Past Life Experience in Germany

Conference in NYC: Is Reality a Hologram, String Theory, Elegant Universe
World Environment Day - June 5, 2010 - Biodiversity

Noah Learns to Swim - Overcoming Fears

The Economy June 2010 - Fear and Denial

Book: "Messages" Signs, Visits, and Premonitions From Loved Ones Lost on 9/11"

"Band of Holes" near Pisco Valley, Peru
   Ancient Astronauts, Coded Messges, Inca

Sinkholes and Blue Holes - Guatemala June 2010
Haunebu - Crashed UFO in Germany 1936
Battle of Los Angeles 1942

UFO and Time Travel Themes Expanded ....
   Teaching Activates Past Life Experience in Germany
   "Sarah and Alexander" Stuttgart Connections
   Ellie in the Black Forest, Freiburg, Germany
   Back in the Nazi Labs
   Project Haunebu - Allegedly Crashed UFO in Germany 1936, Reverse Engineering
   Roswell Crash July 2, 1947
   Battle of Los Angeles 1942
   Goldilocks Planets - Able to Sustain Life
   Lagrange Points - Hiding Places For UFOs?
   Lenticular Clouds and Hole Punch Clouds - Updated - They Look Like UFOs
Someone to Dialogue With on the Other Side
   Humor is the Key and Parallels Love in Frequency

Someone to Dialogue With on the Other Side - 2010 Style

Father's Day June 20, 2010
   Proud Moments for my Family on Father's Day
   World Refugee Day - Angelina Jolie

Alcoholism 2010

Meeting Harold - the Knowing it's over - 2010 Central Canada Earthquake Hits Close to Home
June 26, 2010 - Full Moon 4¼ Capricorn - Partial Lunar Eclipse

The Journey
   In the Beginning, Persian Gulf, Annunkai, Gulf to Gulf, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
   Foundations of Freemasonry - War Games - It's all About Natural Resources, Gold, Oil
   Sights, Sounds, Smells - Something's Burning in Ellie's Office, Time Travel
The Sounds of Science - The God Particle - Higgs Boson - The Music Box - LHC

Nostradamus and Mabus, The Gulf Oil Spill, ComET
Trees, Circles, Mandala, Galactic Eye, Yggdrasil, Flower of Life, Nabta Playa Circle Sacred Cosmology

Below the Surface
   Hurricane Alex, Gulf Oil Spill, 6.2 Earthquake in Mexico
   Mayan Underworld Discoveries (Video)
   Cleopatra VII, Ellie's Past Lives and Grid Experiences
   Zahi Discovers Unfinished Tomb in the Valley of the Kings

May Day 2010
   Kentucky Derby - Ellie's Hat, Tree Springs Forth From My Consciousness, Spires

Cinco de Mayo 2010
   Mexico Then and Now - Crime in the Streets - Arizona Immigration Bill
Chaos During Mercury Retrograde (May 2-8, 2010) - U.S. and Europe

Mother's Day 2010 - Stop and Smell the Roses
Lavender, Violet Flame, Milky Way Galaxy, Southern Cross, 88

Crossing Over: Science and Pseudoscience
Your Eyes Are the Windows of Your Soul - What Do They Say?
"Lost" Finale
   Soul Reunions, The Eye and the Tall Trees, What is Reality?
   White Rook, Flying Chariots, Chessboard and Grids, "Fringe" Finale Portal in Brooklyn
Charlie and Ellie - Will They Ever Meet?

Mesoamerican Discoveries and Sacred Sites
    Monte Alb‡n
    Massive Maya City Revealed - "Sky Place" Ruins
    Olmec Temple Found  
    The Great Pyramid of Cholula

Fleet Week 2010 - Life is Short, Time is Fleeting

Meeting Sylvia Browne - Issues, Patterns, and Predictions
Genetic Codes and Patterns: Jesse James on Nightline, American Idol 2010
FlashForward Series Finale

Crack in Earth's Magnetosphere

Understanding Issues in 2010
   Western Medicine vs. Alternative Healing
   Caretakers - It's All Changing
   Burn Out
   Spring Cleaning and Relationships

Messages From Michael 2010

Mining - 2010 West Virginia Mining Disaster, History of Mining, Ancient Astronauts, Moon
What the Frak !?

