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New Year's Eve Blog: Memos, Birthdays, A Tale of Two Teens, Space, 2012 Images
2011 News In Review
2011 Ellie's World Blogs in Review
The Story of Christmas is a Myth ...
December 25 - Crystalinks Christmas Files
December 25 - The Magi were Ancient Aliens - The Star of Bethlehem a UFO
December 24 - New Moon 3° Capricorn - Full Moon July 3, 2012 - 12° Capricorn
December 21/22 - Sun in Capricorn - Winter Solstice
   Seasonal Affective Disorder - Depression
   Astronomical Observatories - Megalithic Monuments - Newgrange
   Verrazano Bridge - Sun Through the Arches, Sepia Scene Below
December 21 - One Year to the Mayan Calendar Prophecies & Rap
December 20 - Happy Chanukah - Journey into the Flame
December 18 - Death of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il -- Another Game Changer for 2012

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 18° Gemini, the Geminids, Egyptian Connections
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 18° Gemini - Mexico: Zumpango Earthquake, More
UFOs returning ... Maybe. Nibiru? ... Doubtful.
Inside The Matrix With Nikola Tesla and Helen Magnus
2012 Year of the Chinese Water Dragon (Z01Z)

Dream Time Mirrors Racial Makeup
Marriage in America 2012 Style
Overcoming Issues - Angelina Jolie
Job Burn Out 2012

Why do some people remember faces?
SantaCon in New York City (Occupy North Pole) - Fun in Brooklyn

11/22/11 and the Masonic Program
Sacred Architecture, Geometry, and Harmonics

November 13-18
   Navajo Journey
   Land Bridges, Crystal Skull, Quetzalcoatl, Alien Found in Peru?
   Ancient Aliens and Technology
   Ray Brown's Atlantean Crystal Sphere 2011
   Meandering Water Course
   Albert Einstein, The Illusion of Time, Brian Greene

Dr. Raymond Brown Crystal Pyramid Experience and Sphere
Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting
80 Is the New 65 for Many Retirees
11/11/11 - What is the Code All About?
Financial Systems and Metaphysics
Do you really know what you want in a partner?
2011 Oklahoma Earthquake - Fraking and Earthquakes
Space Adventures
   Nebulas and Kissing Fish - UFOs? DC says No - Buck Rogers says Yes
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Canary Islands November 2011
   Active Underwater Volcano - Tanya's Journey to Mt. Leao

Increasing Synchronicities
   Friends, Teachers, Coming Full Cycle, Dreams, Person of Interest
   Earrings, Feathers, the Stork in Chandler, AZ., Crystal is Gone
   Portals, Peter Bishop, Pope Peter, Ireland and the Changing Church
The Popes and Number 111

Friends and Confidants 2011

Halloween: 11/11/11 Themes
   Snow on Halloween,
   Chilam Balam, Mayan Transmissions,
   Dream of Obama

Preparing For Winter - Sudden Snowstorm Hits The East Coast
As is Above, So is Below - Mexican Pyramid Complex - What is an Earth-scraper?
CMEs, Planetary Magnetics and Auroras - Sun-Earth Connection
How Will the Universe End? Science and Pseudoscience
Scorpio, Orionids, Orion and Sacred Alignments
A Sense of Urgency - October 2011 Doomsday Theories
Simchat Torah, The Story of Humanity, Zurvan, Duality, the Lion in Time
Social Anxiety Disorder - Social Phobia
Events and Awakenings - October 10-15, 2011
   When Your Programing Kicks In ... Email From Canada
   "Platform" refers to ... Email from Sal, Cape Verde
   Merlin and Mother Shipton - Were they Aliens? - Email From Merlin's Mom
   Emergence ~ Synergy ~ Alchemy
   Fatima: The Miracle of the Sun and UFOs - Projected Illusion of Mary
   Columbus Day in Westport - Kate and Ellie - Family Fun
   What are we waiting for? - Time Travel - Finding the Silver Key
Columbus Day 2011 - Columbus and the UFOs

Children's Mental Health Issues are Growing
Sex and Memory
The Passing of Steve Jobs
My Daughters Nikki and Zsia Dream of End Times
"Stressed" spelled backwards is "Desserts"
Hooking Up
Age Discrimination in the Workplace
Snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes?
Early Birds Versus Night Owls
Reality Check October 2011- What's Really Going On in the World

Capping It Off - The Blue Jellyfish
Blue Beings ... Being Alexander ... Being Here
Supermoon - Solar Maximum - Auroras
The Case of Susan Powell - Missing and Murdered
The UFO Phenomenon - September 2011
Did Neutrinos Travel Faster than Light? Ellie and Time Travel
Can You Think For Yourself? Libra, Autumn, Equinox, Walkabout, Journey
A Day of Peace - What does it mean to you?
Success 2012
Betty and Barney Hill 50 Years Later
Moving Sidewalks
Azraq Oasis Wheels
Green Screen Reality
Fashion Week in NYC - Amy Winehouse

