Road Rage

The color red often denotes the negative emotions of anger and rage, which brings us to Road Rage that some believe is a mental illness while others are not so sure. One thing is certain ... when a person rages, there are psychological problems of one kind or another linked to control. Sometimes a mild mannered person changes from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde behind the wheel due to frustration and an inability to speak what is on their mind. As with any other form of rage, this becomes a pattern and an emotional release for the driver who might otherwise seem in control when not behind the wheel.

When I think of road rage, I generally think of angry aggressive men, rather than women. Their rage accelerates along with the car when they hit the gas pedal - especially when driving with the person/people they believe keep them trapped. A car represents a vehicle or one's life path... the road taken. How you handle your vehicle is the way you handle your life - in control or out of control - for all of life is about balance and control in one form or another.

When you see an aggressive driver on the road - let him pass - and when he does, hope he doesn't hurt anyone.

If you have a 'screw loose' ... get out and walk!

Walking the Walk

In the game of life, most people have unresolved issues with someone from their past, something left unsaid and undone. It could be a family member, a friend, a former neighbor, someone whose behavior towards them has left a marker on their soul. These unresolved issues can damage their lives, whether they recognize them or not.

Therapy can help one relive the experience bringing it into today's consciousness for review, but another good way to let go might be to meet the person involved, if they are still alive and can be found. As everything goes to fear and other negative emotions, if one is ready, this can be a turning point in life. It can create something positive or help let go of someone negative as you do not want your soul to carry excess baggage being a pawn on the game board trapped in negative emotions (red).

As we have discussed, most people are dysfunctional in one way or another, thus experience is about abuse and healing.

Most people who have hurt you have their own set of issues and emotional problems that you may not have recognized. To let go is to understand why they behaved as they did and your needs at the time you were abused.

A reunion with the person is more about understanding than any other emotion. It is not to rekindle lost, or never existing, affections. It is to teach you about the people who played karmic roles in your life and how their presence has made you the person you are today.

We live in a time when many of us let go of the destructive people in our lives - friends and family. But if there is someone who you need to see again, to make a clean break, go for it.

The game started with a serpent, a star seed,
a tree, a man, a woman,

and an apple that contained all knowledge.

Walk away clean and clear.

You do remember where the ruby red slippers take you ....