Ellie's Archives 2012

Christmas in Ellie's World 2012
   A Shining Star - Barbra Streisand
   Christmas Eve with Family in Connecticut
   Christmas Day with Mike in Seagate

Apocalypse 2012 - This 2011 File was Updated - Ellie and Peter
December 21, 2012 - Ellie on Blog Talk Radio

Zsia Discovers the Simulation Computer End Program

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings
   The Children
   The Children Know - Messages from Charlie
   Messages from President Obama
   The Study of Emotions - Video Games & Reality TV
   Adam Lanza
   "Sandy" - Numerology, and more ...
   6.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off California
   The Puerto Rico Trench - Potential for a Tsunami
   Contrails and UFOs Over Brooklyn December 2012 - Alfred Hitchcock Endings

Ellie's 12/12/12 Adventures
   The Masonic Program Coming Full Circle
   Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day
   George and Ellie on the End of the Pier - The Circle is Complete
   Cairo Connectons - El-Sherif and Dee
   The Geminids Peak
   New Moon 21° Sagittarius
   The Holographic Universe

Ellie's 2012 Adventures in Southern California
    JetBlue Adventures
    Marriott's Newport Coast Villas
    "End Times" Workshop
    Fashion Island and Crystal Cove
    La Jolla and San Diego - The "Barbara Party"
    Los Angeles - Santa Monica Pier - Ellie meets Zoltar
    Out of the Mist - Ellie and Z in any Guise
    Laguna Beach
    Balboa Island - Ruby's Diner (Music File)

Preparing For my Trip to California
   Adventures in the Grids - Entering the Black Hole

Consciousness Creations 2012
   Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - "2001 A Space Odyssey"
   Connecting with El-Sherif in Cairo
   George as Neo in the Matrix
   "The Event" Horizon


Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain

2012 Thanksgiving Adventures
The 2012 Christmas Ornament Adventure, Verrazano Bridge,11:11

Hurricane Sandy - Ellie Reporting from Brooklyn October 29 - November 4, 2012
Manhattan Beach after Hurricane Sandy
Christmas Day with Mike in Seagate

November 13-16
   Carpe Diem, The End of ... Twinkies
   Messages from The Cosmos - Various Topics about Reality Today
   Michael Luckman - Ellie and Michael discuss Aliens, The Hologram, End Times, Mayan Elders, December 21, 2012
   Reality ... in just a minute - Astronomy Picture of the Day
   Flood Stories - Focus on Venice
   Earthquakes - Increase in the Pacific Rim
   US East Coast Faces Variety of Tsunami Threats
   Plagues - Ebola Virus Disease, Ancient Alien Episode on Plagues

Veterans Day 2012
11/11 Veteran's Day
Famous Generals:
    Happy Birthday George C. Patton
    David Petraeus - The Affairs of State
What's flying over Denver? Video - Alien Smoking Weed
Happy Birthday Roland Emmerich - Stargates and UFOs

November 6-8
   The "Fade to Black" Election
   Obama to bring UFO disclosure during second term
   Earth Changes: Duality Across the Grid ...
   UFOs videoed going into Mt. Popocatepetl
   "Ancient Aliens" - Alien Devastations
   Chinese New Year -- 2013 The Year of the Snake - The Ouroboros
   Close Encounters - Signals and Codes
   The Nazi Bell - Time Travel and UFOs

The Massive Black Hole in the Sword of Orion
Elephant Speaks Korean Out Loud
Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island
Mystery of Angkor Wat Temple's Huge Stones Solved
Singing Sand Dunes Explained
Hurricane Sandy - Ellie Reporting from Brooklyn

Self Help and Awareness
Obesity Gene also a Happy Gene
There's a Song in my Head
Science Explains Instant Attraction
Chemosignals Communicate Human Emotions
Weekly Meditations for Healthy Sex
Can Our Bodies Predict the Future?

The Keys Part I - Ellie's Adventures with Lost Keys
The Keys Part II - Ellie Finds the Key, Roman Connections
The Keys Part III - Skate Keys, Coney Island, Earth Changes, Hurricane Sandy

Final Copy - A Tribute to my friend Steve Crawford
It's all part of Crystalinks
   Atlantis, Dolphins, and Crystalix in the Bahamas
   The Day the Moon Was Too Close to the Earth
   Sun in Scorpio 2012 - The Election
   The "Year of Faith" Begins - Pope, Saints, Native American Prophecy
   Code Creates Time and Illusion - Binary Code and Blue Images

  "Weird or What" with William Shatner and Ellie Crystal

  Ellie on "The Daily Show"

  YouTube: Ellie talks about "End Times and 2012"

  Ancient Aliens Debunked - Remember the Hologram

Who Is Most Stolen Artist of All Time?

