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11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook In 2014
Body, Mind and Soul Connections
3 Signs Your Exercise Plateau is Mental or Emotional
Sex Studies: Blushworthy Headlines of 2013
Winter Solstice 2013, Verrazano Bridge
WWII and the Paranormal
Genetic Memory
Nelson Mandela Dies - Transition

1939 Recycled - "We'll Met Again", JZ, Time Travel, Stargate SG1
Spinning Ice Circle in North Dakota
Bridges: Real and Metaphoric
Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies - Ellie's Interview with Sylvia May 26, 2010
Ellie's 2013 Adventures in Florida: John, George, Workshop With Linda, More
150 Years Ago President Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg Address
50 Years Ago President Kennedy was Assassinated - The Kennedys in November
Daylight Saving Time Ends, Rare Solar Eclipse, NY Marathon, Diwali

Earth Changes
Searching for Answers and Finding the Truth
Death of Astronaut Scott Carpenter, UFOs, Christopher Columbus
Magic, Thoth, Inception (Film)
Visual Test Reveals New Dimension of IQ
Reading Emotions
5 Ways to Stop Being a Control Freak
Online Reviews and Decision Making

The Place Where The Rivers Flow Together
The Alien in the Diner, Rosh Hashanah
Searching for Answers: Google Turns 15: Children and the Kindle Experience
UFO's Over Bay Ridge
Two Jobs and Homeless in NYC in 2013
Wall Street in Virgo
Weird Houses Around the World
Fingernails: Anatomy, Health, Palmistry
Olfaction, Sense of Smell
Some Brains May Be Hard-Wired for Chronic Pain
What Does Being Famous Mean Today?

Origin of Humanity, Did Life on Earth Originate on Mars, Moon Water Discovery
50 Years Ago I Had A Dream, Martin Luther King Sherif
UFO Researchers Who Are No Longer Among Us
Sleep Texting
The Phablet - Phone and Tablet
Back to School ... Finish Your Assignment
Crystalinks Turns 18 - Reality Check- Messages From McKenna
Red Hook and Burning Man Adventures
The Blue Moon and The Perseids
August 15 - Then and Now
Virgo Transition 2013
Time Travel, Hyperloops, Einstein, Wornholes, Schrodinger
Walking Between Realities
Making Connections - Ouija App
Sleep Texting
Virgo Transition 2013
Take a Moment As You Sit There
Relationships: What Men tell me ... What Women tell me
Recalling Dreams
Loss of Control and Precognitive Beliefs
Jobs and Generations
Personal Space

4 Famous Artists Born on July 15 - 16
The Escher Grid
Water and Ice Art - Waterspout Tornado and Ice Palace
Dragonfly Message
Tesla, Einstein, UFOs, Time, Hologram, Sphinx
Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 1 - The Void in the Elevator
Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 2 - The Laundry Room Incident
Summertime and the living is not always easy ...
Children Tech 2013
Penis Fun Blogs

James Gandolfini Dies - Joe Torre's Daughter Catches Baby
Australia's Blue Lake & Lake Titicaca
Noah's Ark and Wormholes
When a Friend Crosses Over - Remembering Deja Alison
Being Overconfident
Dating Rules You Should Actually Follow
Graduation Blog 2013 - When 4.0 Isn't Good Enough

Foggy Bridges
Memorial Day Fun
Dr. Joyce Brothers Died, Role Model For Ellie
How Psychics Play the Odds and Still Lose
Spires and One World Trade Center
8 Things Bosses Say That Make Workers Happy
Revenge Sex
Emotional Strategy May Influence Anxiety

"Metaphysical Potpourri" - A Workshop by Ellie Crystal
Eclipses April and May 2013
The Watchers [Facts]
Earth Day 2013 - Earth Changes - Big Blue Marble
Visiting Planet Earth, George Adamski, Charles Leonard Woolley
Field of Lavender Flowers Fade to Black
Do you know where your child is? Ellie finds a lost boy
Families Forced to Live Together
Your University Major - Film & Communications
Long Distance Relationships 2013
Penis Size Matters - Bigger is Better
Marriage, Living Together, What are the 2013 Trends?
Food: Health Halo Effect

Egypt Today - Photo Essay
Parting of the ways: Mesopotamia, Passover
World Water Day 2013, Oasis, Terraforming a Planet, Creation
Transition: Spring 2013, Sun in Aries, Nouruz, Zoroaster, the Bloodline
Cleaning Through the Ages
The Fascination with Food
About exercise - Is it okay to exercise before bedtime?
When life is so-so ... sew
Careers For People Who Like to Work Alone
Spirituality Induces Liberal Attitudes
5 Ways to Bring Yourself Back from Burnout

70th Birthday Adventures in Nashville
Russian Happenings
The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis (Flower of Life)
Remembering Ed Koch (Former NYC Mayor) and Ingo Swann (Remote Viewing)
4 in 10 Have Had an Office Romance
Why abused women stay in bad relationships
Obesity 2013
Wired ... Tired ... Fired ... Hired
Addictions ... Pick One, Delayed Gratification

Reflections and Realities - Stargate Mirrors - Daniel Jackson
Black Fractal Visions - Sierpinski Triangle
Sheila - Alive and in Spirit
Fringe Series Finale
Deja vu remembering the Matrix
Ellie decides not to get the flu shot
How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

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