9/11 Remembered 10 Years Later on 9/11/11
Black Smoke - Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned - Pope - Religion - 9/11

Freddie Mercury Turns 65 - Other Rock Stars Born in the 1940's
   Music Files: Various Groups, Music Quotes and Fun Stuff
   Spirits Come and Go and Rock and Roll - Gabe's Adventures in Italy and Ireland

World's Largest Crocodile Captured - Egyptian (Sobek) and Other Symbology
Why Inspirational Talks Don't Work
Gold in Earth's History It's always about the gold
Labor Day 2011 - Unemployed and Underemployed
Reality Check September 2011

Virgo Transition 2011 - The Energies of 2012 Begin
   Zoroaster (Z) - The Father of Astrology
   Muammar Gaddafi Falls From Power
   Budd Hopkins Died
Virginia 5.8 Earthquake - Personal Experiences
   Video - Animals and Earthquakes - Washington Monument Stone Cracks
Hurricane Irene - Ellie in the Eye of the Storm - Great Orb Photo
August 25, 2011 ... Crystalinks turns Sweet 16
   The Way We Were - Listen to Barbra Another Jewish Funny Girl, My Age, From Brooklyn [3:33]
Giada De Laurentiis, Nikki, and Gayle King

Program Insert Theory (PIT)
How a Holographic Universe Emerged - Stephen Hawking
Thinking Green ... Alchemy and Perception - Great Images
The Galactic Center - Science and Pseudoscience - "Wow Signal"

The Stress-Breath Connection
Part-time vs. Full-time Jobs
The Future of Social Networking
Being Psychic in 2011

When Should You Leave a Relationship?
The Importance of Exercise
Selective Hearing
Addiction Now Defined As A Brain Disorder
Shifting the Energies in the Same Old Argument
Career Reinvention Rules of The Road
16 Job Search Errors Often Made

Helena Blavatsky Today - 11:11
Life and Theories of Helena Blavatsky - Root Races of Man

Cloud Scrying - The Face of A Man
The Strange Blue Object on the Belt Parkway
The Impact of the Workplace
Comet Elenin - Link to Ancient Mythology and Gold
Monday 8/8 . 8 is about Money and Power and its Symbology
New Word Order and Other Conspiracy Stuff - Fibonacci Numbers and the Market
Depression and Music
Making Mistakes and Coping
Habits of Organized People

Inventions and Patents - The First Patent
Aliens and UFOs in the Old West
Subatomic Particle Discovery - Earth's Magnetic Field and Time, Einstein, Tesla, H.G. Wells
Space ... The Final Shuttle Returns Home
The End of a Mission - Last Space Shuttle Flight Lifts Off

Babies Like to be Born on a Full or New Moon
   Lunar Deities, and the Moon in Mythology
Waterfall Harmonics - Images, Visualization, Archetypes
Channeled Art Relax and try it ....
Museums - Famous Artists Born July 12-16 - Channeling Art

Finding Your Power Animal Put on some music - relax and connect

Amy Winehouse - The 27 Club - Personal Numerology
The Murder of Leibby Kletzky and Other Hasidic Experiences
Disappearing - July 2011
   Economy, Reality, Harry Potter 2011 - It All Ends, Physics: Cloaking Space-Time
The Flying Dutchman - Fata Morgana Illusion - Disappearing Ships

Think Healthy, Eat Healthy
Who and What are Foodies?
Naked Yoga
When Does Flirting Become Cheating?
Do you remember when ...
Parental Favoritism

Apocalypse 2012 - Finance and Metaphysics
  Economic Armageddon and You

Democracies Rise and Fall as do Civilizations
UFO Day July 2, 2011 - What have we learned since the Roswell Incident?

July 1, 2011
Traveling and Children - Noah and Creation
Birthdays: Diana, Princess of Wales, Jean-Victor Poncelet
William and Kate's North American Tour - Canada Day
New Moon Solar Eclipse 9° Cancer - Creation, Vesica Pisces
Reality, Binary Code, and the Eclipse

Reality Check June 2011

When quitting is a smart job move

Same-sex Marriage is Legal in NY
Archaeology and Anthropology - June 2011

Ike and Sandy - The Death of a Pet Dog
City Living Stresses the Brain
World Refugee Day 2011: Global Increase, Falling Skies, We Are All Refugees on Planet Earth
Whining is the worst sound in the world