Columbus Day 2012
   Discovering America ... The Explorers and Ancient Aliens, The Final Journey
   The Economy
   A Scent of Roses Filled my Room

Maya Mix 2012
   Saturn in Scorpio
   Teotihuacan Spider Woman
   In the land of the Maya there once lived a Queen ...
   In the land of the Maya a bird once chirped ...

Self Help and Awareness
5 new skills every woman needs to succeed at work
Politics and Relationships
Trending in the Grid 10/11/12
   The Concept of Time
   The Wow Moment
   Embracing Nature
   A picture is worth a thousand words
Penis Size Matters in Bed
Compassion Meditation and Empathy
Consulting vs. Full Time Employment

The Message of the Dandelions
   Dandelions are Free 2012 - "Fringe" Dandelions - "Only You" by YaZ
   Meeting Sherry
   Ellie the Messenger
   Ellie's friends wonder about mortality
   Facebook Wall Photos - Steve Spielberg (film), Bruce (photography), UFOs

Self Help and Awareness
Spiritual But Not Religious
Bored ... The Unengaged Mind
Working Moms 2012
Unraveling the Human Genome - Science and Pseudoscience
When and why do we lie?
Are organic foods better than conventional foods?
America's 10 Most Stressful Jobs in 2012
Genetics and Your Personality

Osel Hita Torres - The Reluctant Lama who goes by the name Oz
The Jesus Memo - Did Jesus have a Wife?
From Chaos to Consciousness and Back - Olympians and Titans
Rosh Hashanah - New Year (5773) - Master Year 22 (Skidoo)
Video: The Birth of A Dolphin

Video: Explaining Q3 - Economy 2012

Mars Adventures
    Are UFO's Monitoring Mars Rover Curiosity?
    Mars odd rock formations - What are they?

September 7-11
    Tornado in Brooklyn - Ominous Skies Over One World Trade Center
    The 11th anniversary of 9/11 - Terrorism in Libya and Egypt - Conclusions
    "Blue Apples", Rennes Le Chateau, The Bloodline,
    The Color That Never Fades (peacock feathers, scarab beetles and butterflies)
    A Look Back at Prophecy
    The Yangtze River Turns Red
    My Grandson Dylan meets Governor Christie
    Creation Comes Full Circle

Ellie's Stuff
August End Time Dreams and Events
   End Time Lucid Dream With Ralph
   "Get Ready" Here I Come
   Earthquake Swarm in CA - Samar Earthquake and Tsunami
   Hurricane Isaac, 7 to 8, Kali Yuga, 2012, Flood Stories, Annunaki
   Solux The Alien and the Monolith, Thus Spoke Zarathrustra
   Blue Moon 8 Pisces and Flood Stories
August 25, 2012 - Crystalinks Turns 17
The Adventures of Ellie and Z - Let's Rock an Roll
   Over the Mountain, Across the Sea
   The Rainbow and the Stork
   Projected Illusion on Your Flat Screen
August 12-16
   On the matter of end time scenarios ...
   Moqui Marbles, Martian Spherules (Blueberries)
   Aha Moment - "Knowing"
   The Tale of the Lion and the Girl in Time - New Moon 27 Leo
   "Wow Signal", Sagittarius, Galactic Center
   Annual Flooding of the Nile, GPS: Great Pyramid, Sphinx
   Perseids - Text and Images

Blue Moon August 31, 2012
"Wow! Signal", Sagittarius, Galactic Center, Annual Flooding of the Nile, GPS, Perseids
The Perseids and the Annual Flooding of the Nile
Mars Rover Curiosity
Space: The Final Frontier
   Neil Armstrong Dies
   Phyllis Diller: The light at the end of the tunnel
   Male clients dying of cancer
   Souls and Quantum Entanglements

Swimmer Diana Nyad, Creation from the Void, Jellyfish Symbolism
DNA Zipper Effect, Time Travel, Sun in Virgo, Sci-fi Birthdays, Fade to Black
M.C. Escher
Ancestor Syndrome and Genetic Memory

