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Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

November 22 - Sun in Sagittarius
November 24 - American Music Awards
November 26 - New Moon 4° Sagittarius
November 28 - Thanksgiving
November 29 - Black Friday
November 30 - Small Business Saturday

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Joe Biden 47th US Vice President - Videos

Look ... freedom is an overwhelming American notion.
The idea that we want to see the world, the peoples of
the world free, is something that all of us subscribe to.

Biden to Trump, "I'm not going anywhere." - October 2019

Happy Birthday Joe. I hope you have a great birthday.

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Wednesday in Politics
Simulation Theory
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Wednesday in Politics

Mercury Retrograde is over and the energies shift.

Before I post about earthquakes on the Hill - click on the earthquake map above - a 6.3 happened that sent seismic waves along the west coasts of Mexico and California and perhaps beyond. Loosening Plates.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming ... Yesterday was an all day - into the night - impeachment double header that brought a few surprises that were not in Trump's favor. Too much ... too long but worth it.

Wednesday 3:44 PM EST - Riveting bombshell testimony by Sondland and closing statement by Adam Schiff. Check your favorite news source for more. CNN Coverae

At times this reads like a spy novel. At other times people pay attention to see how Trump will finally be defeated or make it to the final round November 2020. If this nothing else it's history in the making and one way our attention is riveting at different points.

Republicans know the truth though no one ever knows the entire truth. There are Trump apologists and Americans who have been saying for weeks, "Just get to the end." Well spoken in any sense of those words.

Urged on by Trump - Republicans are allowing Democrats to slowly pull their party apart piece by piece - day by day - week by week - and as they do the presidents numbers are falling and the number of people who think Trump did something wrong is rising.

You can never drain a swamp filled with reptiles because others will replace them - but you can engage in all things related until the simulation closes. The way things are going the Republicans are going to suffer great losses in 2020. For example they have already had back to back loses in key gubernatorial races this month.

You can watch the impeachment hearings online or TV or wherever each day and wonder why the Republicans are so stupid as to not just impeach Trump and move on. The answer ... they aren't programmed for impeachment - just as you and I are to either defend Trump or want to see him out of the White House forever. And then what? Where's the the next drama? Ah ... there is so many of them out there I don't know where to start

Speaking of the White House another day has passed and Mayor Bloomberg has still not throw his hat into the ring. You have to wonder if there's a strategy behind this, poor timing due to the impeachment hearings, he's waiting until after tonight's Democratic presidential debate, or it's just all part of the program.

So on we go with our reality series "Trump Runs America (finish the title)"

Watching and waiting in the wings ... Vladimir Putin.

Simulation Theory in the News

Are we actually living in a computer simulation feeding us our sensory information? That was the question asked by two University of North Carolina at Wilmington professors at Cucalorus Connect. Read more ...

Holographic Universe - Simulation Theory

A man becomes obsessed with facts and events that have been collectively misremembered by thousands of people. Believing the phenomena to be the symptom of something larger, his obsession eventually leads him to question reality itself. In Theaters and on VOD December 6, 2019.

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