Consciousness Creations 2012

End of November

There are many events planned throughout December that will be called "End Time Parties or Gatherings" highlighted at the Great Pyramid.. You know time won't end December 21, 2012 because predicted dates have always been wrong and there is no element of surprise. It all began this week as Mercury went direct in the energies of a ...

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 6° Gemini - November 28, 2012

On this night I connected energies with my friend John,
who I will meet on my upcoming trip to California.

I saw the star child from the film 2001 A Space Odyssey.

"Thus Spoke Zarathustra" an allegory of human conception, birth and death

I had a personal invitation to spend time in Cairo with my friend Sherif, who said we could be alone in the Great Pyramid whenever we want, but it felt wrong to travel there now in these unsettled times both in Egypt and the Middle East. Sherif and I met in Cairo on 12/12/2000 and have connected on 12/12 each year since then. Our connection has been the most profound of anyone I met in the hologram because Z merges with Sherif, who also talks to Z and I would assume is a physical manifestation of him. On the academic side, Sherif is also a teacher, currently a Professor Emeritus, and retired physicist who understands the nature of reality as a hologram.

Today he felt strongly compelled to call me. I sat on my living room couch facing the Verrazano Bridge as Sherif and I connected, his energies becoming a catalyst for me. My body vibrated as never before. I "saw" Sherif and I holding hands. Instantly I felt Z connect through Sherif, saw a giant "Z" ... then out I went as Sherif sent energy from the Giza Plateau. I went into the grids then beyond where I connected with Z. Somewhere my physical mind heard Sherif talking in the background, but only as a faint whisper whose words I couldn't hear.

A few minutes must have passed in linear time when Z said I had to come back, only this time the feeling of separation was more profound. I usually meet him, like one who meets up with a friend, we have an adventure, then I return. But on this day it felt different. Slowly I returned my consciousness to my physical body where I heard Sherif say, "I can't hold this energy any longer, it's just too powerful." I tried to speak but the words didn't come out, like someone with a bad case of laryngitis. There was a long silent pause. ... Then Z said, "Look at the clock." It had just passed 12:12, the apex of our connection.

After my experience with Sherif, I called George. He had been walking in Manhattan and suddenly found himself viewing the world through the grids - a matrix surrounding everything. George could only think ... How cool is this ... and knew I was connected at the moment it happened. Other friends on my frequency later told me they experienced dizziness at the same time, which subsided moments later. I am sure others had the same momentary personal shift in consciousness, but we all can't be Neo ... or can we? :)

It's all about the Giza Plateau, the sands of time, the consciousness ships that came from the Void, creating Orion as an outpost, and a program in which they would become physical and experience. The battle for freedom, as if on a game board, highlights in Egypt and continues in Iraq.

Iraq - Anunnaki - Latitude: 33.0000° N
Newport Beach - Latitude 33.6189° N

"The Event" Horizon

I asked Z about my upcoming trip to southern California and he showed me an image that looked like a balloon with air releasing from its opening at 7:00 ... blowing downward. I thought that was very strange even for Z, until I started preparing images for my workshop on Sunday, and found the image below - a black hole highlighted by its event horizon. This is how we return home - fade to black - eye of the galaxy. If you recall my blogs from 2011, I found myself sitting on the event horizon of a black hole now spiraling into the back void of creation.

Just before leaving on my trip, I saw the event horizon pull me back into the void.

Ellie's Adventures in Southern California December 1-7, 2012

12/12/2012 With Sherif and George