Thoth the Scribe wrote the story of our reality
placing it in the grids and stars for you to experience.

It's all written down. Who holds the power? The Author

Game of Thrones - Game of Emotions

In the series finale of Game of Thrones you see the best and the worst of the human equation played out with the same themes as in every other timeline. To the viewer (experiencer) it may be about a Game of Thrones (Power and Politics) but it's actually about the Games of Emotions that keeps us engaged and wanting more even as one chapter ends and another begins.

The seers of old made predictions about the future. The psychics and futurists in this timeline make predictions as well. All are part of the consciousness algorithm that creates the storylines in the games of physical reality to which you and I belong as I sit here writing and you reading.

There are many open-ended themes in the Game of Thrones finale leaving viewers to create their own visions for the destinies of the surviving characters they embrace - whether this is truly the last of the series or not. The stories (algorithms) of humanity never seem to have permanent closure they go on and on as we play all of our games within the script ... until the end of time. Tick tock!

Allie and Ellie - It's written in the stars

Allie Keys kept a journal in which she wrote down her thoughts.

Ellie Crystal writes her thoughts in Crystalinks

Quote from Allie Keys in Steven Spielberg's miniseries Taken

My mother talked to me a lot about the sky. She liked to watch the clouds in the day and the stars at night... especially the stars. We would play a game sometimes, a game called, what's beyond the sky. We would imagine darkness, or a blinding light, or something else that we didn't know how to name. But of course, that was just a game. There's nothing beyond the sky. The sky just is, and it goes on and on, and we'll play all of our games beneath it. Other Quotes

Ellie: My mother was an artist. She liked to spend summers in the Catskill mountains where one can see the stars. On clear nights we would sit on the porch of our bungalow and she would sketch the sky and the stars. She always told me I was here for something special but isn't that what most mothers say? After she took me to the Nevada Desert in 1954 I knew what she meant.