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December 2013 Snow Formations - Crop Circle in California
The Reboot, End of Year Message - Watch China
11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook In 2014
Body, Mind and Soul Connections
3 Signs Your Exercise Plateau is Mental or Emotional
Sex Studies: Blushworthy Headlines of 2013
Surgery through the Ages

Christmas 2013
    Christmas Reality Check
    Christmas is about the Children
    Grandsons Matthew and Noah at Madison Square Garden
    Twin Crossings - We believe in the story of Jesus because our brains tell us it's real
    Once upon a time in the Universe - Harbor Lights
Gifts: Christmas 2013, Christmas Money Tree, Regifting, Born on a Holiday, Boxing Day

  Harbor Lights

Winter Solstice 2013, Analemma
Physics and Metaphysics 2013
    In a "Rainbow" Universe Time May Have No Beginning
    Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics
    Collapse of the Universe is Closer Than Ever Before
    El-Sherif and Ellie in Time and Egypt, 13 Year Anniversary
    Snowstorm Blankets Middle East, Dome of the Rock
    Time and Time Again, Albert Einstein
    12.12.12 One Year Later, Mayan Calendar and Vision of Mother Mary
    Is The Universe A Hologram? Article from the Huffington Post
    The Holographic Universe is Real
    Reality is stuck in an endless loop that is about to end
    "Edge of Tomorrow" with Tom Cruise
    Time Loops, Stargate SG1 "Window of Opportunity"
    Antarctica - Now The Coldest Place on Earth
    Antarctica - Stargate SG1 Mythology "The Lost City"
Consciousness Frozen in Time, "The Frozen Lake"
Nostradamus, New City, Third Temple, Snow
Snowy Owls - Science, Symbolism, News

WWII and the Paranormal
Nelson Mandela Dies - Transition
Genetic Memory

Twerking Videos 2013
    Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke "Burred Lines"
    Andrew Christian Underwear Manufacturer

  The Moon ... The Sun ... and The Comet
Comet ISON
The Day After Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Thanksgivukkah
Spinning Ice Circle in North Dakota
Bridges: Real and Metaphoric

Ellie's November Adventures
1939 Recycled - Stargate SG1
Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies - Ellie's Interview with Sylvia May 26, 2010
Ellie's 2013 Adventures in Florida: Photos, Video, Meditation, Text
    Tampa Reunions
    Gulf Coast Adventures With John
    Busch Gardens in Tampa
    Orlando - Marriott's Grande Vista - Meeting Bernadette
    Cocoa Beach Pier - The Pull of the Ocean
    Ft. Lauderdale with George
    Teaching in Boca Raton
    Miami and South Beach
Women Today. Explore a Past Life as a Woman

Assassinations and Mental Health November 21- 22
    Voltaire's Birthday and Quote - Democracy is tempered with assassination
    50 Years Ago President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas
    Robert Kennedy's Birthday - He was assassinated in Los Angeles
    150 years ago - Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - He was assassinated two year later
    Howard Carter opened King Tutankhamun's Tomb - King Tut was probably assassinated.
    Mental Health Laws and Coverage - People are going postal and assassinating others.

150 Years Ago President Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg Address
50 Years Ago President Kennedy was Assassinated The Kennedys in November

Death and Destruction in End Times
    Cyclone in Sardinia
    Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines
    November 17, 2013 US Tornado Outbreak
    Antarctica: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

November 3, 2013 Events
    Return to Standard Time,
    Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse
    New York Marathon,

Earth Changes
    Japan, Edgar Cayce, Earthquakes and Tsunamis
    Satoko, Dreams, Ellie as the White Tiger
    Jane on Organic Food and Food Co-ops
    Hurricane Sandy One Year Later - Janice's Story

Missing White Woman Syndrome
The Death of Astronaut Scott Carpenter, UFOs, and Christopher Columbus

Magic ~ October 2013

Self Help and Awareness
Visual Test Reveals New Dimension of IQ
Reading Emotions
Searching for Answers and Finding the Truth
5 Ways to Stop Being a Control Freak
Online Reviews and Decision Making

New York City Opera Closes - It's not over until the fat lady sings
Searching for Answers: Google Turns 15: Children and the Kindle Experience
Simchat Torah - All Rolled Up Into One
UFO's Over Bay Ridge
  Stephen Hawking's Big Ideas Made Simple
  String Theory Put to Music

Two Jobs and Homeless in NYC in 2013
Wall Street in Virgo
Weird Houses Around the World

Broken: September 17-21 -- A Week of Shootings
    Washington Navy Yard
    Chicago Park Gang
    Nairobi Shopping Mall

Remembering 9/11
    How my neighbor Joanne cheated death
    Obama on Syria, Hidden Agendas
    Happy Birthday Taraji P. Henson, Person of Interest, Surveillance
The Place Where The Rivers Flow Together
Rosh Hashanah 2013, The Alien in the Diner, Crisis in Syria
Creativity: From Weird Houses to Burning Man 2013

Self Help and Awareness
Fingernails: Anatomy, Health, Palmistry
Update Your Dreams in No Time
Olfaction, Sense of Smell
Back Problems? Read about the Sacroiliac Joint
22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome
Some Brains May Be Hard-Wired for Chronic Pain
What Does Being Famous Mean Today?

