Journey to Egypt - September 2010

Danijela and Dee

September has been a powerful month of transition which you may have felt along the way. My friend Dee runs a spiritual to journey Egypt each year, this year including the transition window. The tour began on September 10th - Eid ul-Fitr, the last day of Ramadan - a week that included the Jewish High Holy days Rosh Hashanah then Yom Kippur ... concluding with the Sun in Libra, Autumnal Equinox, Mabon, Full Moon 00° Aries, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, and Sukkoth. You may have felt a shift, like an initiation, either through your energy work, or you soul's natural progression on its journey into awareness. Dee is a performer who wears many hats. She lives in San Franciso. Please check out her website. Danijela lives in Brussels, Belgium and works in computer technologies.

September 19, 2010

Dearest Ellie,

You've been on my mind soooo much! Many times daily in fact since I arrived in Cairo on Sept 10th. The excitement in Cairo was simply unbelievable with the whole country celebrating the last day of Ramadan. The excitement lasted all weekend and what an energy to begin my tour with! Sept 11th was then the Egyptian New Year on the old calendar, ringing in year 6252 ... also the New Moon phase last week brought its unique vibration. Our tour has just gone simply amazing. I have lots of fantastic pictures and incredible stories to share with you.

On the Autumn Equinox, Sept 22nd, we were inside the Kings Chamber tuning into the frequencies of Egypt and Mabon. The ceremony was an opening of the crown chakra to allow information to flow clearly, downloads to integrate, connecting to our ancestors and the beings of Light from all dimensions, strengthening our energy bodies by drawing this light down through our crowns and out of the root chakra, down into the center of the earth through the pyramid at Zero Point ... the strongest vortex on the Earth. Thoth is the guide that we connect with to help guide this process and protect us.

With love and blessings,


Dee at Abydos ... searching for a room suitable for meditation

The Wedding

This was by no means a traditional wedding. It was a truly magical evening, significant for all of us. Although the couple had very little money to spend on a wedding, Aladin, the owner of the Nefertiti hotel where we were staying in Luxor, did the impossible to make the evening memorable. The roof-top terrace was decorated by one of his employees, who owns a company that deals with wedding decorations. Dee performed the wedding ceremony as a licensed priestess. Todd, a priest, and member of our group, lives in San Francisco and belongs to the same circle as Dee. He is a DJ, and gifted us all with copies of his music. He also recorded with an Egyptian band while in Luxor - the same band that played during the wedding. Entertainment included a Sufi dancer and a snake charmer.

Dee and Todd preparing in front of an improvised altar

Dee holding the snake

The Sufi Dancer Performing

The Ceremony

Mazel tov!

Report From Dani

September 24, 2010

Hello Ellie,

Just dropping a few words to thank you for connecting me with Dee. The voyage through Egypt with her was marvelous, full of discoveries and synchronicities. This is a land with so many portals between realms, and being guided by Dee allowed us access to wonderful energies and information.

The journey started at soft and sweet Philae, at the Isis temple. The energies present were overwhelming to me, I started crying in the boat while we were approaching the island, and never stopped. I felt as if I was coming home, I was welcome. Our wonderful journey continued through all the powerful temples Dee is surely writing you about, and ended at the (for me personally) terrifying King's chamber in the Great Pyramid.

The events, synchronicities, adventures at all the temples were strong, but the King's Chamber was by far the most intense. We could not get in in the morning as initially planned, so once we were at the entrance we were all a bit dizzy from the heat and lack of food. By 'hazard', we have followed the ancient rite of fasting before getting into the Chamber. By the time we have reached the landing after the first stretch of ascending corridor, my heart was pounding, I was breathless, sick from claustrophobic surroundings.

Two ladies from our group stopped with me, and one of them - Tamara, a healer whom I am certain to have known throughout several past lives - calmed me down by instructing me how to breath; the other lady - Piha, a fearless lioness - smilingly whispered in my ear: "You are an infinite being". She repeated the sentence several times, until I regained my strength and was ready to continue. I am deeply grateful for their presence and encouragement, without them I would have never made it.

Once in the King's Chamber, the events and my perceptions were hitting me in waves raging from incredible insights (which I still need to look into) to extreme panic. All the people in our group were seemingly undergoing some kind of intimate experience. Some were chanting, some were in meditation, others were silently crying ...

Finally I went to Dee and asked her for help, I could not deal with the events alone any more. She talked to me, holding firmly my hand, guiding me to use my voice and performing something that resulted in my energies somewhat settling down.

Long story short, we all got to lie in the stone sarcophagus one at a time, while the other members of the group would direct their energies to the one undergoing the initiation. Personally, I felt re-energized, clear-minded and strong. However, the energy of the place and the pressure were so strong that I was deeply relieved once we were out. Unbelievingly we were in there 3 hours, which felt - even to my alarmed mind - as half an hour at the most.

There are many other stories to be told, which I am sure Dee will share, but I wanted to share with you this small but intense portion of the journey. This, and of course the assistance we have received from Z.

After the very first meditation at the Sphinx, from which we were interrupted by an angry guard (Trickster/Seth). After that, each time we settled for a meditation in different temples, I would call upon Z to help keep the disturbing elements away, which he did. We were not only not interrupted anymore but also received support from local guards who would keep curious tourists out of our space. Even in the King's Chamber, where we spent so much time, not one guard came to bother us and we were completely alone during our finishing collective meditation! Thank you Ellie, thank you Z!

