The Mind Meld

Consciousness Connections Grid to Grid

Last week I blogged about Leonard Nimoy, the Vulcan salute, and a Hebrew letter "Shin" (God). The salute was one of Spock's signatures, but also famous was the Vulcan Mind Meld in which he merged his consciousness with that of another character.

In the news ...

More about the so-called Mind Meld ...

We do it all the time, but are not consciously aware ... then again we are not aware of so many things our brains are doing, the list is endless.

When psychics merge their consciousness with another person, they are merging their grid matrixes. The psychic is open to receive information, while the other person usually has no idea they can receive information also, so they are not open to look. Eneregy flows back and forth between both people (minds). It is something we often do, a skill like any other, that can be learned by most people, especially if their brain chemistry is balanced.

Focus ... grids locked and loaded ...

About the news articles above ... When someone is talking about something of interest to the other person, you can 'see' their consciousness grid shift, their eyes focus (eye contact), and you know a connection was made. It's an electro-chemical thing the brain does. Focus is all about what is discussed, and its relevance to the other person.

It's not much different than reading this blog. Sometimes the topic does not apply to your life, so you skim the text and move on ... Then you return later to see what's going on that may hold your focus. If interested, your mend melds with what it reads.

Most people are interested in topics that align with their lives. They love when I blog about healing issues and metaphysical topics, especial when they can emphasize with what is happening with others. When I skip ahead ... moving to the end of the program ... and blog about reality as a hologram, dream, or illusion, they get lost (there is a disconnect) and move on. Why? Because their consciousness is in another place.

Back to the Vulcan mind meld ...

How cool would it be if Spock merged his consciousness with yours - removing the heavy layers of emotions as that is the Vulcan way, those that bog you down in endless momentum ... now replaced with knowledge that takes you to places where no man has gone before ... to the endless fantasies and dreams beyond the Earth experience, and to enrich your time here with the wonders of the universe. Human consciousness is about to embark on that journey. Your mind is melded with the collective unconsciousness which is going to take you beyond the parameters of this reality. Warp 10.

Live long and prosper.

The best is waiting for you outside the program ...