The New Work Force 2010

Freelancers: America's new workforce   CNN - February 7, 2010

What I have discovered with the consciousness of workers, and those in business, is that many people prefer to work one or more part time jobs, as contractors, consultants, freelancers, rather than be under the pressures of a full time job. This is all well and good if you can afford to live that way, medical insurance a driving force for the full time job, not to mention other benefits for the future of a family, but we must follow the way things are playing out in today's changing economy.

Psychologically, many people need the routine of the steady job rather than constantly living with the changes involved with part time employment - therein lies the latest set of endless challenges one must work their way out of - or around - in today's world.

It always goes to creating balance - in this case it comes down to work-life balance.

Encore careers - or second careers that folks typically choose later in life, often don't pay as much as whatever preceded them. But they usually offer more happiness, less stress and a better quality of life, not to mention a level of satisfaction that can elude people in the careers they chose in their callow youth.

Everything is competitive - the high paid professional of yesterday, now giving way to a younger person who learns quickly, brings new input to a project, is willing to work for less money, and does not have the responsibilities many older people have - putting children through school, a divorce or other family obligations - that age group, usually in their 40's, finding themselves in big financial trouble and years away from retirement.

People are changing careers, returning to school, trying things that flow with the movement of a changing world and economy, and spending time deciding how or reinvent themselves. In many cases they are trying to find a career they are passionate about or that helps others, as they question why they have to work at all.

This is quite a dilemma for everyone, but there is no avoiding change. I have many clients who had high paying jobs in past years, who's job description has been rewritten or deleted as everything changed in the blink of an eye and continues to do so. Jobs aren't what they were years ago, or what they will be tomorrow.

About those who have dropped out on disability, it doesn't go far these days. Then there are those who have used other resources to sustain them ... that well running dry for many.

In most cases, your creative-healing-helping side needs to be addressed as a hobby not a career choice, unless part time. Time off from routines can easily be used to nurture your creative side which is part of healing, which is part of balancing brain chemistry, which is part of awakening to discover ..... what is it exactly you are going to discover? If you are still not sure, can't see future things clearly, speculate, or sense the answer lies just ahead ... you are on the right track.

For the others, you understand the illusion is ending and stand firm in that conviction - body, mind and soul. You don't have to meditate or question where we are going, you already know. With knowledge comes confidence, but one has to be ray. Don't preach to others. They will get it based on their programming and world events - not one second sooner. Until that time they will continue to say, "Something is going to happen, I can feel it." They will continue to speculate on this illusive truth or that, without clarity. One day, they will see that nothing is real and all is gone, but for today they face the challenges we all do in the physical.

At the end of the day ... if you can afford to change careers/jobs in hopes of finding something your soul is searching for, go for it, but remember you need a certain level of money to survive in these difficult times.