Self Help and Awareness
Stop Searching
Trash the Dress
Helen Gurley Brown - Return to the Feminine
Dictionary Add-Ons 2012
How long should you keep your car?
The Psychology of Commuting

Rainbows Index

Has another human species been discovered in Africa?
Glacial Tsunami - Text and Video

Week of July 29-August 3, 2012
   2012 North American Drought
   July 2012 India Blackout
   London 2012 - Swimming and Gymnastics
   Fire Rainbow Photo
   Noah and the Rainbow
   Ellie's Day in Court
   When Death Approaches Unexpectedly
   Lucid Dreams

London 2012 - Olympics

Self Help and Awareness
When Death Approaches Unexpectedly
Lucid Dreaming in 2012
Visual Learners
Getting There ... Living Without a Car
History of Astrology - Astrology and Beyond ....
Our Program Has Ended ... The Latency Period

Week of July 15-21, 2012
   Massacre in Colorado
   Ramadan - Finding Peace, Ancient Alien Connections, Navy Moon
   Apollo 11: First Moon Landing - Text, Images, Quotes
   60 Years Ago - 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incident
   El Zotz - Mayan Adventures, Archaeology
   Night Vision Glasses and UFO Sightings
   Coronal Mass Ejections - Then and Now
   A Hole on Mars - The Black Sun
   The Mahabharata and Ancient Alien Theory
   History of Astrology - Astrology and Beyond .... Time Travel, Precession of the Equinoxes

Aliens and Related
60 Years Ago ... 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incidents
Night Vision Glasses and UFO Sightings
El Zotz - Mayan Adventures and Current Discoveries
The Mahabharata and Ancient Alien Theory

Week of July 8-14, 2012
   Time Travel, The Time Machine
   Our Program Has Ended ... The Latency Period, Reality is Projected Illusion
   Blackbirds and Sun Speak, Heliophysics, CMEs
   Reality and "Perception"
   Visual Learners, Indigo Children
   Getting there ... living without a car
   It Happened in Virginia, Rise and Fall of a Government
   Predictable Endings - Oprah, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Reality
   Risk Taking: What Makes People Take Big Risks, The Girl Who Jumped From the Ride

Finding the Higgs
Early American Migration

Archaeology: 5 current discoveries and related files
   Mysterious African 'Fairy Circles' Stump Scientists
   Mysterious Structures Found in Syrian Desert
   Subway work unearths ancient road in Greece
   Roman Icon Actually Younger Than the City
   Ancient Text Confirms Mayan Calendar End Date

UFO Sightings
   Video over Brooklyn, Gods vs. Religion, Papua New Guinea Sightings

The Saga of the Tortoise and the Turtle
   Lonesome George the Tortoise dies at 100

Time Will Stop ... Soon
Giants Make a Comeback Baseball, Football, Annunaki
36 around 1 in the sky
   Quetzalcoatl - Bearded Serpent God Returns and other Metaphors
Fracking 2012 - Facts and Humor

Ellie's Stuff
Summer blogs ...Black Void (2011) ... White Haze (2012)
In the beginning ... Pat and Ellie in the Sands of Time

The Sentinels of Summer
   Summer Solstice at Stonehenge - The Watchers
   Easter Island Giants and the Milky Way
   New Moon 28° Gemini
Exploring Planet Earth This Month
Ancient Egypt Files Updated
Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico New Discovery, No Aliens
Great Wall of China Twice its original estimated size

Alignments June 3-8
   Barges: Solar Barge, Royal Barge, US Enterprise Space Shuttle
   Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, Cleopatra
   Lucid Dream 1 - Anna, Tree of Life, Fade to Black,
   Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 14° Sagittarius
   Ellie and Isis (Photos)
   Sirius, Ishtar, Isis, and Venus
   Transit of Venus - Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa
   Water Water Everywhere - Flood Stories and Ancient Aliens
   World Oceans Day - June 8, 2012
   Lucid Dream 2 - Dwarka - Sun, Chariots, Beaks, Beards and the Anunnaki

Self Help
Addicted to Drama - Dating an Unemployed Man
Bullying 2012 - Karen Klein - Jerry Sandusky
Love is in the Brain
Health Habits That Are A Waste of Time
Meditation Increases Awareness of Subliminal Messages