The Origin of Humanity, Did Life on Earth Originate on Mars, Moon Water Discovery
50 Years Ago I Had A Dream & Martin Luther King's Speech

Jesse Marcel Jr. Dies, Roswell UFO Incident
UFO Researchers Who Are No Longer Among Us

Sleep Texting
The Phablet - Phone and Tablet
Back to School ... Finish Your Assignment
Crystalinks Turns 18 - Reality Check- Messages From McKenna
Red Hook and Burning Man Adventures
The Blue Moon and The Perseids
August 15 - Then and Now
    Egypt: Flooding of the Nile, Chaos in Egypt Today
    "Wow Signal" :: Area 51 Disclosure :: Not What We Were Hoping For
    Festival: 44th Anniversary of Woodstock, I Was There in 1969
    Festival: Burning Man at Pyramid Lake Where the Oldest Petroglyphs Were Found and I had my UFO Experience in 1954

Virgo Transition 2013
Time Travel, Hyperloops, Einstein, Wornholes, Schrodinger
Walking Between Realities
    Beautiful Photos of Nature - Fields and Tunnels
Making Connections - Ouija App
Eid al-Fitr 2013, Ramadan Mood and Circadian Rhythms
New Moon 14 Leo, The Lion's Gate, Solar Max 2013, Sun's Magnetic Flip in 2013, CMEs
Travel Plans and Global Upheaval - Sherif in Egypt

Self Help and Awareness
Sleep Texting
  Lisa Sharkey Shares Tip on Writing and Publishing Your Book
Virgo Transition 2013 - Burnout
Take a Moment As You Sit There
Relationships: What Men tell me ... What Women tell me
Recalling Dreams
Loss of Control and Precognitive Beliefs
5 Abilities You Need To Master After 50
Jobs and Generations
Personal Space

Children Tech 2013

Voyage to the Stars
    Train Derailment in Spain
    The Goddess and the Star
    Cruise Ships, Draw Your Ship and Set Sail

Penis Blogs July 2013     Anthony Weiner the Peter Tweeter is Back ...
    The Jersey Man With Major League Balls
    The Phallus in Mythology and Architecture
    Funny Phallic Tree Images
    The Pope and the Yellow Dick Road
    The Poppy and the Yellow Brick Road

Creation: Prince George of Cambridge is born - Ellie Connects in Dreamtime

Water and Ice Art - Waterspout Tornado and Ice Palace
Art and Programmed Codes, Escher Grid, Artists Born on July 15
Happy Birthday Rembrandt, Channeled Art, Dragonfly Messages by Josephine Wall

July 8-10, 2013
    Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla - His Legacy Lives On
    Full Circle - Ellie's Unique Adventures on Monday
    The Sphinx - Initiation and Text
    Sphinx Paws Found in Israel
    The Sphinx and HG Wells Time Machine
    Through the Stargate - The Fight for Freedom in Egypt
    Crash Landings - Emotions - Planes and UFOs (Roswell 66 Years Later)
World UFO Day - July 2, 2013

Ellie's Stuff
Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 1 - The Void in the Elevator
Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 2 - The Laundry Room Incident
July 1- 4, 2013
Wake-up Dream - Meeting of the Minds
Ellie's Temporal Experiences 3 - The Shimmy in the Elevator - "Fringe Moments"
Ellie's Temporal Experiences 4 - The Smell of Something Burning
Ellie's Temporal Experiences 5 - Life is an Amusement Park - House of Mirrors - Return to Coney Island
July 4, 2013 - Photos Around the City

Self Help and Awareness
Guilt and Guilty - Nelson Mandela Turns 95
Motivational Meetings 2013
Change Blindness
Summertime and the living is not always easy ...

