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Crystalinks turns 25 - August 25, 2020

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2020 was a year few will chose to remember but none can forget as events became more challenged and surreal. Four stories - a pandemic, an election, severe climate changes, and a racial-justice movement - dominated the news forever changing the face of reality.

Information about the 2019-2020 Covid-19 pandemic - preventative care and how to deal physically, emotionally, and financially - continued over a nine month period that resulted in the deaths of over 300,000 Americans the amount still growing.

In November US presidential election Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden but refused to accept defeat in order to raise money from supporters and his narcissistic need to never lose anything.

December brought three vaccines but also news that the virus mutated to a variant called Delta spreading across the world and will mutate again and again until the end of the simulation Americans suffered at Christmas while Trump played golf and sowed chaos by pardoning corrupt loyalists and undermining prosecutors. Nothing better could be expected in a year that saw denial and delusion, led by Trump, presage a wave of illness and death coupled with evictions, bankruptcies, hunger and ruined livelihoods.

The past is gone - the present fleeting - the future uncertain - with hope forever its promise. Old administrations failed in many ways with new players coming into power that too will bring consequences in the digitized world we think is real as we apply emotions to visualizations - the grids unplugged.

2020 in Review
2020 Covid Hanukkah and Christmas
December 21, 2020 - Great Conjunction of 2020, Age of Aquarius, Capricorn, Winter Solstice, Ursid Meteor Showers

Picturesque Bay Ridge After Winter Storm Gail
2020 Geminids - Sunset Verrazano Bridge - New Moon Total Solar Eclipse
Ellie and the Mastiff - It's all about Love
Northern Lights and Coronal Mass Ejections
Special Lightning Effects: Bridges and Superhighways
Verrazano Bridge, Setting Sun, Cloud Spirits, UFOs, Bar Codes, Music Box
Ancient Aliens, Keyhole Symbolism, Stargates
Monoliths 2001- Monoliths 2020 - Utah, Romania, California, Isle of Wight, Symbolism, Dark Matter
Narrows Coffee Shop Closes After 54 Years

2020 Monoliths - Utah, Romania, California, Symbolism, Dark Matter, Monoliths 2001
Pharaonic Egypt Revisited with El Sherif

The Blue Photo
Thanksgiving Pics by the Verrazano Bridge Arecibo Has Fallen, The Message, Mission Rescue, Hypothetically Speaking if you Encountered a UFO

November Alignments That Changed Everything
     President John F. Kennedy Assassination
     Ellie on the Pier - Donald Trump Loses to Joe Biden
     Parallel Realities and Politics
     Grid Points and Destiny
     When Planets Aligned in November 2020

2020 Post Election Day Blogs - Duality and Division, Trump started it, Trump's Con, The Sound of Silence, The Lame Duck
2020 US Presidential Election - Joe Biden Wins
Control - Mission Impossible 2020
Coping Mechanisms 2020
Pandemic Reboot - Covid-19 and Classrooms

Halloween 2020 - Covid-19, Trump Election, Blue Moon, Video: Orb above the Moon
Joie modeling "Autumn 2020 We All Need An Escape"
Halloween 2020 - Covid-19, Trump, Election, Blue Moon, Video: Orb Above the Moon
White Feathers, Dreams, Ma'at, Osiris, Athena
Michigan Meteor Holds ET Organic Compounds, Michigan Triangle, Covid-19
Michigan Triangle, Atlantis
2001: A Space Odyssey - Then and Now - Nietzsche
The Magic of Mars and Venus
Xenoarchaeology, Trump on UFOs, Hopi Prophecy, Columbus
Todd's Message - "At the End a Star will fall to the Earth"
New Singularity of Thought - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
A State of Rapid Decline - Governor Kidnapping Plot Foiled in Michigan
The Master Plan Then and Now - Trump Connections, Time Travel
Through the Plexiglass - Pence-Harris Vice Presidential Debate, The Fly
Trump's Walter Reed Adventures - Trump Has Left The Building
Trump's Week From Hell Taxes, Debate with Biden, Getting Covid
Orthodox Jewish community protest Covid-19 restrictions in Brooklyn Pandemic Reboot - Covid-19 and Education
Tree Illusion
World Mental Health Day 2020

