Flowers and Plants Change the Way We Think and Feel

April 23, 2010

Flowers and plants play a very important in humanity's journey. Part of nature, they can add beauty to a dreary day, represent love, symbolize our journey (Tree of Life, Rose Bloodline), and help with healing the body, mind and soul.

Across the street from my home we find Cannonball Park, replete with sprawling gardens that act as a majestic landscape from here to the Atlantic Ocean which passes under the Verrazano Bridge.

From family, friends, clients, media, and business people, everyone loves the peaceful energies when they come here. The park has one large, and several small gardens, as well as a gazebo. Recently the plants in the park started to bloom after a long winter that included three blizzards and a hurricane. My apartment is mostly windows, and sliding glass doors that lead to narrow terraces, and some say has many portals especially under the huge skylights. To look out over the park on a sunny day, is to feel connected to all of the elements simultaneously - experiencing tranquility and peace.

Every spring I replace the plants that have died in my home for one reason or another during the winter. I wait to be guided by Z to go plant shopping each spring ... Friday being that day. Along the way I stopped at a local plant store, not one of the nurseries in the area, selecting 4 different types of plants ... then stopping myself from taking home the many others that called to me. I really wanted the lipstick plant as they flower so beautifully and are hard to come by, but I have no room for it, so sadly I let it pass knowing it would go to a good home. Returning home, I put the new plants neatly on their shelves creating a united energy with the other plants in my home.

Bathroom with Skylight

Everything was a gift based on other's perceptions of me.

New Plants with Purple: (1) Middle (flowering plant with butterfly leaves that open and close) ... (2) between the Sphinx and Osiris

To the left ...

New Plants (1) between Z and the clock (2) in the middle

Painting by a client named Rick who envisioned me in a domed pyramid

Some plants in my home live for years, the oldest is now over 20 years old having moved with me to this apartment in 1991. I am never quite sure why my plants suddenly die with their environment remaining the same, but I guess they too must move on. Also interesting to me is the sudden flowering of plants that I have had for many years. This has occurred with 3 of my plants in recent month, all with gorgeous and unusual flowers.

Friday April 23 ... 11:00 am. ... time to stop playing with my plants and start the day ...

Enter the first client ... a black man in this 30's taking a two-year course at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, to become a landscaper. We spoke about horticulture and 'back to nature' themes. He was also into classic cars, another passion of mine, which lead to some very interesting discussions. He was totally on board with reality as a hologram, though he never studied metaphysical philosophies. It just felt right.

Next I read a white man from Brooklyn, in his 40's, creating what he called a "Smart Roof" or rooftop garden - very cool. Lots of that going on in Brooklyn these days, but people have to watch the weather with the climate changing so quickly and drastically. He also understands the nature of reality as a hologram, having figured it out on his own.

My last client was a phone reading with a woman in her 30's in northern California, who is into all things holistic. She supplements her income by growing and selling Medical Marijuana in a community where that seems to be the most lucrative source of income. This indeed is a hot topic discussed in a prior blog and just about everywhere these days. Hey ... whatever turns you on ... and pays the bills.