Listening: Extraterrestrials - Surveillance - Dilbert Cartoon "Reality is a Computer Program"
Bay Ridge Adventures
    Actor James Gandolfini Dies
    Joe Torre's Daughter Catches Baby
World Refugee Day - Angelina Jolie
    Angkor Wat - 'Lost' Medieval City Discovered Beneath Cambodian Jungle
Lakes: Australia's Blue Lake, Lake Titicaca
June 2013 Protests in Turkey
Noah's Ark and New Beginnings
Scrying the Path of a Tornado - The Bird and the Nazca
London: Women Making a Difference
    Bras and Breasts - Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie
    Chime for Change Concert - Beyonce and Company
    Queen Elizabeth II Marks 60th Coronation Anniversary
Goodbye Deja - When a Friend Crosses Over
While you were asleep, somewhere in the world June began

Self Help and Awareness
Alternative Healing or Quackery?
Being Overconfident
"The Pursuit of Happiness" Leads to Suicide
Dating Rules You Should Actually Follow
Graduation Blog 2013 - The Student Body of 2013 - When 4.0 Isn't Good Enough

Manhattanhenge 2013
Foggy Bridges
Memorial Day Fun
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4° Sagittarius
    Wesak 2013 - "Clouds" - Eclipsing Realities - Dreams
    Coronal Mass Ejections - Earthquakes - Sinkholes
2013 Moore Oklahoma Tornado
Reality Check - May 13-17
    Traveling to Find Your Purpose
    Texas Tornadoes - Funnels and DNA Consciousness Journeys
    Feeling Burned Out - The Roller Coaster Metaphor
    Destroying an Ancient Pyramid in Belize
    Metaphysics Today ... The Last Drop .. of Life

Dr. Joyce Brothers Died, Role Model For Ellie
Angelina Jolie Has Double Mastectomy
Mother's Day 2013 - A Leap of Faith - New Beginnings
New Moon Solar Eclipse 19° Taurus - Bull Themes
How Psychics Play the Odds and Still Lose
3 Female Hostages Escape after a Decade in Captivity

2013 Fun and Fashions
    Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet: See All The Punk Fashion
    Tech Fashion Statement: The New World of Wearable Computing
    A gun holster that can attach to a bra on display at NRA convention

May 5, 2013
    Cinco de Mayo, NYC Five Boro Bike Tour, Unique Thunderstorm Cloud, Kentucky Derby
Spires and One World Trade Center
Photos and Text: Abandoned Churches

Self Help and Awareness
8 Things Bosses Say That Make Workers Happy
The Revenge Affair
Angelina Jolie Has Double Mastectomy
Feeling Burned Out - The Roller Coaster Metaphor
Emotional Strategy May Influence Anxiety
Why Are Chinese Moms So Controlling?

"Metaphysical Potpourri" - A Workshop by Ellie Crystal
Evian Dancing Babies

Eclipses April and May 2013
    Eclipse of Consciousness - Black Sun, Black Feathered Sun

The Watchers [Facts]
The Watchers - Smart Cameras - Street Surveillance

Earth Day 2013 - Earth Changes - Big Blue Marble
"Flameproof" - Pratt Institute Exhibit after the Fire
Visiting Planet Earth, George Adamski, Charles Leonard Woolley

Ellie's Experiences
Field of Lavender Flowers Fade to Black
Do you know where your child is? Ellie finds a lost boy
Heavens and Diamonds - Stars in the Sky
    Rickie Havens Passes
    Neil Diamond Makes Music in Boston After the Bombings
2013 Boston Marathon Bombings
How Things Work in Ellie's World
    How Ellie Found Her New Lexus
    Transgendered - The Reunion
    The Paint Job
    The Lamp and the Blue Light
    Parachute Jump - New Lights Will Be Seen In Space
    Extreme Wide Lightning Over The Verrazano Bridge

April 1-5
    The curse of the pharaohs... 90 years later ... Zahi
    When dreams and realities merge ... media, timing, dog walkers
    It's all connected through harmonics ... "Nashville" to New York
    Do you remember when? Cell phones ....
    The brain ... it's complicated ... stopping cocaine addiction ... mapping the brain
    World Autism Awareness Day
    Burnout April 2013 ... Autoimmune Diseases
    Psychic Input .. Ellie on google images - Lindsay Lohan

Self Help and Awareness
Designer Medicine - Treating Michael Feeney's Cancer
Families Forced to Live Together
Your University Major - Film and Communications - Tribeca Film Festival
Teens, Mental Illness, Suicide - The Loss of a Child to Suicide
When Numbers Follow You, The Domino Effect 2013
Long Distance Relationships 2013
Penis Size Matters - Bigger is Better
Marriage, Living Together, What are the 2013 Trends?
Food: Health Halo Effect
Using Scents to Lose Weight Without Hunger
10 Life-Changing Gifts You Can Give Yourself

"Touch", "Clockwork", Cypher, Time, Einstein, Autistic Children 2013
Touch - From Alchemy to Religion - March 24, 2013
Egypt Today - Photo Essay
Parting of the ways: Mesopotamia, Passover
World Water Day 2013, Oasis, Terraforming a Planet, Creation
Transition: Spring 2013, Sun in Aries, Nouruz, Zoroaster, the Bloodline