Celestial Blogs
The Purple Sun, Ron, Optical Illusions, CMEs, Higher Frequency Colors
Jupiter in Gemini June 11, 2012 - June 25, 2013
China's Floating Rainbow and Other Rainbow Files

Father's Day Blog
Ellie's Grandchildren - June 2012 Dylan, Joie, Matthew, Dylan

Alignments May 28-31
   "Touch" Season Finale - Lucy, 9/11 Ground Zero
   Children's Themes - Autism, "Taken". eTrade babies
   Manhattan Alignments, Manhattanhenge
   Celestial Alignments - Lunar Eclipse, Transit of Venus

Will Smith talks to Obama about Aliens (YouTube)
Shavuot 2012, Torah, Blue Saphire Stone, Ancient Aliens, Cylinder Seals, Moses

May 20-26
   "Awake" Series Finale - It was all a dream, a Simulation, Assimilation
   "Wow Event" - "Wow Signal"
   SETI, "Contact", Hologram, H. Paul Shuch
   Will Smith talks to Obama about Aliens (YouTube), Hand Signals, Z, and the Annunaki
   Ancient Aliens and Z Connections
   Overlay, Grids Points and Holograms, Zane (Brain is a Hard Drive), Canister, Capsule, Cylinder Seals
   Buried for all time ... until now
   Shavuot, Torah, Blue Saphire Stone, Decalogue, Moses

Earliest Evidence of Wall Art Found in France
New Mayan Mural and Calendar Found It's Z ...
Supermoon 2012 Images and Text

Robin Gibb Dies
Donna Summer ... The Last Dance

Mother's Day - Ellie and her Mom
   the next generation ... the next generation of ...

Self Help
Babies Don't Like to be Bored
More Than 8 Million Americans Sleepwalk
Bipolar Disorder - 2012 Study
Emotions and Mental Processing
Can men and women just be friends?
Arthritis Linked to Depression
Smart Uniforms

Mexico: First Crop Circles of 2012
   Corp Circles and Messages 2012
   May 20 - New Moon Solar Eclipse 0° Gemini
   Fun with Ron and Quetzalcoatl in Chichen Itza
   Sounds of the Quetzal Bird - Echoes
   Sounds of Stonehenge - Echoes

End Time Anxiety Dreams
The Starchild in 2012
   Sequence Dreams of New Beginnings
   A Space Odyssey - The Starchild - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
   Lyrid Meteor Showers 2012
   The Art of Deception - Quetzalcoatl - The Two Headed Serpent
   The Great Deception - Religion

Scrying Objects on Mars: Face, Pyramids, Elephant, Monolith
Earthquakes April 11-12, 2012: Volcanoes, Atlantis, Santorini, Video

Easter Blogs 2012
Interesting and Unique Easter Eggs
   Moon, Fractals, Creation, Faberge, Fun With My Grandsons
Easter - Passover 2012
   Jesus, Veil, Shroud of Turin, Pseudoscience, Art History, Aliens, Moses
   Jesus of Nazareth
   Shroud of Turin
   Persian Empire

Self Help
Is there a positive side to allergies?
No Regrets: Why 'Letting Go' May Be Key to Happy Aging
First Blood Test For Teen Depression
The Word-of-Mouth Paradox
Why Learning Leads To Happiness
Expectations of a Long Life
   Paying Attention to Unconscious Decision Making
Brain Activity During REM Sleep
2 Childhood Obesity Genes Discovered
Does the Vaginal Orgasm Exist?

Greg's Adventures to the Arctic to see the Northern Lights
Pschent, Egyptian Dynasties, Ancient Aliens, Passover, Easter
Review of the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties
Ancient Manmade Animal Mounds Discovered
It's all connected ... Hitler, Eagle's Nest, "Touch"
Larimar Stone
Atlantis ~ Thule
    Nazi Connections, Time Travel, Ancient Aliens, Solar Storms, Northern Lights
Venus Transit June 6, 2012 Science and Pseudoscience
Spinning Vehicles that Transport Consciousness
Tomb of Jesus - Fish or Ancient Spaceship?
Ancient Aircraft in History - Various
UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History
Ancient Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and Geoglyphs
Sacred Caves

Self Help
Is Free Will an Illusion?
Client Issues and Patterns March 2012
Awakening in the Cloud in 2012
Sitting Disease
Women's History Month - History, spirituality, more