I am currently at Dahab, a beautiful place at the Red Sea, with soft and mellow atmosphere, feeling as a warrior in an oasis, resting after a harsh battle with myself and sensing that I have undergone an experience of death and rebirth, as prescribed by the ancient Mystery Schools rites of initiation.

The connection with you was very present and alive, throughout the entire journey, and I thank you for it. Many times I would think of you and what you told me and advices you gave me during our last conversation.

Warm greetings and many blessings



Each member of the group was assigned a particular chakra to research before starting the journey. My research had to do with the third chakra as well as on the powers and significance of the god Horus provided me with many insights valuable for my current life. We would present our findings and thoughts while visiting the temple associated with that chakra.

Horus never wins the battle, but he never loses it either. And this is the third chakra in human being ­ seat of powerful energies, stirred into motion by either light or dark, by either emotions or mind, or any other dual principles we are embodying. This is our battle ground, and our opportunity to attain harmony, through conflict. And once the harmony and balance is attained, we are in our power, we are ready to ascend and regain our higher aspects and expressions, those mirroring our soulšs purpose.

Each time that Horus is pushed into the battle with either his uncle Seth (who killed his father), or with Sobbek (Horus' own dark side), he must learn new skills, he must access higher and higher knowledge and thus always strive for light and wisdom.

Each of the rooms in the Horus temple represents one or another scientific disciplines: astrology, chemistry, mathematics, etc. The information represented by hieroglyphs carved on the walls is packed with teachings. One can easily imagine (remember) how students were going from one room to another, from one subject to another.

In my opinion, this is beautifully illustrated by the story of the Eye of Horus ­ combined with my own conclusions. His right eye is that of Ra, the Sun god, representing the left side of the brain, masculine, logical. His right eye represents the right side of the brain, the Moon, the feminine, and intuitive. When both eyes are opened and in their full power, we are witnessing the opening of the third eye, the one that synthesizes temporarily separate (during our soulšs incarnation in any given earth life) aspects of human beings, the one that represents the entirety of life ­ not just one incarnation, but the whole story.

After our meditation which was for the most part dedicated to the battle betwixt light and dark, and during which we were again miraculously left completely alone although the temple was milling with tourists, I have read a passage from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Instead of saying all of the above, I chose the following passage, found at the beginning of the Tablet IX "The Key of Freedom of Space", which illustrates with precision the findings of my research, and as it turned out, the subject matter of the meditation guided by Dee.

Here's Thoth with outstretched arms.

Here I am at the Gates of the Horus Temple at Edfu.

Dee can be seen in far distance coming out of the temple.

Abydos, Osiris Temple

The is one of a lady that somehow appeared as we were going out of the temple where our meditation was dedicated to death and rebirth, quite heavy energies. As we were going from the dark temple into the light, she passed by us, her black robes flying around her as she was disappearing behind the dune.

Can you see the flower of life, carved into the wall of the temple now drawn by water (no idea where the water comes from in this so dry environment)> The images are very faint, so you need to look closely.

After meditating near the Sphinx, we walked to the Great Pyramid, tracing the fibonacci spiral with our steps.

I wore the shawl because it was 104°. It proved to be a good hiding place later on,
from the numerous vendors. I would wrap myself and pretend not see or hear anything. : )

The woman on my right is Piha, who lives in Hawai and is a mathematician; a joyful, fearless spririt.
Nubian people were fascinated by her, as well as she by them.

Here we are in Abydos, in one of the rooms the guards were showing us. I donšt really remember exactly what were doing, but it was most probably one of the times we were joking about "Sphinkies". That is how our driver pronounced the word Sphinx, while we were going to the Giza plateau on our first day. Soon after we started calling our group "the Sphinkies" declining the word for any occasion: "Shinkies group", "Sphinkies power", "I am sphinking", "Sphinkies on their way to ...", we would exclaim "Sphinkieees" while being photographed (instead of "cheese") - jokes were many and we had great fun and many laughs. As it turns out, the Egyptians cannot really pronounce the word Sphinx as we do, hence the funny pronunciation.

This picture was taken in the Isis temple, on the Philae Island.

After our meditation throughout which tears were falling from my eyes, the group dispersed and each person explored on their own. I was embracing the Goddess energies ... and they were embracing me. I couldn't help feeling encapsulated in them. I would stop at places, feeling a deep recognition and awakening within me. I felt the temple to be long lost home, a place where I was welcome no matter which form I was in.

There were birds everywhere, singing with joy a praise to life I felt. The water around the island cuddles the energies and keeps them crystal clean and uplifting. Isis spreads her wings and brings the breeze, lifting us above any mental considerations, easing our way into the beginning of our sacred journey.

I was going slowly from one room of the temple to another, sometimes ending outside, then finding my way back inside. In one of the rooms Dee was contemplating the image of Sekhmet and asked me to make a picture, which I did and then asked her to do the same for me. When approaching, I was compelled to touch her, and having my hand on hers felt the right thing to do. Later I found out that this was the usual way for people to salute the ancient Egyptian deities, by touching their hands carved into stone.

I still feel Isis' wings wrapped around me, and with her the energies of all the female deities we encountered, among which Sekhmet, Mut, Wadjet, Bast, and Nephthys. They were encouraging me to spread my own wings and embrace life in a new, yet ancient way.