Are you burning out? Unable to hold down a job and take care of your needs? You are probably "burning out". I've blogged it here many times. In part it does have to do with mental illness but not always though the more intense the mental illness the faster burn out sets in leading to physical illness, extreme behavior, and death. The person who gave up smoking years ago is suddenly smoking again. The same is true for drinking and other substance abuse. The bottom line is burn out is a result of the simulation closing whether you understand the nature of reality or not.

You see people burning out everywhere. You try getting around the feelings by doing things that make you happy, healing and energy work, yoga, vacations, etc. but you fail to realize they are only in the moment. The burn out comes from reality/life itself. You reason that in other generations people had it much harder so why should you complain? The answer is each generation has its own codes for coping with reality and the current algorithm is set for meltdown. What can you do about it? There is the obvious - making changes to relationships, jobs, and other energy draining things in your life, eating and sleeping better, but at the end of the day they are also just a Band-Aid in the larger program of reality shut down.

When you think about the weather it's also following the algorithm of this pattern. Earth changes are simply a reflection of the external aspects of shut down. If they affect your life you get it - if they don't you wait until they do because everyone's life is going to be touched by climate change and natural disasters as wake-up calls that ripple through the consciousness grids affecting all sentient lifeforms.

When you think about it, if burnout is a excepted and recognized medical diagnosis, more people will be able to get disability.

Burnout is an official medical diagnosis, World Health Organization says   CNN - May 28, 2019
It's a feeling of extreme work stress that's long been embedded in the cultural lexicon, and now it might be codified in your medical records as well. Burnout is now a legitimate medical diagnosis, according to the International Classification of Diseases, or the ICD-11, the World Health Organization's handbook that guides medical providers in diagnosing diseases. Burnout now appears in the ICD-11's section on problems related to employment or unemployment. According to the handbook, doctors can diagnose someone with burnout if they meet the following symptoms:

1. feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion

2. increased mental distance from one's job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job

3. reduced professional efficacy

Video Game Addiction Becomes Official Mental Disorder in Controversial Decision by WHO   Live Science - May 28, 2019
Video games can be highly engrossing, but can some people become addicted to gaming? The World Health Organization (WHO) says yes. Recently, the WHO officially recognized "gaming disorder" as a mental health condition adding the disorder to the International Classification of Diseases, or the ICD-11, the organization's official diagnostic manual, according to CBS News. Simply playing a lot of video games isn't enough to count as a disorder. Rather, the disorder occurs when gaming interferes with people's daily lives. According to the WHO, gaming disorder is a "pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior" in which people lose control of their gaming behavior, give priority to gaming over other interests and activities, and continue gaming despite negative consequences, such as impairments in their family relationships, social lives, work duties or other areas.