The Keys Part III - Skate Keys, Coney Island, Earth Changes

Ellie and Diana 1951

Since October 14, I keep seeing the image of my childhood classmate Diana, in Coney Island, when we took this picture in front of our school, P.S. 80 on West 17 Street (more 8's). I was too busy to look for this picture, still it repeated in my consciousness until I found it today.

3022 West 22 Street in Coney Island -- Brooklyn, 11224

Saturday, October 27 -- Today is my daughter Zsia's (Z) birthday. I woke up dreaming about a metal skate key, which seemed very important. It was time to look at my childhood photo album where I found this photo of me wearing my skates, next to the photo of Diana and I. On the back of the photo my mother wrote, Elinor's 8th birthday, February 17, 1951. On that birthday I entered an 8 Year. (2+17+1951) = 8. The old building looks like it has a series of verticals Z's on either side of the door, as if mirror images of each other, which have now been paved over. The building was owned by a man named Mr. Wade. A few months ago, George and I parked in front of the building and got the strangest stirrings.

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You can zoom in and out, pan the camera left and right, up and down, and move
to different view points. Pan left to the boardwalk (beach). Thanks Mark!

My best friend growing up in Coney Island, was Susan Alexrod, whose initials are SA as in "Sarah and Alexander". Her family moved away a few months before mine did, so I have no idea what happened to her. Susan has strangely become a "messenger" to me in recent years appearing initially as a thought or in a dream just before another key to my destiny is given. I used to see her as she was in a photo I have of her, but now she has become animated, though still looking like a child. "Sarah and Alexander" ends with a rebirth into light.

Something about all of this speaks to me about the closure of the program, and grows more powerful each day. I await the next key. For now ... to quote William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) on "Fringe" ... "a storm is coming" ... and it could hit Coney Island very hard.

"Fringe" Friday night - the only way events can resolve is for Walter to find a way to reverse time back to our timeline when it all began. He would need the help of someone who moves outside of time, namely September. The rest of what I am about to blog may not make sense to everyone, but for those who remember the time before time ... this is all about time travel, the labs and the university where it all began ... having come full circle over and over again. Some of you may remember prior loops where the experiment didn't close ... so here we are again stuck in part of the hologram that deals with linear time. For now the answers remain hidden in the lab ... still frozen in time ... about to reach/breach zero point. Everything else is part of the illusion.

George and Ellie's Coney Island "Fringe" Experience February 11, 2009

Flood stories in end times ...

The Full Moon 6° Taurus October 29 -> high tide coastal flooding early next week.

Hurricanes, and earthquakes, and a tsunami oh my ....

October 28, 2012

The Wizard of OZ could not have created more dramatic events in Dorothy's dream ... or in the illusion of our reality.

Full Moon, End Times Scenarios playing out, events that make no sense ... Scorpio is indeed rising. I knew Scorpio would not disappoint. As blogged before - Scorpio and Taurus (current full moon) symbolize Egypt where it all began (pyramid) and now comes full circle. They came in ships from Orion and Sirius ... Remember that George?

These are among the final precursors, so brace for impact.

Mercury Retrograde begins November 6 at 4° Sagittarius - on Election Day. Earth changes are already affecting the outcome.

Here in the northeast, this is the calm before the megastorm whose change of course is baffling experts as it prepares to move perpendicular to the New Jersey and New York coastlines, as if it has a mind of its own. I feel safe here on higher ground, but this is going to be very bad. This blog will be down if power is lost in my area (Con Edison if you're tracking) or Time Warner Cable is down. I'm as prepared as I can be. I can stay here without heat or air conditioning, have water, food, etc. for a few days, have a portable radio, my iPad (AT&T), cell phone (Sprint) with extra battery, landline (Verizon) with cord and cordless phones, my wash is done - as we brace for impact. I'll have a bird's-eye view of the ocean, from on high. I hope Con Ed has limited damage. I live in Zone C.

Ironically, the crown on the Statue of Liberty, here in the harbor, was supposed to open to tourists Sunday after a year-long renovation, but that was cancelled. Let's see what the storm does to this iconic symbol. In films, she is submerged in water, tumbled over into the sand, or surrounded in ice at the end - all metaphors.

Saturday I told my friends that I see a major earthquake and possible tsunami in the Pacific Ring of Fire now.

George remarked, "That would be a double whammy!"

But that is what I saw and the tectonics plates are splitting.

  Hawaii is spared tsunami damage   BBC - October 28, 2012

6.4 magnitude aftershock hits south of Haida Gwaii after 7.7 earthquake; no tsunami alert issued - Second largest earthquake to hit Canada since 1949   Vancouver Sun - October 28, 2012


One dead as 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit southern Italy early Friday morning - October 26, 2012

Speaking of earthquakes and Italians ...

Wednesday, when I was reading Clara from Italy, I suddenly felt the room shake and grabbed the arms of my chair.

"Did you feel that?" I asked.

"Feel what?" Clara replied.

"The Earthquake!"

Clara felt nothing - yet it was so real to me. Maybe I felt the earthquake in Italy ... the one in Canada ... or both.

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