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Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

September 21 - October 6 - Oktoberfest
September 21 - International Day of Peace
September 22 - 71st Emmy Awards
September 23 - Autumnal Equinox - Mabon
September 23 - Sun in Libra
September 28 - New Moon / Super Moon 5° Libra
September 29 - Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

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B.B. King was an award winning blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars, found dead at 75 years old

Eddie Money, 'Two Tickets to Paradise' Singer, Dies at 70

Phyllis Newman, Tony Award-Winning Broadway Star, Is Dead at 86

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Meditative Sand Labyrinths
Sand Dunes on Mars
Wellness Retreat
Pat, Joanne, Old Souls and Flying Free
Family Matters

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Meditative Sand Labyrinths

You've heard of sand paintings, crop circles and labyrinths. How about meditative sand labyrinths? Denny Dyke has always considered himself a spiritual person. But until a few years ago, he wasn't very artistic. He had moved up to Oregon from Southern California and had spent some time practicing walking meditations on the beach. He would draw in the sand as he walked, sometimes creating intricate designs. "They were mainly for myself, but a few people would show up. Dyke felt the pull of the ever-changing landscape of the waves and the sand. He started to design complex, yet temporary, labyrinths that would soon be washed away by the tides. "I decided if people were responding - and the response was pretty phenomenal - then I would keep doing it," he says. Read more ...

From Sand Labyrinths to Sand Dunes on Mars

Sand Dunes Snake Near Mars' North Pole

Rippling, dark-flecked sand dunes near Mars' north pole look like melting chocolate-chip ice cream in an image captured by the European-Russian Trace Gas Orbiter spacecraft (TGO). The photo, which TGO snapped with its Color and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS), shows some effects of springtime warming in the Red Planet's far north. During winter in the polar regions, a thin layer of carbon dioxide ice covers the surface and then sublimates - turns directly from ice into vapor - with the first light of spring, European Space Agency (ESA) officials wrote about the image, which was taken May 25 but just released today. In the dune fields, this springtime defrosting occurs from the bottom up, trapping gas between the ice and the sand. As the ice cracks, this gas is released violently and carries sand with it, forming the dark patches and streaks observed in this CaSSIS image.


It's part of the increasing refugee crisis. 'Climigration': When communities must move because of climate change - Climate change increasingly threatens communities all over the world. News of fires, floods and coastal erosion devastating lives and livelihoods seems almost constant.

Psychotherapist: What I've learned from listening to children talk about climate change   PhysOrg - September 16, 2019

Wellness Retreat

I have a client in Nashville named Michelle who goes back with me to 1991 when I was the Satellite Psychic broadcasting from the Empire State Building here in NYC. Michelle was the first person who ever called-in for a reading - which continued through the years and chapters in her life. Michelle is a black woman in her late 40s whose husband died in a car accident right after her son was born. Luckily there was insurance which helped her through the years as she raised him on her own while working and finishing college. He's now a college graduate who works in business and media. I remember one reading when he was seven years old and he wanted to talk about aliens.

Four years ago Michelle's cousin was shot and killed. Last year his mom, Michele's aunt, came up with the idea to have an annual family wellness retreat inviting whoever would like to attend from their extended family of 100+ women as this is a "women only" event. The retreat takes place for three days in September - in different locations - last year in Florida - this year in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. Michelle calls it a mental health conference where family members share with health professionals, healers, guest speakers, while engaging in various activities for three days.

It all began Friday with art therapy as each person was given the ability to paint whatever they wanted and then discuss it in a group setting. Saturday afternoon featured a fashion show, hair and make-up, yoga and more. At night gospel singer CeCe Winans performed and was a guest speaker.

Michelle's family believes that many troubled families should consider an event like this to heal issues which is why we decided I should blog about it. Emotional problems come from genetics and family influences so why not start at the beginning.

Pat, Joanne, Old Souls and Flying Free

My friend Pat died on 9/11. Her daughter texted: "Grieving but grateful she is out of pain. I keep getting signs from mom. I smelled her incense burning in my room the night that she passed. I don't have incense in my home. A feather on my doorstep the same day also reminded me of her. It is all very hard because I miss her so much and a long life that she should've had with us."

Sunday afternoon I took a walk with my neighbor Joanne whose 9/11 story was in the news. Joanne was excited to tell me that the high-heel shoes she ran down 103 flights with that day are now part of the 9/11 museum. I told her about Pat's passing on 9/11 and she was stunned. She remembered Pat and spoke fondly of her with tears welling in her eyes. Then I told her about Pat's daughter finding the feather and associating it with Pat. As Joanne and I walked back to our building there by the front door we found one feather. The message from Pat is - the story of humanity is about burned out souls about to fly free.

Family Matters

I spent Saturday in Westport, Connecticut with Nikki and her family. It's always fun to be out there with children and grandchildren. They are hoping that one day I will move there. Not ready. Couldn't imagine leaving my view of reality even for this. Do Senior prefer to live on their own or with others? It all goes to their health and income. This senior loves the freedom of living alone..

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