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Trump Impeached December 18, 2019

The Irishman - That 70's Show

Ellie the Time Traveling Teacher - Last Solar Eclipse of the Decade
12.12 Full Moon Magic in Real Time
    Ellie's Amazing Photo taken on 12.12 at 12:12 a.m.
    Ellie's Blue Photo, Time Travel, The Anunnaki Wrist Device
    Anubis - Opening of the Mouth Ceremony
    Anubis and Ellie in the King's Chamber 12.12 p.m. - The Great Pyramid Experiment
    Shroud of Turin, The Anunnaki Wrist Device
    Magic and the Matrix Chapter 4, Ellie the Oracle
    The Waking Dream and Schrodinger's Cat
    Cosmic Connections, Sacred Geometry Pyramid
The Great Pyramid Experiment. Magi, The Star That Guides Us, Ellie and the Tree
At the Bottom - Ships, Antarctica, Asteroids, Bennu

Thanksgiving With Family
Disclosure - When Will It Happen?
Time Travel - Days of Our Lives - Trump

Halloween 2019 - Trump Impeachment, Houdini, Time, al-Baghdadi
Knights Templar Discovery, Turkey, Bloodlines, Oldest Natural Pearl Found, Black Pearl Antimatter
Turkey Then and Now - US Withdrawal, Suleiman, Gobekli Tepe
Ellie and Ancient Aliens - Shining Ones - Anunnaki
Yom Kippur 5780 or 2020 - To See Clearly
Above and Below, Thoth in Style, Halls of Amenti, Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Funerary Scene, Feathers
Indian Summer 2019 in New York City - Ellie Finds a Feather
Ellie with UFO Researcher and Author Michael Luckman

On the Road to Impeachment
The Trump Era, the Whistleblower, and the Gremlin in the Kremlin
Dark Matter and Black Holes
9/11 - My Friend Pat Passes
Creating a Wellness Retreat
Joie on Relationships at 16
Marriage 2020
September Relationships - Coming and Going
Bootie Call or Foodie Call
Storm Area 51

Ellie's Lucid Dream and Projected Illusion With Solux the Gray Alien
Ellie's Pyramid Lake and Black Rock Desert Adventures 1988
Inez Introduces Ellie to Her Pyramids 1989 Long Island and Beyond
The Simple Days of Summer - 1947 Ellie in Coney Island
Crystalinks Turns 24 in the Matrix
Film: The Matrix 2020, Simulation Theory, 13th Floor, Ellie and John in the Matrix
    Star Trek, Holodeck, Computer End Program, FADE TO BLACK
The Journey of Starman 0n Tesla, Star People, Star Seeds, Z

Group Meditation for Change 2019
Optimists Live Longer
Control (Self Help 2019)

Volcanoes 2019: Science, Mythology (Madame Pele, Joie), Pseudoscience (UFOs)
Greenland - Trump - Meltdown
Off to College - 2019 Messages
Simone Biles Sets Records
Free Fall, Free Will, Einstein, Domestic Terrorism, As the World Goes Crazy, Ellie in Walgreens
El Paso Mass Shooting, Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting, End Times

Ellie's Archives and Videos
Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50 Years Later Text and Video Blogs
July 2019 Ridgecrest, California Earthquakes YouTube
July 4th: Fireworks over the Verrazano and Brooklyn Bridges, Ridgecrest CA Earthquakes, Trump's Extravaganza Text and Video Blogs
Jeffrey Epstein and Ellie Crystal in Coney Island

2020 Mercury Retrograde Election - Democratic Debates
Black Moon / Super Moon / New Moon 8° Leo - July 31, 2019
Reality TV, The Bachelorette, Marriage, Getting Dumped, Shallow Are humans designed to be happy?
2012 or 2021? Time is an Illusion
Flooding, Mississippi River, Hurricane Barry, Earthquakes
Creation: Hidden Vatican Archives and Simulation Hypothesis
Headers of Experience - It's all in your Head

Ellie's Archives and Videos
Children With Anxiety 2019 Text and Video Blog
Creation Myths and End Times YouTube
Body Temperature and Performance YouTube
Helicopter Crash in Midtown Manhattan, Ellie's Platforms 2019 Text and Video Blog
Best Friends Day 2019 Text and Video Blog
D-Day 75 - World War II Connections & Recollections Text and Video Blog
Pomp and Pompous - Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump - Princesses and Priestesses Text and Video Blog
Princess, Priestess, Women Today YouTube
Burnout Text and Video Blog
Virginia Beach Shooting Text and VideoBlog
2020 A Space Odyssey. Harold, Ellie and the UFO - Santorini - Atlantis - Mars Connections

Our Makeshift Reality - No UFO Disclosure
Connecting Realities on Father's Day 2019
Out of Our Element - 115. River Isis 0112

Looking back on MUFON 50 years later - Aliens and UFOs Text and Video
Ellie and Will - Unidentified "Floating" Objects Text and Video
Rare White Animals and Prophecies Text and Video
Severe Weather May 2019 Text and Video
Memorial Day 2019, Brooklyn, Rhode Island, Jersey Shore Text and Video
Mother's Dad in Westport, CT.
Game of Thrones - The Author Holds the Power - Ellie Crystal and Allie Keys
Lunar Themes - Ellie's Ring

Alien Contacts and Abductions
Remembering Physicist and UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman
The Power of Women
Abortion Laws are Changing
Temporal Signposts
Meditation is not for Everyone
What Happens in the Hours Before Death?
UK's answer to Tutankhamun's Tomb - Prince Saexa"s Tomb
Creative Professions and Money - College vs Skills - What matters more?

