The Hollow Earth Hypothesis 2010

The subject of 2012 is being talked about by many people, though it's doubtful anyone truly grasps its meaning at this time. Who knows ... it may simply mean the program ends one day at 20 to 12. For those in higher frequency, 2012 equates with an end time date, as they have concluded that the cycle of time for this reality is about to transform into something higher. Some people simple want out of this level of consciousness, bored and stressed with its emotional dramas.

On the other hand, another group of souls are programmed for continuity of the program that they believe will continue on indefinitely, many are getting annoyed with all the 2012 theories and the prophecies people talk about. What they do not grasp is that time being an illusion, ceases to exist as the hologram evolves, and it is evolving.

Since our program has come 'online', for lack of a better word, humans have quested and looked to the skies for gods/aliens to return - which is a metaphor for the program to reach higher frequency as it ends, the gods being the souls returning to light and consciousness.

Thousands of people around the world have been indoctrinated in past decades for the return of ET's - UFO sightings considered real, misinterpreted, or hoaxed, yet are globally reported in increasing numbers and with greater accuracy. People expect someone to show up soon .... and hopefully bring answers.

As is Above, So it Below - takes us to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, always a popular file on Crystalinks.

Taking this to ancient astronauts ... if they are above ... what about below ... planet Earth?

Much to my surprise on January 2, 2010, the most popular file on Crystalinks, as we entered the new decade, was the Hollow Earth Hypothesis having similar iconography with other creation myths and metaphors.

Do you believe in mythical civilizations below the earth? Did you ever remote view there? I explored several times, and though I found entities and consciously interacted with some, kind of like the film Avatar, I realized that like the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, and other mythical civilizations, they are part of other grid programs running parallel to our own.

Who or what is beneath the physical earth, if anything? I personally don't believe anything is there in our reality, but it makes good copy as the Arctic and Antarctica melt down at an alarming rate. Anything that human consciousness can conceive/perceive, is out there somewhere. You can experience it all once you learn to grid travel or remote view, placing your consciousness beyond this part of the program.

Everything in the program is closing along with our reality here, and as this happens, souls experiencing in alternative grid realities are merging their souls aspects back into one ... with messages about closure whether they are understand them or not. Dreams, memories, meditations, imagery ... bleed through from one grid to another often confusing the observer. This will accelerate therefore allow your theories and conclusions to have room for change as new information reveals itself.