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Scientists blast atoms with Fibonacci laser to make an 'extra' dimension of time
Underwater snow gives clues about Europa's icy shell
Peptide delivered by nasal spray can reduce seizure activity, protect neurons in Alzheimer's, epilepsy
More Evidence That Two Common Viruses Can Team Up to Trigger Alzheimer's

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80-Year Mystery of the U.S. Navy's Ghost Blimp

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Scientists blast atoms with Fibonacci laser to make an 'extra' dimension of time

By firing a Fibonacci laser pulse at atoms inside a quantum computer, physicists have created a completely new, strange phase of matter that behaves as if it had two dimensions of time. The new phase of matter, created by using lasers to rhythmically jiggle a strand of 10 ytterbium ions, enables scientists to store information in a far more error-protected way, thereby opening the path to quantum computers that can hold on to data for a long time without becoming garbled.


Sunset Several Hours Later

Working Environment

There are some people who can't work in a confined office environment without feeling stressed out and anxious. It's one of the first things I look for when reading a client to see where they function best - if at all - in a workplace environment. It generally separates white color from blue collar workers and those who work best on their own rather than with others. It's all about the way your brain is programmed physically and emotionally.

With that in mind - it's another beautiful day in the city with lower humidity - a repetition of yesterday. It's a day to work and play outdoors as many across the city take their laptops to cafes, restaurants, parks, rooftops, and other outdoor areas that make the work day more functional. As most people know the work environment is very important to keep employees happy and healthy. The days of city employees being stuck in an office five days a week are no longer acceptable as people in today's crazy world rebel against things accepted in the past.

80-Year Mystery of the U.S. Navy's Ghost Blimp

All sorts of strange anomalies happen at sea particularly during wartime when the grids that create physical reality often become compromised. We know about temporal distortions, mystery ghost ships, disappearances, the Philadelphia Experiment, UFOs that emerge from - or disappear into the water - and things that simply remain unexplained.

In all cases there is a physical explanation even though at our level of scientific discovery we haven't found it yet. When in doubt we blame it on extraterrestrials particularly since World War II when the human biogenetic experiment took a turn incorporating extraterrestrial technology into the human design.

The L-8 returned from patrolling the California coast for Japanese subs in August 1942, but its two-man crew was nowhere to be found

Eighty years ago today ...

It began as a routine surveillance mission in the early months of World War II and ended in a mystery that remains unsolved after eight decades. At about 6 a.m. on August 16, 1942, the United States Navy blimp L-8 took off from a small airfield on Treasure Island, an artificial island built in San Francisco Bay for a recent world's fair. On board were two men: Lieutenant Ernest DeWitt Cody and Ensign Charles Ellis Adams. Continue reading

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