Ellie's 2018 End of Year Messages

December 31, 2018

The biggest diversion in the 2019 grids remains President Trump and his whiplash affect on politics, the economy, social and other institutions that has played out following age-old patterns he continues to disrupt to keep us interested. I suppose he was the perfect person to keep our attention diverted from what's going on behind the scenes where reality was programmed for chaos since the beginning and in our timeline set in place by the "Founding Fathers" whatever that term means to you.

So off we go processing how to navigate our lives in 2019. If you're programmed to decipher the dynamics behind all of this, including conspiracy theories, you will put a lot of energy in only to discover things are changing too quickly and you have created stress in your life ... but on the other hand perhaps you cannot function without it.

Most people I know realize there's little you can do to change the final outcome. Looking back at the 2018 the midterm elections - they were designated events to bring the Democrats back and make the game more interesting in 2019 and beyond, if there is a beyond. More extreme market fluctuations and natural disasters are reinforcing how erratic the grids are that create the illusion of reality.

Sit back and let life happen planning for the best and worst. Let others do the heavy lifting mentally and physically. Observe yourself and your behavior as what works and what has to be deleted. As with any year there are emotional and physical advancements and setbacks. I hope this year has been kind to you and that you move forward in a space more realistic than when it started. As we rapidly approach closure fill in the spaces in 2019 with meaningful memories for your soul.


In 2019 ...

Climate change ... some believe it can be reversed. Others believe it is too late. And then there are those who understand the simulation and realize these are our end-time triggers (warnings).

Science and Technology ... they are the vehicles that move us out of the Dark Ages of raw emotions and chaos into greater understanding of reality. They merge pseudoscience with our makeshift reality.

UFOlogy ... not much has happened this year or in recent years. You may feel you connected with aliens, had a sighting or two, but at the end of the day nothing has moved forward that allows for better understanding.

Many believe we will have a recession (Not yet)

Trump will be impeached (Not yet)

Many will announce their run for US president (Yes)

Robert Mueller will make his mark in history (Yes)

Earth changes will stop (Never)

The Alien Agenda will become known (Not yet if ever)

Immigration issues will find some resolution (No)

Acts of violence will decrease (sadly no)

Relationships ... people may love and care but is their relationship working (Sometimes)

Emotions ... burnout continues (Yes)

Bible ... currents events may seem to fit ancient prophecy (Yes)

Religion ... some believe - others question - scandals continue - Does God exist? (No)

2019 is going to be wild ride on and above planet Earth.