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Ellie's Coronavirus Blogs

Ellie, Sarah and Alexander, Pocket Watch, Music Box
Manifest TV Series, Yusuv Al-Zaras, Tarot, Phoenix, Book of Thoth

Ellie's Dream Scene From Spielberg's Miniseries "Taken"
TWA Terminal - UFOs Saying Goodbye - Reset
The North American Plate is Cracking
Todd, Polaris, Precession, Kocab, Aliens, Anunnaki
The Day After Super Tuesday 2020 Reset - Moving to the Center
Ellie at the Scene of Two Crimes
Atlantis - Updated
Lemuria - Updated

Why I don't ride the NYC Subway System any more
Elon on Mars - Coney Island Memories
Revisiting The Paranormal & Pseudoscience
Valentines Day 2020 Tracy's Flowers, Joie in Pink, Nebulae, Love is Timeless
Repository of Knowledge
     Paleontology to Alientology
     Stargates, Time Travel, Space Force, Orion, Aldebaran, Alignments
     Running Out of Time - Creation, Human Experiment, Climate, Democracy, Washington, Lincoln

Climate Change - Ellie went out again to play
Beyond the Party, Trump, Matrix, GOPFather Cartoon, Raymond Reddington - The Cabal
Trump Acquitted, Romney, Pelosi, State of the Union
Super Bowl LIV, Chiefs, JLo, Shakira, Bill Murray Groundhog Day Revisited in Ad

The Pocket Watch and the Stars, Journey to the Stars, Kobe Bryant RIP
To Be Judged - Trump Impeachment, Star Trek Jean-Luc Picard, Space Force Logo
Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight - Tipping Point
Bloomberg and Trump 2020 - There's a method to the madness
The Duality of Man
Trump, The Glitch and The Reboot, Space Transmission, Iran Attack, Persia, Anunnaki
Reality Check January 2020
2020 Ellie in the Matrix, The Architect, Melania Trump
When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

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