November 13th Synchronicities

Saturday, November 1, 2010

Today was the 5th anniversary of the death of my ex-husband, Ralph. In the morning I called a couple we were friends with, dating back to the 1960s. Marion and Chuck who live in the city, were out shopping, so I left voice mail. A short time later Marion returned my call ... laughing. As she and Chuck were walking down the street, she noticed a man who looked strikingly like Ralph, and had mentioned it to Chuck, who agreed. They came home and found my phone messages as if another sign from Ralph saying hello. He's actually been around for the past few weeks, giving my daughters a chance to chat with him and catch up with life on the other side.

Sunday evening my daughter Zsia called with 2 interesting stories.

Saturday afternoon my friend Anna and I had a late lunch at a local Japanese restaurant. I had not been there in such a long time I couldn't remember when .... And then it dawned on me ... November 13, 1991, just after I moved to Bay Ridge. Marion and Chuck had taken me out to dinner there.

In the evening I called my friend Chris as it was his birthday. Reminiscing again, he and I realized we had met at a psychic development class in Sheepshead Bay on his 23rd birthday in 1987. Now, 23 years later, he is 46. The interesting thing is ... we were the only two students who showed up for the class, which was cancelled, leaving us to go out and celebrate his birthday, after which we became friends. That was a turning point in my study of metaphysical topics.

Saturday, Chris and I had a few laughs about old adventures from 1988 in metaphysical books stores and psychic fairs around the city. This had all opened up for me through Andrea, a fellow teacher who worked as a psychic for many years in Brooklyn and Long Island, and gave me my first reading in 1985, telling me I would become famous. One day, Andrea, a nice Jewish lady, decided to become a Born Again Christian denouncing the work we do as blasphemous and leaving metaphysics forever. Amen! Life can be very funny! FYI - Brooklyn is a big place. As it turns out, Chris and Andrea live a few blocks from each other in the Marine Park area, or at least they did then.

Through the years, Chris studied various metaphysical topics, as we all do on our journeys. Like most, you research, experience, then move on when you are satisfied that there is no place else to go. Chris did not get into healing. What bonded us was UFO's and crystals, not wounded souls, his feeling about that similar to my own - stay and play but then let go for just as in mainstream consciousness, dysfunctional people will drag you down and tire you out. No one seems to have the strength for fractured souls these days - not even them.

And then I asked Chris ... Do you feel you have completed your purpose for being here? Chris has never had a desire to marry, nor raise a family. His job in a local college has been downsized and so he moved back with his family, working when he can. His feelings about his destiny are similar to others around the planet ... there is still something out there he is going to find ... a greater purpose, the good old mission feeling. That's because you are here on a mission to experience emotions, learn from them, record them and send the information back to the collective unconsciousness, for lack of a better term.

Chris doesn't know when he will have this answer, though it feels close, less than five years. This feeling sits there as it does with the rest of the souls ... like a ticking clock waiting to sound an alarm or dismissal bell. Something is stirring an awakening, the feeling intensifying, but who know where or when?

Chris and I discussed my theory of the holographic universe, but his consciousness is in another place, as is those of most people who search for answers, they are just not ready. Their programming dictates finding out who they are by playing out their dramas with those who will guide that direction. They are drawn to those people, the others almost invisible. The objective: learn more about emotions and what it's like to experience in this biogenetic experiment, one of many.

We agreed that the time will come when an event - such as a natural disaster will awaken the souls telling them there is no more time. And then they'll get it ... as reality blips out of existence. Keep an open mind and consciousness.

Close your eyes and envision an hourglass. How much sand is left?