Roman Connections March 12-15, 2013
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio is elected Pope Francis I
    Eye on the Vatican - Wizard of Oz Metaphors and Humor
    Pi Day
    Albert Einstein
    Giovanni Schiaparelli - Mars
    Percival Lowell - Mars Canals
    Could Life Have Evolved on Mars Before Earth?
    Mars -- Roman Gods of War
    Rome: Ides of March - Veni, vidi, vici
    Ancient Rome

March 11 - Pacific Connections
    Japan: 2011 Tohoku 9.0 earthquake and tsunami, Edgar Cayce,
    Yonaguni Underwater Ruins, Return of the Lemurians

March 4-10
    It's all "Smoke and Mirrors" - Papal Conclave
    Pope, Prophecy, Locusts, Time
    Daylight Saving Time, Ben Franklin on Time and the Freemasons

March 1-3
    Purple Skies, NASA, Creation
    Classic Car From Germany
    Grid Connections 3.1.13 and Fibonacci Numbers
    Grand Canyon: Science, History, Mythology and Conspiracies
    Strange Light in Stuttgart Tunnel, Foo Fighters, Algorithms, Designs
    Quarten, Switzerland Ghosts - Male and Female - Google Maps 8877
    "Touch" Code 8877, "Eye to Eye" and Symbolism, The 36,
    Nazi Germany, Marie de Marchand, Vinyl Records, Harmonics of Creation

The Mind Meld - Obama and the Rats ...

Self Help and Awareness
Cleaning Through the Ages
The Fascination with Food
The issue isn't gay marriage ... it's straight marriage
About exercise - Is it okay to exercise before bedtime?
When life is so-so ... sew
8 Most Popular Online Degrees
Careers For People Who Like to Work Alone
Spirituality Induces Liberal Attitudes
5 Ways to Bring Yourself Back from Burnout

Luxor: Hot Air Balloon Crash, Ellie's Experience on a Hot Air Balloon

70th Birthday Adventures in Nashville

February 17-24, Rods and Roles
    Mercury Retrograde - Mercury - Hermes - Merlin - Trickster
    Pope Benedict XVI and the Pastorial Staff
    The Oscars - Osiris - Ptah - Harmonic rods of creation and destruction
    The Zep Tepi
    George Washington, Masonic Symbolism, Washington Mall, Nashville Bicentennial Mall
    Topics discussed with clients

Russian Happenings
    Meteor, Permafrost Thaw, Hidden Treasures Discovered

February 8-15
    Church and State
    Mardi Gras
    State of the Union
    Pope Benedict XVI to Resign - Saint Malachy Prophecies
    Zero Point
    Patterns: Fashions to Soundscapes to Ice-scapes to Algorithms "Touch"

The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis (Flower of Life)
Solomon Islands 8.0 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Synchronicities
    Richard III of England, Chris Heyerdahl, Thor Heyerdahl, Kon-Tiki, The Fifth Race
Super Bowl XLVII
    Fade to Black, Ravens Win, Raven Symbology, The Boy, the Sweat Lodge, and the Blue Object
Worldstream - The Web Will Soon Be History
Remembering Ed Koch (Former NYC Mayor) and Ingo Swann (Remote Viewing)

Self Help and Awareness
What do older woman talk about?
4 in 10 Have Had an Office Romance
Why Autistic Children Can't be Fooled by Magic Tricks
Why abused women stay in bad relationships
Obesity 2013
Wired ... Tired ... Fired ... Hired
Addictions ... Pick One, Delayed Gratification

The Great Pyramid and the World Grid - What if they ceased to exist?
Reflections and Realities - Stargate Mirrors - Daniel Jackson
Reality Check January 2013
    Josephine the Spirit who sees us as Shadows
    Temporal Anomalies and the Presidential Inauguration
    Who is BKz and what happened to Ellie's old Mac Pro?
    What color is the 2013 George Mobile? "Crystal Black"
    Black Fractal Visions - Mandelbrot Set and the Sierpinski Triangle a "Rep-tile" arrangement

Second Inauguration of Barack Obama
Roe v. Wade - 30 Years Later
Sheila - Alive and in Spirit
Sundance Film Festival 2013
   Michael shows us this reality from the other side as static
Fringe Series Finale
Deja vu remembering the Matrix
Ancient Gamma-ray bursts and Ancient Alien Technology
Weird Weather January 2013
Computers Then and Now, Antikythera Mechanism, Codes Suicide, Violence and Education

Self Help and Awareness
Working (it) Seniors ... Tashi The Tibet Monk
10 ways to embrace change
Ellie decides not to get the flu shot
5 Foods That Fight Flu
How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life
Ten Years From Now

  The Message Board - New Year's Day Messages - Ellie and Anna Discuss 2013

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