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Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

JUNE 2020
Pride Month
June 8 - World Oceans Day
June 14 - US Flag Day
June 17 - July 12 - Mercury Retrograde
June 20 - World Refugee Day
June 21 - Father's Day
June 21 - New Moon Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer
June 21 - Summer Solstice
June 21 - Sun in Cancer

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Revolution Evolution

The Killing of George Floyd

Trump declaring himself the President of Law and Order

On Day 7 the violent mobs lashing out and looting returned alongside peaceful protestors hoping for reform which we know takes time and legislation ... and in my eyes I don't see any of that in what remains especially under the leadership of Trump and McConnell who bully, intimidate and threaten other politicians.

A few hours earlier the world watched the daunting scenes of police in Washington DC releasing tear gas and firing rubber bullets at non-violent protesters near the White House to make way for President Trump to pose outside of a nearby church while holding a bible upside down. There he stood beside with four white men and one woman - in this photo op for all time. It was a very risky move on his part some people calling to downright stupid. As he stood there I thought he either gained another 20 pounds or was wearing a vest. Not sure which, or perhaps both. Did this orchestrated fiasco help or hurt his reelection if there is indeed an election this year?

Is he having a breakdown?

Earlier in the day someone had suggested to me that this is a diversion for Trump away from COVID-19 to which he has no control and made him look ineffectual to his base and other voters. His apparent hope is to find a way to stop the violence and become the peaceful healer with his base cheering him on as the rest of us once again shaking our heads in disbelief.

I fell asleep wondering if martial law will come to pass based on Trump's speech. I had blogged about it months ago as an end time theme which could turn this into a dictatorship and/or a dystopian society.

When it closes - the Simulation of Reality Fades to Black - Black being at the center of current events in all manners of speaking.


"Black" featuring British rapper Dave. Great special effects


The killing of George Floyd resulted in widespread protests for days in many major US cities despite unprecedented curfews. There were many factions and agendas at play from peaceful protestors to criminal elements looting, rioting and clashing with law enforcement.

In neighborhoods here in NYC it amounted to something in the guise of anarchy. The city had imposed the harshest curfews in decades but it didn't stop rioters from smashing storefront windows in some of the wealthier neighborhoods of Manhattan. Worst of all was Macy's Herald Square. On many levels, much was shattered in our already broken society.


Human societies have always been hierarchies - pyramids of experiences in the geometry of time - inevitably doomed to failure. History reveals that the algorithm recycles the same scenarios with a different cast of characters from the beginning until the end..


As with most issues in this reality, we are here to experience them for the emotional impact they create and then move on to the next set of circumstances often without resolution.

But there is something happening in 2020 that has a different energetic vibration. It's as if the world is awakening and about to move into something else. Many people feel this change - interpreting it based on their programming. To me it is all part of the cycles of time ending with the rise and fall of the tectonic plates followed by a tsunami of consciousness - as each of us is programmed to discover who we are and our greater purpose in the illusion of space-time. The answer is Experience.

Like the smoldering flames of intolerance, souls are burned out

sensing something better awaits but not able to see how that will come to pass.

This is a perfect storm of unmitigated pain and emotions for end times.

Trump symbolizes the chaos from which we came to play our emotional games -
that which calls us back to the beginning and the first bipolar insert.

It was all meant to happen this way in this timeline.

Zero Point - Reverse Fibonacci Sequence

Former programming and patterns of experience have shown that we experience events, focus on what we should take away, and then move on. Will that happen with COVID-19 and current protests across the nation or will they resurface quickly in the algorithm of reality as it reaches Zero Point Fibonacci? We are now at 0,1 spiraling to 0. Will we burst through the veil of conspiracies and lies that have imprisoned souls set adrift in the annals of physical experience since the beginning of the simulation?

June 5, 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius

Get ready for the full strawberry moon on Friday

Coronal Mass Ejections

New sunspots potentially herald increased solar activity in Cycle 24

Sun unleashes biggest flare since 2017. Is our star waking up?

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Ongoing coronal mass ejections (CMEs) reach Earth effecting planetary magnetics, sparking geomagnetic storms, shifting ocean and jet stream currents in the Pacific Ring of Fire, creating unusual and extreme global weather patterns, creating unstoppable Earth changes, and affecting the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms.

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