El Paso Mass Shooting -- Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting

Previously on Ellie's World - August 23, 2019

"Welcome to the Month of Leo. The Sun in Leo will be explosive this year. You can run from the news but you can't hide."
More wakeup calls that shake consciousness from the dream in which we exist/experience.

Saturday 10:00 PM

I turned off my computer and got into bed with the energies of the El Paso Mass Shooting lingering. I have many clients there - not sure if they were affected by the mass shooting. Something stirred.

I turned on my DVR recording of Friday night's episode of Ancient Aliens based on the theory of Panspermia - human creation from outer space. Further speculation is that within the objects that fall to Earth are viruses perhaps created by aliens to cull the human experiment -> survival of the fittest - as no matter where you take the journey humanity is only one of many steps along the evolutionary way - all part of a Master Plan. These are all interesting hypotheses but the fact is we are inserts in a simulation trying to figure things out as it comes to closure. Any and all things are possible. Reboots. Time loops. Fragments. Fractures. Nothing is what it appears to our conscious (?) minds. We know nothing and it would appear remain in the state of suspended consciousness in the dark.

Sunday 7:00 AM

As I do every morning I relax in bed after waking up in this reality and watch the news. NBC was airing a story about a mass shooting which I thought was a continuation of the El Paso Shooting Saturday. I was wrong. A second shooting had occurred in Dayton, Ohio and events were coming in for both. You can follow these stories anywhere as information is shared.

Blame has many faces as our minds connect the dots in the grids and people formulate their own conclusions ... none of which are wrong. Some process on an intellectual level. Most experience through emotions because that is how we are programmed in this biogenetic experiment.

Project Planet Earth is heating up in more ways than one. All is at a tipping point. Consciousness is disconnecting from the grids which could explain why many people appear to be living in a state of dementia disconnecting and reconnecting.

Here is an example. A father in NYC left his one-year-old twins in his car for eight hours while he went to work. They were found dead. What took him out of sync? Sync=synchronicity=programmed DNA codes. Collapsing grids and timelines.

Most of you return to this blog - daily, as time permits, or guidance suggests there is something to read that is relatable for you as all is recycled with 2019 inserts.

Most readers are programmed to understand we live in a simulation that is ending. For the rest, please allow the thought that I could be right to remain somewhere in the back of your mind as events ramp up. Scary? Yes but easier to grasp the chaos of it all if you "get it".