The Stargate and the Amulet

Wednesday night on Expedition Unknown - Josh Gates explored the mysteries in and around Lake Titicaca - dubbed as "The Atlantis of the Andes." During the investigation, Josh met with local archaeologists and explored Amaru Muru which I was already familiar only this time I was drawn to the circle in the "Stargate" or "Gate of the Gods" a stone carved doorway that may date back to the Tiwanaku Gods who came before the Inca and built those outrageous stone monuments Ancient Alien Theorists say could only have been built by aliens. As legends go the creators rose from Lake Titicaca ... did their thing ... and of course will one day return ... recycled creation tales from around the world.

Okay ... I've seen all of that so why was this show different than others? Josh talked about an Inca priest fleeing the conquistadors who came to the door with a golden sun desk which he inserted into the circular cut out (see above). Poof! He disappeared ... allegedly teleported to safety.

I know ... There's nothing new about that myth. We've seen it many times before. But as I watched the priest placing what is actually an amulet into the cut out I remembered the original version of Sarah and Alexander (1989) which was to be a trilogy.

In a synopsis ... the closing chapter of Book One finds Sarah and her friend Amaan in the place where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet. Intuitively Sarah stands on the shore holding her amulet while facing towards the sun. From beneath the murky water a UFO slowly ascends after having been buried for all time. The UFO beams a ray of light towards the mountains behind Sarah and Amaan then slowly descends back into the almost dried out riverbed.

Sarah and Amaan race up the mountainside and discover a door much like Aramu Muru. Sarah places her amulet into the carved circular indentation in the door whose patterns align. The door pivots open as they enter a chamber, the door pivoting closed behind them.

As Sarah and Amaan walk around the chamber the walls light up revealing inscriptions depicting the history of humanity from the beginning to the point where Sarah and Amaan had entered the chamber.

In the center of the room is an altar with a stone sarcophagus on either side. On top of the altar is a holographic book with symbols not as yet found on Earth and yet familiar to them.

The foot of each sarcophagus reveals the pattern of the amulet etched in stone. When the amulet is placed into its matching counterpart - each sarcophagus opens to reveal first a female then a male but looking as they did when time began.

A beam of light manifests in the chamber near the altar as an entity appears telepathically explaining who they once were as the manifestation of the man and woman in the sarcophagi, the destiny of humanity, and what comes next ...

And so I return to Aramu Muru in Peru with Josh Gates - half way around the world from where I placed a door - knowing only the person with the amulet can access the exit point.

In my story Sarah and Amaan continue their journey until the end as once it began near the old wooden footbridge at Twin Crossings when Sarah met Alexander as children. It is there he gave her the amulet and she gave him a pocket watch to mark the cycles of time..

Doorways in the Sands of Time

The Anunaki

Egyptian Sand Sculptures

April 24, 1479 BC

Thutmose III ("Thoth is born") ascended to the throne of Egypt and ruled for almost 54 years.
Sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty which included Tutankhamun (King Tut),
Queen Hatshepsut, and Akhenaten who ruled with Queen Nefertiti.

Many cultures have legends about blue skinned aliens - sometimes thought of as the progenitors of the human race - the "blue bloods" whose bloodlines exist today. From the Hopi Blue Kachinas to the Hindu Gods to blue-skined gray aliens and Reptilians - to others more humanoid - it all goes to your frame of reference and genetic memories from other subroutines you are experiencing in the hologram. Films such as Avatar - among others - depict more evolved aliens as blue.