Space ... Not the Final Frontier
Yom Kippur 2020 - Ark of the Covenant
Balanced Rock Falls - Eventually Everything Comes Tumbling Down

End Times 2020
Greenland Meltdown and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Earthquakes
A Storm is Coming - Ellie in the Ocean
The Clock is Ticking - Doomsday Clock - Climate Clock
The Pink Marble Setting Sun and the Grids
The Architect, the Matrix, and Thoth (Z)
Ellie and Z Creating Crystalinks - Grid Image by Ben
Zoser's Saqqara Necropolis With Ellie
Ellie and the Obelisk in the Park Across the Street
A Strange Thought - Trump The Doomsday President
2020 Mid-Atlantic Ridge quakes as precursors to shutdown - Atlantis Rising

Golden Alchemy
Anunnaki Ship - Traveling Through Space-Time
Ellie's Aura Photo
Phi - The Golden Ratio
Anunnaki History Banner
Ellie and Z Creating Crystalinks
Anunnaki Banner, Egypt Banner
Gold makes up about 0.02% of human blood
All that glitters ... The Universe, Solar Cycle 25
Ear Chakra, the Bloodline in the Alchemy of Time

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies on Rosh Hashanah
National Grandparents Day During Covid-19
Remembering 9/11 on 2020 - Feeling Surreal and Scared - You are Being Watched
ET's - Across 10 Million Stars, Not a Single Whisper of Alien Technology
Day After Labor Day - Computer End Program
Labor Day 2020 - Covid and Chaos
Dreams are a continuation of Reality - Indigenous Knowledge - Totems
Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter From Light
Operation Reset ~ Cabal or Kabbalah
Chirps and Creation - Black Holes and the Quetzal Bird

Misguided Spirits
Saying it with Emojis
A Tree Fell in Brooklyn ... Again
2020 US Wildfires - Haze Reaches Brooklyn - Statue of Liberty
Earth Changes 2020

The Vanishing Point of Existence
Somewhere Beyond The Illusion of Time With Joie
Crystalinks turns 25 - August 25, 2020
The Pages of Reality are Written on Sheets in a Simulation
Angel Hair and Aliens

Atlantic Ocean Themes
     Mid Atlantic Ridge, South Atlantic Anomaly, Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory
     The Bermuda Triangle, Antarctica: Unidentified Submerged Objects & Bases

John Shephard - Alien Hunter
Billy Meier Prophecies The Most Popular File on Crystalinks
Pleiades, Science, Mythology, Pseudoscience, Nebra Sky Disk
Quetzalcoatl - A God By Any Name

Origin Theories about Covid-19
Senior Citizens Day 2020 & Covid-19
Inheritance 2020

Black Lives Matter March - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
2020 Democratic National Convention in Virtual Reality - 100 years ago in the US - It is what it is
Kamala Harris, The Color Purple, Glass Ceiling, Joie, Evolution, Perseids 2020
It seems like everyone is rushing to get ahead of something
Hurricane Isaias - Masonic Program Coming Full Circle - Cutting of the Elm at Gisors
Elon Musk, Aliens Built the Great Pyramid, SpaceX Adventures, Project Mars, The Simulation, Dreams

Predicting the 2020 Presidential Election
Reality as a Video Game, Simulation Argument, Free Will
     Pandemics and Natural Disasters, Alternate Realities and Bubbles

Video: Joie and a Special Sunset in a World Gone Crazy
Indian Ocean Plate Split in Two, Pacific and North American Plates are Broken

Five Deaths and Too Many Funerals
Remembering John Lewis, Peter Green, Regis Philbin, Olivia de Havilland, and John Saxon
Death - Remembering Kelly Preston and Naya Rivera

