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Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

JULY 2020
July 12 - Mercury Retrograde Ends
July 14 - Bastille Day
July 15 - US Income Tax Day
July 20 - New Moon 28° Cancer
July 23 - Sun in Leo

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Jimmy Smits - Videos - Filmography

Coronavirus has turned reality into a life-and-death drama.
It makes you wonder how much time we have left.

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Tom Hanks - Videos - Filmography

Tom Hanks shares results of recent antibody test

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Politics and Famous Families: Rockefellers and Trumps
Coronavirus and Education - Is Trump Throwing Us Under the (School) Bus?
Coronavirus and Emotions Four Months Later
About a fifth of adults in the US have moved due to Covid-19 ... Abandoning New York City
Coronavirus, air conditioning filters, and lots of hot air - Governor Cuomo, Trump's Denial, Ellie's AC Filters
87% of Americans are having vivid dreams during the coronavirus pandemic. Why?
Science and Pseudoscience
When is someone old?

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Politics and Famous Families: Rockefellers and Trumps

Rockefellers Born on July 8

July 8, 1908 - January 26, 1979

Nelson Rockefeller - Videos

41st Vice President of the United States, 49th governor of New York State
Grandson of Standard Oil's founder and chairman John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Famous political families have always been part of the
grand design of history much like a monarchy or dynasty.

July 8, 1839 - May 23, 1937

John D. Rockefeller Sr. Founded Standard Oil Company - Videos

Powerful families can shape the future of a nation or destroy it.

Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man

"Melanie and Me" East Wing braces for upcoming book by former Melania Trump aide

In my opinion, the Trump family is not unlike many others - they are simply programmed for power and success - at least so far. Mary Trump's insights read like a confirmation of armchair psychology we have concluded about Donald Trump. Further Trump's uncle John has a connection to Tesla. It's all in the algorithm.

Coronavirus and Education

Is Trump Throwing Us Under the (School) Bus?

Thursday July 9, 2020

Children are suffering in different ways when it comes to education. Perhaps bullying - and the fear of classroom shootings - has gone away which makes some children happy but there are so many positive things that they embrace while in school mostly in the form of creativity, special programs, and socialization.

Opening schools safely during a pandemic, and being able to stay open, requires careful planning and spending significant amounts of time and money for safety - testing, cleaning, technology, meal programs, logistics, and social-distancing procedures. This will be difficult enough for the average student but others with special needs are really going to pay an educational and emotional price.

Across the political spectrum, there have been calls for the reopening of U.S. schools this fall for many reasons - remote learning went badly in the spring as educational systems, teachers, and parents were not ready to address the emotional and mental needs of students.

A fall semester without in-person school would leave students further behind, and many parents without child care and the ability to return to work.

In countries where coronavirus numbers are reducing schools are starting to open with different platforms.

This will be the case in the US while suffering by far with the worst coronavirus outbreak of any affluent country. The federal government appears to be throwing us under the (school) bus.

Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that it is up to the governors to decide when and how school districts will open this fall not Trump. Different regions of NY State will open according to their metrics for coronavirus.

Coronavirus and Emotions Four Months Later

As of late clients - and people in general - are experiencing pre and post coronavirus anxiety. Sometimes it refers to the fear of getting coronavirus, other times it goes to having had coronavirus and resulting behavior especially for those who suffer from depression and anxiety - emotions now heightened.

It's about a lack of control and not being able to see what the future holds - highlighted with finances. What happens when the money runs out or the business has to close?

Caretakers are tired of doing everything for everybody. They are burning out at unprecedented rates while struggling not to disappoint.

Summer fun time has been taken away with no end in sight especially those who have young children who demand constant attention. You've got to have a mental break.

Back up systems are also questionable these days as people adapt and struggle as if we are existing in a post apocalyptic reality from which we will soon awaken or the movie will just end.

There are those who believe that all of this will work out, a cure will be found quickly, coronavirus will not mutate though it has already, which goes along with the concept of Hope.

If you understand we're in end times you know what's going on. If you don't you look to place blame on whomever - either through a conspiracy theory or a god who is mad at us or whatever your believe system is - gods or aliens or something else that follows the laws of physics in this reality. You might be looking in the wrong place ... delete your believe system.

Keep it simple. Reality is ending. Trump is a diversion who's direction is leading us down the road to chaos as on we go down the yellow brick road in the fantasy we believe is real.

If your anxiety is increasing you should see a professional and try any number of ways to deal with reality today because it's not getting better. You may need medication. You may need to change your diet. Yoga, exercise, and the like could be helpful.

Forget rituals that go to outdated occult practices. Focus on the here and now - physics and math.

This is where I usually blog that you should make a plan - but not so sure about that anymore. All you can do is the best you can do in the moment - the personification of the nature of reality.

There are two things for you to consider - what happens if coronavirus never goes away complicated by political and geophysical systems? What happens if coronavirus does go away but it results in a new normal - are you emotionally strong enough to adapt?

About a fifth of adults in the US have moved due to Covid-19 ...

Abandoning New York City

Coronavirus, air conditioning filters, and lots of hot air

Governor Cuomo, Trump's Denial, Ellie's AC Filters

87% of Americans are having vivid dreams
during the coronavirus pandemic. Why?

The Dynamics of Dream Time


People live longer. When is someone old?
Medical Express - July 8, 2020

From Ellie: Everyone says that aging is a state of mind. To look at it that way is to understand that everything is a state of mind because we are a simulation viewed through the prism of the mind (brain) for experience. Outside of your perceptions - even with out-of-body experiences - nothing is real - ones and zeros in a matrix of existential archetypes.

To me aging goes to your health. If you feel good you look good which goes to genetic programming and life experience. On a metaphysical or soul level it goes to how tired your soul is. Nothing wears a soul down more than emotional problems and living with the wrong people. When you're not in control of your life you age quickly.

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