Self Help
Paying For Medical School the Hard Way - Sex
Adolescent Depression
What we can learn from studying the Hand
What to ask yourself when things go wrong
How Long Will Your Love Last?
Write it down or you'll forget
Child Abuse Leaves Mark on Brain
Life In Any Reality In 2012
The Infinity Environment

Valentine's Day - Self Help
Quantumly Entangled on Valentine's Day 2012
Valentine's Day 2012 With Music
Preparing for a Break-up in 2012

February 7, 2012 - Full Moon 18° Leo

It's About Time: Science, Illusion, Articles
"Little Horney Man" Petroglyph and Fertility Gods
Cloud Tops Dropping Closer to Earth
New Madrid Fault Zone 200th Anniversary
Waterworld Exoplanet Discovered
To see a world in a ...
... the Unexplained ...
   We're Living in a Space Cloud
   Mysterious Blue Balls
   UFO on the floor of the Baltic Sea?
   Unexplained Noises Heard Globally
   Ellie to tape an episode of "Weird or What"

Ellie's Stuff
Grey Aliens - Time Travel - Creation
   History Channel - "The Greys"
   Entering the Void - Fade to Black
   Blue Photo Explained
   "Fringe" - "The End of All Things" - The Observers Explained
   Messages From Michelle - Closing the Book
   Ouroboros Updated
   Cloud Tops Dropping Closer to Earth
   Sailing Stones in Death Valley
   George Washington - Cracks in the Masonic Foundation
   Change is Coming - Falling Through the Cracks
   Revisions - Pieces of the Program are Disappearing
   Amanda Tapping and Christopher Heyerdahl

William Shatner's "Weird or What?" - Ellie's Tapes for the History Channel
Picking the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI

Ellie's Stuff
Memories: Reflections Through a Looking Glass - Music File
2012: A Space Odyssey
Messages for Ellie - New Year's Day 2012
   Birthing Centers of Light
   "The Hole in the Center of the Clock"
   To Fly Free in Space
   "zreturns.html" - an old file is found
   Ellie Through the Looking Glass - The Arm in the Mirror
   Z Cartoon - Last Responder

Ancient Aliens - Cycles of Time
Knowing 2012
   Knowing (Film) - Touch (TV Series) - Alphas (TV Series) - Taken (TV Miniseries)
   Fibonacci (Numeric) Codes - Alien Connection and Consciousness Creations
Ancient Aliens - DNA Connections 2012
Stargates - Archaeology, Earth Grid, Mythology, Pseudoscience
Zep Tepi - First Time - Egypt, Osiris, Creation, Alchemy
Persia (Iran) ... Then and Now
El Dorado - The Lost City of Z
Aliens, Pandemics, and Plagues

Children and Numeric Codes 2012
   My daughter Tracy and Sam
   Children in Films and TV Who Know
Twins in 2012 Science, Metaphysics

Birth, Rebirth, Prophecy
Purple Calf Born in Serbia - Cattle in Religion, Mythology, Totem
Prophecies and Animals
Twins in 2012 Science, Metaphysics
   Film, Monet, Lucid Dream of Virtual Reality Experiment
July 4th - Finding a Lost Photo
Vanilla Sky - Reality is a Lucid Dream
2012 Year of the Chinese Water Dragon (Z01Z)
January 20-23, 2012 -- Aquarius, New Moon, Chinese New Year, Water Dragon
The Lion Horoscope
Oldest-Known Astrologer's Board Discovered
January 9, 2012 - Full Moon 18° Cancer - Meditation with Music
12 Must-See Skywatching Events in 2012

Self Help
It's All Inherited
Being Ignored
Endings are Powerful
Happy 90th Birthday Betty White
Who's Happier - Couples Who Marry or Cohabitate?
Job Related Injuries on the Increase
Never Share Your Password
The 5 Biggest Hair Myths in 2012
The Long and the Short of It - Height, Penis Size
Whatever gets you through the workday ...
What Women Really Want in 2012
The Best Diet For 2012
2012 New Years Resolutions - Psychological and Motivational Factors
How to Handle the Former Workplace Enemy, Again
How to Simplify Your Life in 2012

Protesting SOPA and PIPA
   Like a Giant 2012 Monolith - Google made a "Fade to Black" Statement
Happy New Year 2012 Images

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Psychic Reading With Ellie

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