Father's Day, Books, Falling Skies, "We will not go quietly into the night!", Navy, Black
Chi Rho - The Last Pope - Alpha-Omega - The Beginning and the End - Father's Day
Chi Rho - The Last Pope - Alpha-Omega - The Beginning and the End

June 15, 2011 -- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 24° Sagittarius
   Dreams, Simulations, "Sanctuary", Out of the Blue, Fade to Black, Jay-Z
Summer Eclipse Cycle of 2011
Sun - Astronomy, Solar Max and Sunspot Activity, Mythology, Culture, News
Mars Articles - Video - Long Metallic Cylinder on Mars
OnStar Dream ... Finding Your Way Home

Channeling - The On-Off On-Off Effect - Binary Code
William Butler Yeats, Gyres and Geometry
Perception of Higher Frequency Colors
11:11 - Solara, Peru, Chile, Volcanoes Erupt in Mexico and Chile
Mt. Popocatepetl Volcano Erupts - The Z Cloud in the Land of QuetZalcoatl
Mummies In History
Superstitions and Evolution

Food Allergies in Children
National Donut Day 2011 - Gelato
Which Foods Are Most Likely to Get You Sick?
Yo-Yo Dieting and Weight Cycling

Sexting - UN Congressman Anthony Weiner is Exposed

Archaeological - May 2011
   Teotihuacan Tunnel Under The Temple of Quetzalcoatl
   Gantenbrink's Door Floor Tiles With Patterns
   Zedekiah's Cave in Jerusalem

Memorial Day Blogs 2011
   Dreams of Spirits, Friends and Synchronicities, Karen
   Memorial Day in Bay Ridge May 30, 2011
   Manhattanhenge Marked the End of Memorial Day
   Gordon-Michael and Ellie - Auras and Economies
   New Moon Solar Eclipse 11° Gemini

When Science Fiction Becomes Science
   Parts of moon interior contains as much water as Earth's upper mantle
   Pyramid-Exploring Robot Reveals Hidden Hieroglyphs Beyond Gantenbrink's Door
   Mini Black Holes Zip Through Earth Every Day?
   Does Quantum Theory Explain Consciousness? The Holographic Universe

Oprah's Farewell Shows - May 23-25, 2011
Start of Fleet Week 2011 - Firing on Bay Ridge
Selective Memories of Your Past
Parenting ... 2011
May 21, 2011 - Apocalyptic Theory That Didn't Happen And Related
2011 Mississippi River Floods and Prophecy
The Tsunami Dream
The Alien Grays and the Empty Book
La Palma, Canary Islands, Cumbre Vieja Volcano, Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory
Fermi Telescope sees 'Superflares' in the Crab Nebula
Anubis Adventures - Sphinx, Australian Connections, Wormholes, Transformation
Stargate, The Series Finale ... The Journey Ends
Not Being Able to Live With Confusion in 2011
When a Pet's Love is All You Have Left
Glee - Prom Queen - Ellie in High School
Mother's Day 2011 - Ellie's Mom Returns
Jinn, Genie in the Middle East Today
Osama bin Laden Killed
Cinco de Mayo - Mexico Then and Now

May 1, 2011
   May Day, Beltane, Pope John Paul II Beatified, Empire State Building turns 80, more

The Royal Wedding April 29, 2011
   Prince William and Kate Middleton - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

2011 Tornadoes
Women wonder about their mom's sex lives
Mac vs. PC: Choice Reveals Taste in Movies, Food, More
Long Ring Fingers Are Attached to Good-Looking Guys
Bridges - Cross or Bury
Thus Spoke Zarathrustra - Video Game and Time Loops
American Civil War Began 150 Years Ago - Past Lives and Grids
Shirley MacLaine on Oprah - 2012, UFO's, Reincarnation, Roswell in the News, More
Taking a Year off From Work to Find Yourself
Reality is a Simulation, The Thirteenth Floor, 4:22, How We Communicate
   Green Photos
Fermilab: New Subatomic Particle?
Triggering End Time Myths
   Atlantis, Earthquake Crete, Aegean Sea, Marsili ...
April is Stress Awareness Month
Your Perceptions Are Based on Your Programmed
   Email from Australia gives the best perspective

Email From Readers March 2011

   Interview With Masaru Emoto in Japan
What are people dreaming about? Dreams ... Integrated Consciousness
Ellie's World Report - 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Mercury - March 30, 2011
   Astronomy, Astrology, Mythology, Alchemy, Thoth Creates

One Deep Breath Connecting With Creation
Lord Pakal - Breathing In The Universe
The Need to Worry
Relationships - The Three Year Glitch
Combined and Extended File - Several Topics
   Reading Clients in End Times, Sacred Geometry Video, One Deep Breath, Lord Pakal Breathing in the Universe

