"Inception" The Film - Reality vs. Dreamtime


There are two groups of people ... those who created the dream, are interacting in it while understanding it is an illusion, and others who are projections in the dream created by the players, who will never understand the nature of reality, deleted when the dreamers wake up.

The word "Inception" in the film is similar to my definition of "Insert" - people, places, things, and events placed in our consciousness hologram for experience, while we are asleep, experiencing vicariously.

Since the beginning (the first insert) - indigenous people believed this reality to be the dreamtime or just not real. Can you imagine ... they figured that out all by themselves without the help of a modern technology, just ancient legends and myth passed down through the ages that make sense and align with things not of this world.

When you study sacred geometry you come upon the work of M.C. Escher now reflected within the dreamscapes of the film. I loved the moving staircases.

In any game/dream/program/hologram of consciousness, there are aways wake-up signals (totems) for each player. They generally link to sounds and/or archetypes placed in their memories before they begin the experience.

There are two totems in "Inception". Ariadne, the architect, uses a chess piece. Leonardo DiCaprio's character Cobb, uses the totem above (as is above so is below archetype) allowing him to identify dreams from reality. In his true reality, the totem would stop spinning. The final shot shows Cobb's totem, in mid-spin, beginning to wobble. The scene then fades to black.

This spinning icon is a metaphor for several things.

One of my oldest childhood dream archetypes was the Candy Kiss Effect.
Later I discovered its symbology - Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe

It symbolizes Black Holes - in and out of the Eye of Consciousness

Sacred Geometry or the spiral/spinning movement of awareness from one reality
reality to another as created by Thoth (thought and consciousness)

The 'spinning metal (alchemy) jack metaphor'
takes us to Jack in the Box metaphors (harmonics, surprise ending),
the Trickster, Flower of Life, the Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis

If you are a lucid dreamer, your are already questioning the validity of other worlds and the experiences you encounter along the way. In truth none of it is real ... all is an illusion projected in time ... this film a wake-up experience, much like the Matrix Trilogy (3) and The Thirteenth Floor.

Reality is a hologram. You follow the clues until you wake up, leaving the desert (sands of time) as your consciousness returns to the grids. "Inception" made the point that at certain levels of awareness you can die and leave the dream, but as you get deeper to level 3 (dreams within dreams) (3D or emotions), you can get lost forever. Don't get trapped in your emotions here or you will never be ready to exit when the game ends.