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MAY 2021
May 9 - Mother's Day
May 11 - New Moon 21° Taurus
May 12 - Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
May 16 - MTV Movie and TV Awards
May 16 - Shavuot (Sunset)
May 17 - US Income Tax Day
May 19-25 - Fleet Week NYC
May 21 - Sun in Gemini
May 23 - Billboard Music Awards
May 26 - Full Moon 5° Sagittarius - Super Flower Moon
May 26-31 - Fleet Week NYC
May 30 - Indianapolis 500
May 31 - June 21 - Mercury Retrograde
May 31 - Memorial Day

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It's a Matter of Time

The journey of humanity is steeped in drama to elicit emotions. We tend to deal with situations by engaging, ignoring, or as spectators. This can be personal or something outside our sphere of reality. There are the peacemakers vs. emotionally unstable wounded souls - programmed to fight for whatever as long as there is a battle. Their numbers are growing as we descend into chaos at the end of the simulation.

Trump has partially been on the sidelines over the past few months but he is waiting and conspiring. Some people miss his daily instigation of the human drama into chaos - while others enjoy the break. He should not be allowed back on social media but as you know nothing makes sense anymore and his base is waiting. He will be back. Biden is trying to turn things around but our political system is too fractured within each party ... giving us a hard look at how corrupt and conspiratorial reality has always been. Somewhere in all of this a surprise ending awaits. Stay tuned as the illusion of time dissolves.

May 6-12, 2021

Today is International Nurses Week - News
2021 Theme: Nurses: A Voice to Lead

The weeklong celebration begins on May 6, which is National Nurses Day, and runs through May 12 - Florence Nightingale's birthday.

I have probably read more nurses than doctors during my 30+ year career as a psychic reader. These are people who give from the heart. They are tired and often broken by the long hours and political bureaucracy they face in many of the hospitals, clinics, and health facilities where they work. We all know about their amazing sacrifice over the past 14 months of Covid. We honor them and their service to their communities.

Judy and I created this Crystalinks file which she sent to whoever she has been corresponding with over at the DearMoon Project mentioned below. Good luck Judy! I hope you get to travel to the moon. How much fun would it be to interview Elon Musk!

Judy Joy Jones, Artist

Judy Joy Jones is an artist, photographer, author, poet, actress and librettist. She won 'Brava for Women in the Arts' contest in San Francisco with an opera libretto based on the life of painter Frida Kahlo and her muralist husband Diego Rivera.

She wrote for the Coronado Journal newspaper as she traveled around the world doing volunteer work with Mother Teresa's Missionary of Charities and while on the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament.

Her first book, The Bones of the Homeless, is filled with stark black and white images of the homeless alongside 'in your face' poems concerning the plight of the poor. The poems and photographs have been published in newspapers and books around the world.

Terry Messman, editor of The Street Spirit Newspaper, Berkeley, California commented on Joy's writing: "I have often placed a poem of Joy's on the front page of my newspaper as her writing helps reveal the realities of homelessness at a depth surpassing many of our news articles on the same subject. The eloquence of Joy's poetry and fiery intensity of her lyrical and emotional outcry for kindness and justice has moved thousands of readers."

Her first spoken word/music CD, Ode to Janis Joplin, was recorded by Curtis Ohlson, Ray Charles' bass player, in Oakland, California.

The National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. has images of Joy's art in their library archives.

Mother Teresa painting by Judy Joy Jones can be found in the book, Global Icons, by Bishnupriya Ghosh and was also used on a prayer card to enlist the intercession of Mother Teresa in order to save the life of a three-year old child dying of leukemia.

Her artistic recognition reached new heights with her Judy Joy Jones Show, a radio program she founded, produced, directed and hosted from 2008-2011, presenting over 160 shows including such notables as Dr. Maya Angelou, Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred, Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Masaru Emoto of film What the Bleep Do We Know!, Casey Swanson of Dailey Swan Publishing, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Arun Gandhi and White House Correspondent Helen Thomas.

Dr. Maya Angelou commented on "Red Room Authors" after being a guest on the Show. "My fellow Red Room Author, Judy Joy Jones, interviewed me not long ago." The Red Room editors featured a podcast of the interview on their homepage.

The Blessed Mother Teresa Center in Rome, Italy houses an article written by Judy Joy Jones about her volunteer work for Mother Teresa's Missionary of Charities in Washington, D.C.

Currently Judy Joy Jones is a finalist in the DearMoon contest which will fly eight artists in Elon Musks SpaceX rocket around the moon in 2023. Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur founded the project. It would be my honor to join this project and create a celestial landscape that would inspire humanity.

Art Work by Judy Joy Jones

"Ricky Lee Jones" - Oil on Canvas

"Imagination" - Oil on Canvas

"Two Tears for the Joy and Sorrow of Living Life" - Oil on Canvas

"The Harlot" Oil on Canvas

"Janis Joplin" - Oil on Canvas

Painting won San Francisco Senator Scott Wieners Art Contests and Hung in his Office

"Ode to Janis Joplin" is a spoken word/music CD by Judy Joy Jones. The cover of the CD of Janis was painted by Judy Joy Jones and the title poem. Ode to Janis Joplin came through me in a blaze of emotion. The piece ignited a fire in me mirroring how Janis Joplin lived her short life.

"Taj Mahal" Oil on Canvas - Commissioned Painting

"Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii" Oil on Canvas

"Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta India" Oil on Masonite

Painting is in Bishnupriya Ghosh, Professor University of Santa Barbara
book "Global Icons" published by Duke University Press

"Swami Yogananda and Disciple" Oil on Canvas

"Corinado Red" Final at San Diego Museum of Art

"Beauty" Oil on Canvas

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