2020 A Bad Dream
The Trumps - Too Much and Never Enough
Scrying Coffee Grounds and Clouds With Ellie, Dee, and Inez
Elle's Crystal Cousins Zoom, Bloodlines, Crop Circle, Knights Templar, Anunnaki
Trying to find yourself in a plethora of outdated metaphysical philosophies

Extraterrestrial Road Trips in Nevada
Ellie, Antarctica, UFOs, Black Holes, Simulation Theory World UFO Day and the Human Experiment

July 4, 2020 Blogs
     Behemoth Black Hole That Brings an End to Time and Space and the Laws of Physics
     Mysterious Particles Found in Antarctica Came From a Supermassive Black Hole
     Black Holes, Galactic Center, Sagittarius A*, Reality is a Simulation
     Galactic Center - Strange Red Object Headed Towards Earth
     Betelgeuse is a Dimming Red Giant, Scorpio is Rising
     Fireworks, Lunar Eclipse, Prophetic Dreams and Visions

Coronavirus - Pandemic Dreams
Covid 19, Trump, Alien DNA, Origin Stories
Covid 19 and DNA - The Way Out
My Cousin Dr. Ruth Crystal Interviewed About Covid 19
Back to School During Covid 19 With Joie & Tracy
Joie's Fashion Statements on Coronavirus - Wear a mask so I can go back to school
About a fifth of adults in the US have moved due to Covid-19 ... Abandoning New York City
Coin Shortage During Covid-19 Pandemic
Trump and Coronavirus
Coronavirus and Education - Is Trump Throwing Us Under the (School) Bus?
Coronavirus and Finding Love
Coronavirus and an increase in bicycle use When buses and subways are unsafe
Coronavirus and Emotions Four Months Later Anxiety on the Increase
Coronavirus, air conditioning filters, and lots of hot air - Governor Cuomo, Trump's Denial, Ellie's AC Filters
Ellie Visiting the Dentist During Coronavirus

The On Button - It was all meant to happen - even Trump
Ellie Under the Canopy of Time
Trump, Control, Health Issues
Time Travel, Wormholes, Einstein, Ellie, Simulation Theory
North American Plate is Broken: Earthquakes Utah, Texas, Idaho, California
This is a Watershed Moment, Beneath the Sea, UFOs, Antarctica
Mayan Calendar 2020 - Fade to Black, Higgs Boson
Children are Starseeds
George Floyd Blogs
Ellie Under the Canopy of Time
Ellie's Annual NYS Car Inspection 2020 Style at Lexus

Siberia, Tunguska Event, Earth's Magnetic Field Shifting
Video: "The Dead Zone" COVID-19 Synchronicities
Cosmic Ring of Fire
Indian Ocean Plate Splitting in Two, Gilgamesh, Flood Stories
Largest Shield Volcano Surfaces, Turtle Island
Avatar Synchronicities
The Blacklist Season 7 Finale - Live-action and Animation
The Subway Experience in the Matrix, Neo=One
It's All in the Script
Black Holes 2020, Simulation Theory, Elon Musk, X AE A-12
Technicolor Dreams
Truth, Ellie, Roger Bacon Scientist, Coronavirus
May Day 2020 - Rainbow Bridge - Streamers - Coronavirus - Bon Voyage

Video: "The Dead Zone" COVID-19 Synchronicities
There's a World Outside Your Door
COVID-19 and Chakras
2020 Returning To School
COVID-19 ~ A Catch 22
Truth, Ellie, Roger Bacon Scientist, Coronavirus
May Day 2020 - Rainbow Bridge - Streamers - Coronavirus - Bon Voyage

Earth Day 50, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Night Reality Stood Still
The Cat in the Matrix
Rick and Ellie Time Travelers
18th Dynasty Blue Bloods, Thoth, Emerald Tablets,
Time Capsule, Shakespeare, Sarah and Alexander

Star Seeds, Star People, Joie's UFO Pic
Manifest TV Series - Season 2
Ellie, Sarah and Alexander, Pocket Watch, Music Box
Yusuv Al-Zaras, Tarot, Phoenix, Book of Thoth
Season 2 Finale ... What is the White Light That Saved Zeke?
Aliens and US Presidents - 1954
Ellie Crystal - Linda Moulton Howe - Holographic Universe - Simulation Theory - Z
Glacial Archaeology: Antarctica, Ellie, UFOs, Ancient Discoveries