The Simulation, Wake-up Dream
   Elizabeth Taylor, Jose Arguelles Cross Over
Programmed Misconceptions - Healing, Prophecies, The Soul
The Matrix :: Are You Looking In Or Out? [Version 1 - Music]
The Matrix :: Are You Looking In Or Out? [Version 2]
The Dragonfly: science, symbology, mythology, prophecy, traditions, crop circle
The Binary Suns of Chinese Prophecy

Ellie and Rick
The Music Box Played at 1:44pm, 144,000, What's on Page 44? Messages From Readers
Water Appears Out of Nowhere
   Water Images and Illusion
   World Water Day 2011

March 19-20, 2011
   Super Full Moon, Crow Symbology,
   E.T. Phone Home, Vernal Equinox, Aries, Noruz, War in Iraq

The Woman in Rite Aid - Reality is an Illusion
UFO's and Aliens February-March 2011
   British Files, Grand Canyon Video, Battle: Los Angeles (Film), Paul (Film), Kia Time Traveling Car Commercial
Magnetic North Is Moving
Zahi Hawass Quits on the New Moon 13° (4, Endings) Pisces Great Images
The Fight For Freedom 2011

Imaginary Friends - Children and Adults
The Invisible Child
The Inner Child
Children's Books
Children and Past Lives

Email From Readers February 2011

End of Program: Player & Observer - Sacred Geometry is Changing
Would Finding E.T. Change Our View of God?
Back Injuries and Pain
Alchemy is Making a Comeback
Ana's Adventures Living in a Cave House in Granada, Sierra Nevada
Feathers In Religion and Culture
Peter in Apartment 6B
2.22.2011 - George Washington, Visions For Our Time, Freemasons
Great Pyramid Was Once Under Water - Pyramid Lake Adventures
2011 Freedom Protests - Africa, Middle East

The White Feather And The Little Girl
Centers of Light -The Things We Are Guided To At The End
Seniors Who Bully
Knee Injuries
Centers of Light ...The Things We Are Guided To
Zahi Hawass - Artifacts Allegedly Stolen From the Cairo Museum

Ellie on Planet X (Cartoon on io9)
   Nibiru as Planet X

What if .... You discovered You Exist in Virtual Reality
   Please notice the EXIT signs on either side of the screen...
   The Last Hard Copy of "2012 Sarah and Alexander" is Sold
   "Smallville" and The Matrix

The Stargate Rebellion - Revolution-Evolution of Consciousness - Return of the Capstone
Sharing Tales of an Exodus from Egypt - Email From Readers

Troubled Fathers and Sons - Skillings and Madoffs
Using the Right Brain - How to Unleash Your Creativity
Alien Scripts - Automatic Writing

Email From Readers January 2011

Gambling Addictions
Appearances Are Deceiving - UFOs or Clouds?
Earth Changes January 2011: What's Going On

Ellie as Dorothy in OZ and Interesting Synchronicities
   Sarah and Alexander, Australia, Oprah, "Fringe", Fireflies, Aquarius
Betelgeuse and Doomsday Scenarios
Why Music Makes You Happy
About Friendships - History, Psychology, Genetics, More
Wikipedia Turns 10
In Search of "X"
   The Meaning of X
   Invisible Galaxy X Discovered
   Percival Lowell's quest for Planet X
   Planet "X", Nibiru and Other Esoteric Connections

Sexing Up and Dumbing Down of Work Force
Analysis Paralysis
Dreams - Waking Up Tired
Self-help 1/11
   Ellie's Views
   Ted Williams, a Homeless Man From Ohio
   Bob Green on Oprah

   A Cartharsis of One's Emotions,
   The History of Poetry

Blogger's Word Choices and Their Personality Traits

Arkaim, the Russian Stonehenge,
   Alien Connections, Zoroaster, Krill
   Mandala, Swastika City, Sacred Geometry

The First Week of 2011 in Review
   Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot
   Global Flooding - Flood Stories - Ancient Aliens
   Earthquakes 7.1 - Chile, Argentina
   Global Bird and Fish Die-offs
   Earth's Magnetic Pole Moves, Throws Off Planes in Florida
   Pope: God Was Behind the Big Bang
   Why Failed Predictions Don't Stop Apocalypse Forecasters
   The Beginning of the Ends Starts May 21, 2011
   Spodet, Isis, Seshat, New Year, Flooding, Boats and Wormholes
   Conscious Creation (Blue Photos) and Backstories

Astrology: Finding Your Ascendant
Hand Gestures
Angry at God
New Year's Resolutions 2010-11
Your Predictions For 2011
11 In 2011 - Binary Code
Your Back-stories - Letting Go Of The Old
Collective Unconscious - Two Blue Photos

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