Tips From Ellie and Dr. Oz on Dealing With a Cold

Thursday November 17, 2010

As I passed a local Rite-aid store here in Brooklyn, I noticed the sign that always makes me pause and wonder each year: "Flu Shots Given Today". I have never taken a flu shot and had the flu only once - January 1, 2000. Maybe that set up an immunity, not really sure, and will probably never know. My need to take a flu shot, of any kind, feels wrong. That does not mean others shouldn't follow their instincts and take a flu shot each year.

As to catching colds, I try my best to avoid people who have them, but like most, I am out and about and you never know. I try not to share food with others as that seems to be the way I catch a cold vs. a air-borne virus. I don't do the 'washing your hands' thing to stay healthy that others suggest.

In 2010 we are all experienced in preventing the common cold and in knowing the best way to deal with one having been there in the past.

When it's too late ...

What do I do? Claritin ... Afrin ... lots of water and rest. My colds last 7 days from start to finish. I'm one of those people who likes to be left alone when sick. I heal best that way. Others like to be nurtured and seek attention. That drives me crazy.

Below are some helpful tips from Dr. Oz on avoiding a cold this winter. About echinacea - it never worked for me either - makes me sick. Then again, I don't do well with any health food products. His suggestions are just that with no guarantee. When the body needs rest due to stress, it will find a way to force the issue.

Dr. Oz's 7 Secrets to Stay Cold-Free All Winter Long - November 17, 2010

Every year I dread cold and flu season - not just because I hate feeling sick but because, like most of you, I'm already spread thin between work and family responsibilities; being stuck in bed for days just isn't an option. Luckily, over the years, I've picked up a few scientifically proven tricks that have helped me stay healthy when the mercury drops.

Too late? You're already fighting the sneezing, sniffling, aches and pains?

Oprah and Friends Share Their Favorite Cold Remedies

Ancient Greek physicians prescribed garlic. Egyptian herbalists favored licorice. For Oprah, the cold-fighting concoction of choice is the juice of freshly crushed cranberries.

Cranberries are rich in health-boosting antioxidants, including vitamin C and flavonoids (which can act as anti-inflammatories). And fresh cranberry juice offers all its nutrient content with none of the high-fructose corn syrup and other additives found in many store-bought brands.

You can buy fresh cranberries at local markets from October through December. The berries freeze well, so you can thaw them for juicing throughout the year. Eight ounces of berries combined with a pound of red grapes (seeded or seedless; you can also substitute three to four apples for the grapes) make 16 ounces of all-natural, fortifying juice.

The history of the common cold goes back thousands of years. Here are some pointers from Wikipedia

From Wikipedia