Reopening America: Andrew Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg
NYC Frontline Workers Honored with Military Jet Flyover
Urgent Care, First Responders, COVID-19
Trump, Science and the Failsafe
There's a conspiracy theory and a conspiracy theorist born every day
Video: Bill Gates 2015 - Being Unprepared for a Global Pandemic

Coronavirus: Nostradamus Predictions - Ellie History Channel
Ellie Interviews Sylvia Browne's - Sylvia's Prediction

COVID-19 and the Wormhole of Space-Time
The Quagmire of Reality
The Wedding By The River
The Souls and Spirits of the Coronavirus Pandemic Visit Ellie
Paradigm Shift, A Test of Faith in a World Locked Down, Vitruvian Man, Jesus
Easter and Passover 2020
COVID-19: Finding Common Denominators - Blood Type A Positive
Coronavirus and the Sounds of Sirens
Coronavirus: Dean, Ellie, and Tesla: Signs of the Times
The Nature of Humanity and Society are Changing, Conspiracy Chatter, Purpose of Coronavirus
Coronavirus: Toilet Paper Challenges
When your kitchen counter looks like this
Virtual Teaching During The Pandemic - Desire For Information
Coronavirus and Travel
Coronavirus Humor
Social Distancing Pics


Podcast: Ellie & Rick Destiny Echoes

Destiny: My Parents Understood Many Things
Ellie's Dream Scene From Spielberg's Miniseries "Taken" TWA
TWA Terminal - UFOs Saying Goodbye - Reset
Todd, Polaris, Precession, Kocab, Aliens, Anunnaki
Atlantis - Updated
Lemuria - Updated
Ellie at the Scene of Two Crimes

Coronavirus: Aliens and Conspiracies

From the Block - Neil Diamond Sings "Hands Washing Hands"
From the Block 2 - Neil Sedaka Sings Message of Hope to "Oh Carole"

Ellie The Poster Child for Preparedness
The Barren Streets of Brooklyn
Ellie Takes Her Temperature - Mask Selfie

Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Coronavirus: Whole Foods for Seniors: Blog by Rick

The World in Shutdown - Dealing With Coronavirus 2020
Coronavirus - Stuck in a Bubble
March Madness - Self-quarantine - Michael Rapaport's Rant

The Emotional Test of Reality
Coronavirus: Should You Worry?
Journaling Your Coronavirus Experience

Give it a Virus
The Way It Is ... Reset Virus
Reboot into the Matrix

Why I don't ride the NYC Subway System any more
Elon on Mars - Coney Island Memories
Revisiting The Paranormal & Pseudoscience
Valentines Day 2020 Tracy's Flowers, Joie in Pink, Nebulae, Love is Timeless
Repository of Knowledge
     Paleontology to Alientology
     Stargates, Time Travel, Space Force, Orion, Aldebaran, Alignments
     Running Out of Time - Creation, Human Experiment, Climate, Democracy, Washington, Lincoln

Climate Change - Ellie went out again to play
Beyond the Party, Trump, Matrix, GOPFather Cartoon, Raymond Reddington - The Cabal
Trump Acquitted, Romney, Pelosi, State of the Union
Super Bowl LIV, Chiefs, JLo, Shakira, Bill Murray Groundhog Day Revisited in Ad


Podcast: My Heart Remembers
- (1:36:31)

The Pocket Watch and the Stars, Journey to the Stars, Kobe Bryant RIP
To Be Judged - Trump Impeachment, Star Trek Jean-Luc Picard, Space Force Logo
Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight - Tipping Point
Bloomberg and Trump 2020 - There's a method to the madness
The Duality of Man
Trump, The Glitch and The Reboot, Space Transmission, Iran Attack, Persia, Anunnaki
Reality Check January 2020
2020 Ellie in the Matrix, The Architect, Melania Trump
When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

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