Six Degrees of Separation - Small World Experiment

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier Erupts
   Consciousness Frozen in Time
   Atmospheric Effects and Hazards of Volcanic Ash
   Mid-Atlantic Ridge, MAR
   Mt. Colima, Mt. Popocatˇpetl, UFO Activity, Quetzalcoatl, 2012
   Zero Point, Blackholes
   The Spiraling Loops of Time
   Six Degrees of Separation

What do Kate Gosselin, Angelina Jolie, and Nadya Suleman have in common?
   Twins and the Sands of Time
   Sacred Feminine
   It's 2012 or 20 to 12
Dancing With All Kinds of Stars - Spiraling Consciousness and the Dance of Life - Ellie and Z

Soul Uniting in Global Consciousness - Natural Disasters Bring Unity

Ellie Goes Plant Shopping
   Flowers and Plants Change the Way We Think and Feel
Ellie The Realtor - The 'Sales Gene'

Chile - Chinchorro Mummies, UFOs, Earthquakes Continue, Peru
   Tornado Alley, Photos, Funnels, Tunnels, Cones and Tones

Unexplained Noises
   On Land: The Hum, Underground Mechanical Sounds, Mystery Booms
   In Space: Black Holes and Galaxies
   Earth's Oceans: The Bloop

SETI - 50 Years in OZ

The 23 Enigma

Aquarius, Return of the Feminine Higher Frequency Energies

What the Beep Do We Know ... Traveling
   Auto Recalls in 2010
   Expect Delays - JFK Main Runway

Alien Underground Bases, Phoenix Light 13 Years Later, Mother Ship, Verrazano Bridge, Ground Zero
   Underground Bases, Mount Weather, NORAD, Conspiracies (Updated)

Volcanoes, Prophecies, Earthquakes and Time
   Three Super Volcanoes in the US - Yellowstone Caldera, Long Valley Caldera, Valles Caldera
   Eskimo Woman Prophecies
   The Quickening - Earthquake in Chile and Time Speeding Up

Confronting Earth Changes 2010 - Do They Currently Fall Within The Norm?
Iceland: Volcano Erupts and its Effects on Planet Earth Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Romantic Relationships at Different Times of Your Life
Leaving the Program
   How Do You Stop A Runaway ...
   Souls Programed to Return to Light - Corey Haim Overdoses

Grid Inserts and Programs, Nazis, Aliens, Dead Sea Scrolls
Egyptian Exhibit Comes to New York City - Welcome Back Kotter - The Barge in Ancient Egypt

Medical Marijuana

Pleaides and Ancient Egyptian Themes
Egypt: The Ancients Speak, Current Archaeological Discoveries, Two Egyptian Initiations With Music
   Phoenix Rising, Eagle Rising, Scorpio Rising, Consciousness Rising
Pleiadian Moments and Prophecies - Religion, Gods and Et's, Billy Meier Alien Contacts

Egyptian Exhibit Comes to New York City, Welcome Back, Anubis, Barge in Ancient Egypt, Wormholes
Passover, Easter 2010
   Holy See, All Seeing Eye, Pope, Sexual Abuse in the Church, The Cross, St. Malachy Prophecy,
   Wormholes, Large Hadron Collider Sets Record, Djed Pillar (2 Exercises), Was Sceptre, Egyptian Barge Shape,
   3,500-year-old False Door to Afterlife from Ancient Egyptian Tomb Found
Marian Apparitions and Projected Illusions at the End of the Program

Groundhog Day 2010 Messages, The Shadow People, Doppelgangers
Children in 2010 - Haiti, Questions, Generations, Hope

North American Blizzard of 2010 - A Storm in Coming -- When World's Collide
Fringe "Jacksonville" - When World's Collide - Peter and Olivia Kiss, Almost

