Gray Matter ... Depression Physically Seeing Gray ... Alcoholism

Depressed People Really Do See a Gray World   Live Science - July 20, 2010

Why does everything look gray when you feel blue?   PhysOrg - July 20, 2010

When depressed, the world looks different, not just emotionally, but physically. While reading clients, I generally like to 'hop into their bodies' (align my grid matrix with theirs) to look for problems both physical and emotional. Looking out ... things looked gray and I always wondered why. From the simple ache to severe pains, it's all there.

When the client is depressed, I see what I call the 'oatmeal effect' in their brain where everything is unfocused and sort of looks like pasty oatmeal. When I first tried this, I wondered how depressed people make decisions at all, the confusion level increasing with the severity of the depression. And sadly I wondered .. How do people go through life in this state of mind?

My advice is always "Get professional help." I want a dollar for every time I blogged those three words. I have to wonder if anyone ever took action based on my blogs. My guess would be they didn't change their addictions, because I'm not a wounded soul who overcame anything so they couldn't identify ... but I know, based on what clients have told me, that they did run away from abuse. Okay then ... It's worth the effort.

Here's something more weird to me ... Try going into the mind/brain of an alcoholic? I hear ... whoosh ...whoosh .. whoosh. This is just as disconcerting as depression, but more so as you experience frustration, anger and often rage. The "F" word resounds in your head. Whoa. Nasty stuff ...

The brain is nothing more than an electrochemical machine created by the genetic codes of one's parents who most likely drank and/or were mentally ill. It's all in the program to control human behavior.

I am astounded by the amount of people who tell me they drink every day, though few consider themselves alcoholics. Talk about denial .... I guess I live in my own little world (well that's a given) - and yet I know many people just like me who are 'straight', always happy, and therefore attract the good stuff (lessons) most of the time.

Live life as you like it ... just don't hurt anyone else along the way. Show respect or be alone. Don't make others suffer. And as I always blog ... get away from crazy people and never ever try to fix them. Let them do it themselves when ready. They will crash.

One more thing ... if you suffer from depression, don't work as a therapist - you have enough of that at home. You don't need to go to work and be around that frequency all day because you think it will help you heal your issues. Get over the issue thing already.

I'll drink to that ...