New Years Eve

December 31, 2009

Blue Moon - Full Moon 10 Cancer - Partial Lunar Eclipse

The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long and the moon is above the horizon a long time. This is the second time the moon turns full in a calendar month, so it is also popularly known as a "Blue Moon."

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Welcome to a New Decade on the Tree of Life.

Welcome to the First Day of 2010 -- 01/01/10

Something Old ... Something New ... Something Borrowed ... Something Blue

2010 (twenty ten) coming in on a blue (moon) frequency does not seem by accident, as blue is the color of future frequency - evolution before white light.

For me the new year is the special time I get to thank all the readers for their support of Crystalinks and my blogs - not just in 2009, but over the past 15 years. We have all come such a long way.

Once again people look for 2010 psychic predictions, about something so monumental it will shake the world, yet no one is ever able to make those predictions, and most psychics have stopped trying to second guess a program that thrives on the element of surprise. I can sense events shifting globally in 2010 with natural disasters increasing, we remain in Iraq and Afghanistan until the end, the dramas faced in 2009 continuing on in recovery, the main events always coming unexpectedly.

New Years Resolutions: I don't know anyone who makes them anymore, as they actually go to writing things down ... too 3D. The power is not in the pen. That just allows you the ability to see the entire picture. The power lies in energy. Make a plan and do it, if you want change and know it is within the realm of your current situation. Think about what could be forced on you in terms of change in 2010, such as job loss, natural disasters, and plan from there.

Whatever you are waiting for in end times, whatever you are programmed to expect, will become more intense.

If you believe in 2012, do you realize how close that is now? It's going to get very exciting between now and then ... whenever 'then' is. Don't forget ... that's why you came here.

Dates take me to 2000 when many thought the world would end and I blogged that it was too soon, at least in our part of the grid program. Perhaps those souls were tapping into another grid in the multiverse of experiences, where Edgar Cayce and others were correct and that was the end date ... but alas ... not here.

The energies of this Blue Moon - Full Moon 10 Cancer - Partial Lunar Eclipse were very powerful and affected those people who were aligned with them.

6 Views on the Outcome of 2012

When it comes to spiritual destination/designation in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, there are Manyl trains of thought all based on the way one's programming was designed. What does your programming tell you?

We have entered a new decade, one that brings us back online with the reality from which we arrived as gods and stayed to play as humans, encoded with the knowledge to return home with the experiences recorded on the journey/journal here.

All creation myths speak of gods who return one day.

They arrive out of the blue.

Time's Up!

The Road Home