The New Work Force 2010, Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers
The Stock Market Junkie
The Psychic World and the Recession
The Past Life Experience

Valentine's Day 2010 - Chinese Year of the Tiger
US Presidents Day 2010 - Economy, Letter to the President's Successor
The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis
Mardi Gras 2010

The Mannequin in the Car, The Cop, and the HOV Lane
Happy Birthday - Grandma Turns 67 Camera Flash and Orb Over My Crown Chakra
UFO's and Ellie's Birthday .. It's Getting Closer
Sun in Pisces: Fun in the Snow, Olympics, Ellie's Birthday, Sasha, Matthew and Noah

Road Rage - Walking The Walk Black and White ... and Red
Winter Olympics 2010
   Then and Now "Miracle on the Ice" - Hope and Dreams - Skating on Thin Ice

In the final week of February 2010, planet Earth was faced with the followed crises:
   8.8 Earthquake in Chile
   7.0 Earthquake in Japan
   The Journey of the Mammoth Antarctic Iceberg That Could Change Weather Patterns
   Madeira Mudslides, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Tsunamis in the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis Rising
   North American Blizzards of 2010
   Ring of Ice

Reality Check February 2010 - The Illusion of Time is Changing
Tackling Emotional Problems 2010
   Issues With Tissues 2010
   Autoimmune Diseases 2010 - Dropping Out - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
   Depression and Detaching From the Grids
   The Metaphysical Set-up - Years Ago in Your Life ...

Welcoming to the First Day of 2010  Wikipedia
   Blue Moon - Full Moon 10¼ Cancer - Partial Lunar Eclipse
   Something Old ... Something New ... Something Borrowed ... Something Blue
   What You Might Expect in 2010
   6 Views on the Outcome of 2012

6 Views on the Outcome of 2012
7443, The Hypotenuse and the Hippopotamus, The Lion Sleeps in Coney Island

Avatar Energies
   George and Ellie ... Shutting the Program
   Dandelions Are Free
   Neytiri, Ellen, and Hathor in the Grid
   The Spirals of Time and the Tsunami of Consciousness ... Creation and Destruction
   March 3 2010 - 3/3/3
   2010 Solomon Islands 7.2 Earthquake and Tsunami
   Location, Location, Location - Adventures in the Hologram - The Tree and Me - Dream

Feeling the (Avatar) Blues
   Reactions of Depressed People After Viewing the Film
   The Longing For Peace and Paradise

Journey of the Tao 2010
   To Seek Balance is the Way of the Tao
     "The Journey of the Tao" MP3 File
   6 Views on the Outcome of 2012

To View Reality Through 3D Glasses/Classes - Video Gaming
Why Do Celebrities Die Young? Happy 75th Birthday Elvis
January 4 - Isaac Newton, Economics, Alchemy, Google Doodle
The Spirit in the Elevator

The Hollow Earth Hypothesis 2010 Holographic Universe

The Olmec 2010 Black Obsidian Mirrors - Mirror Scrying

The Pyramids of Mesoamerica 2010
   Chirping Quetzal Bird, Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, More

7.0 Earthquake in Haiti - January 12, 2010
Flooding rains bring rare waterfalls to Australia's Uluru

What People Are Saying ... January 2010 Funny & Serious
Who's Responsible?

Reels and Reals of Film - Golden Globes 2010 - 2012 Sarah and Alexander

January 26, 2010
   Suleman Octuplets Turn One Year Old
   Australia Day - Rainforests, Flooding at Uluru and Machu Piccu

Puppy Dog Tails/Tales
   Kim and Remi - The Great Dane Who Ran Through Space and Time
   Lucy, The Spirit in the Photo, The Birth of 6 Great Dane Puppies
   Nikki, Ryan, Matthew and Noah Get A Puppy

UFOs Around the Sun? NASA Photo, Other

George and the Talking Zebra Zebra Symbology
Edward Bransfield - Discovering Antarctica Great Images

"Fringe", The Bishop Family, Nazi Germany, Reality is a Science Experiment, "Sarah and Alexander" Parallels
Spaceport America - UFO Connections?

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