June 22, 2010

We experience in a reality created by patterns and genetic codes which is the first place one must look for behavior modification on their journey into the kaleidoscope of experiences set in motion when they first descended into the physical. Further, the brain is nothing more than an electrochemical machine aligning with these influences thus telling them what to do.

Alcoholism has come up in many of my current readings, and is spreading as quickly as the Gulf Oil Spill. There seems to be no end to the ease with which people can legally self-medicate, especially now that medical marijuana has become legal in many states, as people grow, sell, and buy weed. It makes one wonder, in this age of healing, why people are now faced with new and unforeseen challenges, when they are trying to be at peace. What is the method behind the madness?

There is something in the energies of an alcoholic, even on their best behavior, that puts me off. I feel more comfortable with clients who have drug addictions, and recognized personality disorders, than with alcoholics. This goes to those who are aware of what is wrong and seek help vs. the alcoholic who is hiding pain, anger, "frustration", and more, living in denial, often unaware of how serious a problem they have until they crash. 'Denial' is a very powerful word.

Alcoholism is about self-medication for personality disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. Many understand the patterns of alcohol dependency having been there, or having to deal with a family member, friend, or co-worker who drinks. One can easily find information about alcoholism on the internet to help guide diagnosis and ways to cope.

Alcoholics often use yoga, meditation, or relaxation techniques to quiet the mind and restore focus. What's also needed is professional - a psychiatrist, Alcoholics Anonymous, an intervention, and sometimes Rehab.

Exercise may be an effective and nonpharmacologic treatment option for alcohol dependence   PhysOrg - June 22, 2010

People Who Suppress Anger Become Violent When Drunk   Live Science - June 29, 2010

People heal themselves only when ready after their grid for self abuse has shifted. Most need to hit bottom and contemplate suicide to seek help.

The frequency and aura of an alcoholic is very different than one who does not drink.

I don't expect this blog to change your patterns, just to allow you to recognize emotional problems, your mechanisms for coping, and what you see guiding you in end times. If you drink, now is a time to look at how much you consume each day and if you fall into the category of alcoholic with symptoms of memory loss, blacking out, hearing voices, which can lead to psychosis or alcoholic hallucinations. Psychiatric Symptoms

Things are going to get more difficult as the program closes. It's your journey, you decide how you want to experience what is just ahead.