Ellie's Archives and Videos
"Ain't Too Proud" on Broadway - Project Dance NYC, International Dance Day - Visiting the "Vessel" at Hudson Yards
Ellie Under a Cherry Blossom Tree
Black Hole First Image, Florence, 11:11, Fade to Black, 12:12, Sedona Lights, Gyres
Ellie Visits a Lexus Dealership
World Autism Awareness Day - Joie Signing for Challenged Children
Grand Canyon Moments, Memories, and Mysteries

Origin Stories, Aliens in the Old West, Inca Civilization
The Stargate and the Amulet - Amaru Muru, Anunnaki Portals, Egyptian Bluebloods
Film "Aliens" Turns 40, Game of Thrones, Navy Pilots and UFO Reports, More
2019 Spin on the Fate of Social Security
2019 Sugar Sand Festival With John
World Book Day 2019, Shakespeare, It's all in the Book
Being Targeted - Passover 2019 Poway Synagogue Shooting, Catskills
Sri Lanka 2019 Easter Sunday Bombings
Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire, Spires, Easter-Passover 2019, The Bloodline Awakens,
April, May, and June are Transition Months - Jobs, Careers, Graduations, Relocations, Climate, Relationships, People Crossing Over
The Call of the Wild Syndrome - Freedom from relationships, commitments, jobs, and life.

Ellie's Archives and Videos
Ellie's Crystals - Rose Quartz Earrings
Ellie and Susan - It's Almost Spring
World Wide Web Turns 30 - Crystalinks Turns 24
Bernie Sanders Kicks off 2020 Campaign - Ellie in the Snow Text & Video
Spring Equinox,
    Persia: Nowruz, Purim, Anunnaki, Third Persian Gulf War, Sarah and Alexander
    Wings, Flying Free, The Priestess, Joie as the Phoenix
    Poetry Day, Feather in the Clouds
    Quetzalcoatl The Feathered Serpent - Dust Devil Over Pyramid in Chichen Itza
    Falcon in Brooklyn Nesting on the Verrazano Bridge, Horus Symbolism, Reality
    Joie Spring Break, Finding the Right School, Vanni Studies Cybersecurity in College
    The Mueller Report and The Later Truth, Vanni and Merlin Falcon, We Must Save the Nation

Einstein, Pi Day, Simulation Theory, Researchers Reverse the Flow of Time
The Mueller Report - Shadow Government Conspiracy Theory
Domino Effect, 2001 Monolith, Power, US-Mexico Border Wall, Transparency
Refugee Fatigue 2019
Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting One Year Later
Defining Line - Rich and powerful get away with criminal acts
"Leaving Neverland" Interview with Oprah -- R. Kelly Interview with Gayle King

Ellie's Adventures and Videos
Winter Sunset From Ellie's Home - Pics and Video
Sun Looms Large Over the Verrazano Bridge - Pic and Video
Ellie's Birthday Blogs and Google Stats
Ellie Valentine's Day Blogs 2019
Ellie Connects With Lincoln Through Time, Space, and Birthdays
Family Fun on my 76th Birthday
My Daughter Zsia Wins Award - NJBIZ names 2019 Best 50 Women in Business
Fashion Week 2019, Marc, Joie, Ralph Lauren, Susan Lucci, Oprah, Nikki

When Your Relationship Ends.
If your partner cheated would you ...
Emotions and DNA
Expressions Hold Frequencies
Night Owls and Emotional Problems
Tragedies of War
The Code. The Prophet. The Alien Experiment.
Physical Manifestation - Key Code 12:12 - Exist and Exit
Designing a Physical Reality - 36 Around 1 Geometry
The Merge, The DNA Zipper Effect, Time Travel
Super Bowl LIII ... Lowest Scoring Super Bowl in History ... Zzzzz
2019 Grammy Awards: Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, and much more

Ellie's 2018 End of Year Messages
Ellie Turning 76 with Jane and Mallory
Ralph Never Left
Ellie and the Cactus Plant
Flower of Life Music Meditation with Joie
Hug Day, Hug a Tree, Joie and Her Friends
The Totems of Time - Joie Modeling

Doomsday Clock 2019 Moves to 11:59
Reality Check 2019
Frost Quake - Record Setting Cold
The Wizard of Oz 80 Years Later
The Precipice of Existence
Through the Stargate
Miracle on the Hudson 10 Years Later, Time Travel, Manifest
76th Golden Globes - Jeff Bridges

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