The Infinity Environment

Reality is a Consciousness Hologram that creates by sound, light, and color. The Infinity Environment is a unique way to visualize beyond the boundaries of perception. Stepping across the threshold of Wheeler's Infinity Environment one is immediately swallowed up by luminous space. It is purely the medium of light that we explore, touch, see, and sense. His simplified use of material heightens and distills the experience. Being inside his space is at once ethereal and yet dense.

Wheeler, along with James Turrell and Robert Irwin, was one of the founders of the West Coast Light and Space movement in the 1960s and '70s, when my husband and I spent time in California. That was the era that completely broke down the physical boundary separating art from viewer making it more interactive.

Living in New York City, I have explored many art galleries through the years and have developed a large artist clientele whose work is displayed globally as well as on Crystalinks. All things evolve as does art in its endless forms. It has become theatrical, big, off the wall, out of the box, and moving us from one reality to another.

Back in the day ... light and space artists pushed this fluidness between shape and container through their investigation of the act of perception. Often they depicted voids, open space, spaces that looked empty, but were in fact filled with atmospheric light. Art was no longer a thing, but an essence with vast vistas, dramatic lighting, and utopian ideas of a flexible society.

As reality is an hologram, I am a great proponent of any type of art or graphics that allows people to think outside the box and see the truth behind the illusion - where the permeable boundary is pierced and we are encouraged to climb inside the artwork. When holograms become the norm, you'll be able to experience The Infinity Environment from the comfort of your own environment. Watch for the white light ...that day is almost here.

Into the Heart of Lightness   New York Times - February 3, 2012
THE artist Doug Wheeler tells two stories, both having to do with light, that go a long way toward explaining why he is so revered by many fellow artists - as a visionary and a relentlessly stubborn perfectionist - and also why his work has been seen by so few American art-goers over the last few decades, particularly those in New York.

The first story takes place at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, where several years ago Mr. Wheeler created a complex installation he calls an “infinity environment,” featuring a light-saturated, all-white, rounded room with no corners or sharp angles, rendering viewers unable to fix their eyes on any surface. It invokes an experience of light itself as an almost tactile presence. As Mr. Wheeler continued to tweak the piece, a small boy walked up to the room and hesitated before entering, putting his hands in front of him because his senses told him that the square entrance was a wall, not simply a wall of light flooding his vision.

"I thought, 'O.K., I can stop worrying so much and being mad about them letting people in too early'," Mr. Wheeler said recently over coffee at the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea, where he has just opened his first solo New York gallery show at the age of 72, remaking a cavernous interior into a kind of immaculate white vacuum tube - the city’s first infinity environment.


The 'Infinity Room': One of Many Ways to Imagine Infinity   Live Science - February 3, 2012
The Infinity Environment, an art piece by Doug Wheeler, is currently on display at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City. It's an artist's valiant effort to realize infinity, a concept that has been known to humanity for thousands of years, but, for most of us, remains difficult to grasp. Ancient Indian philosophers understood it as the entity from which a part can be removed, or another part added, only to have it remain the same. The ancient Greeks conceived of it as the boundless set of prime numbers. Both are true descriptions, but neither evokes a visceral understanding of the true nature of the beast.