Reels and Reals of Film

Reality is not back and white ... or is it?

Reality is sound, light, and color.

The fusion of color spectrums in higher frequency into our daily frequencies and experiences, reshape the DNA patterns that separate us ... much like the 3D effects in Avatar.

Now more than ever we seek to make a difference in the projected illusions of our reality brought forth on the 360 screen in which we vicariously experience.

Sunday January 17, 2010

I watched the Golden Globes. Great speeches by many of the winners. A lifetime achievement award went to film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor Martin Scorsese who mentioned that unlike other creative forms of expression, film has only been around for 100 years or so, whereas other art forms go back to the beginning - art, music, dance, etc.

My thoughts shifted to the dozens of college students I read each year who have chosen a career in film to bring their stories, or that of others, to the world. Along with the hard work involved in film making, it gives them a feeling of passion that most of us seek in the work we do. We all want recognition - to get our messages out - to be accepted for our beliefs. The film industry can be most rewarding, while on the flip side, the most disappointing in the world.

Taken down a notch we find the independent film makers - who takes their project to film festivals in hopes of distribution, as the competition gets more severe each year. This week one of the most famous film festivals take place in Utah - The Sundance Film Festival. I have read many people who have been competed this festival as well as Cannes. It's all the luck of the game.

As to my film project, based on my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander - its fate will be decided in the next 2 months or less. I am open for whatever happens as the journey to write the book - with the help of many friends along the way - and the screenplay written by myself - have been an amazing adventure - worth all the time and effort. The story ends on 7/4/2012 - so it's now or never.

As I read Hollywood celebrities, I am often glad I didn't become part of their world. Back in 1966 my ex-husband, Ralph and I, spent a summer in L.A. exploring that option. He was a hairdresser at the time who went on to become a famous manufacture of men's hairpieces and could have worked out of any large city. Ralph also liked the limelight, performing each weekend in the Catskill Mountain resorts, meeting many famous celebrities along the way.

Always there was the pull of NYC that shaped my destined - as if it were my temporary home while away from creation. That feeling remains today as the time to return grows near.

As the story continues, Tuesday we move to my birth sign, Aquarius - in the Age of Aquarius were anything can happened unexpectedly ... and usually does.

2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time