Do the Dead Greet the Dying?

On the matter of dying..

When you are physical, your brain, an electrochemical machine, processes at a slow frequency, guiding your experiences here, based on your DNA codes, which in the end will remind everyone soul that the experience is ending. You are projected illusion within a physical hologram.

When you die, or leave physical reality, your projected illusion at tis frequency, ceases to exist, but your your light body, or frequency signature, continues. As psychic and Medium, it is how we identify and talk to spirits who have crossed over.

The topic of what spirits do on the other side is endless - some staying around in higher frequency, some moving to other experiences within the grid programs of reality, others returning to the collective unconsciousness.

The blog below asks the question, "Do the dead greet the dying?." The answer is Yes. If there is no one around from the deceased's soul group, the someone else can take them over.

My partner on the other side is Z or Zoroaster. When my best friend of 25 years, Louise, died of cancer on Christmas day 2000, I lay in bed watch (remote view) her fragile body slipping away in her hospital bed. I called Z and asked him to tae her consciousness (soul) out of her body. I watched as he went to her and looked at her. She smiled and look up at him. As she left this realm and went to him, a golden light emerged from her body as I watched. She came to see many times after that, to thank me.

As an experienced medium, I can tell you that someone is always there to greet a soul who is crossing over, even if it is not someone they knew while in a physical body. I have talked to thousands of spirits and those left behind here in the physical. The stories of crossing over are endless but true. Someone does you take you over.

There are so many out of body experiences we have, that understanding how it works from the physical perspective, is very difficult. Soon the answers will be understood.


Do the dead greet the dying? - October 18, 2010