Spiritual Communities & Connections

As a psychic, I certainly know the ins and outs of the psychic community. As with healers, once someone raises their frequency, becoming what we label "psychic" - yet is our natural state of being - many chose to work as psychics, by any name or description.

As with the healing realms where the names have evolved through the decades (healers, energy workers, therapists, spiritual counselors, life coaches, all the same), so too has the term "psychic" evolved from the ancient magician, seer, prophet, soothsayer, oracle, fortune teller, gypsy, mystic, visionary, medium, intuitive, clairvoyant ... a psychic by any name is one who sees beyond physical reality. By now you have figured out that any self respecting psychic is also a counselor (healer) and a medium. They all blend together to help consciousness evolve.

I used to sit in my nine-foot pyramid and read people at psychic fairs ... Call it a gimmick, but for me, the energies helped balance and heal those who sat with me, especially as they didn't know I was shifting their frequency to see clearly. How long does a shifted frequency stay that way? It lasts about as long as the feeling you get from a great meditation - as your consciousness moves up and then down again. It's just another high and from what I'm told, people love to get high - one way or another.

It's simply about the way one is programmed for experience - grids and frequencies - shifts and changes - insights and discoveries - and the choices made after a session. Being psychic is like any other tool - the more you use it, the better you get - and ever abuse it. Please bear in mind that all of you have abilities as the frequency of the grids increase and you learn to tune up and dialogue with those 'above'.

The Spiritual Community

Many spiritual communities have come and gone since the beginning of time, and more recently - some have survived for decades. People of like mind (grid frequencies) are attracted to these places for experience and to feel that they are not alone.

There are two famous spiritual communities on the east coast that feature psychics and mediums - Lily Dale and Cassadaga. As with all things in life, one can find a talented psychic or a fraud. I believe each psychic you are guided to, has at least one message for you, hopefully more. Some psychics and clients connect better ... others, not so much ... as all psychics define their own method of divination, just as all healers and energy workers find methods that work for them.

Cassadaga, Florida

Show me a sign ....

Cassadaga, Florida -- Cassadaga (an Seneca Indian word meaning "Water beneath the rocks") is a small unincorporated community located in Volusia County, Florida, just north of Deltona. It is especially known for having a large number of Psychics and Mediums, and as such, has been named the "Psychic Capital of the World".

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Lily Dale

Lily Dale is found in the Town of Pomfret at the north end of Cassadaga Lake, next to the Village of Cassadaga. It is one hour south of Buffalo, three hours south of Toronto. Lily Dale is the backdrop for a series of young adult paranormal novels by New York Times Bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub, who grew up a few miles from Lily Dale, New York.

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