May 23, 1946

H. Paul Shuch is an award winning American scientist and
aerospace engineer who has coordinated radio amateurs
to help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. SETI

We seek to answer a fundamental question that has haunted humankind.
Are we alone?

May 24, 1967

Eric Close is an award winning American actor.

Eric played the alien in Steven Spielberg's Miniseries Taken.

Ellie: This video clip resonates with me on so many levels.

Eric: We all play many roles in life. I'm always looking for something different.

May 24, 1990

Hubble Space Telescope is launched - - Google Videos

What has it seem in space there remains unreported

May 24, 1883

Brooklyn Bridge Opens

  Brooklyn Bridge Opens Google Videos

Brooklyn Bridge Alien Abduction

The Linda Napolitano Alien Abduction 1989

That was the year I joined MUFON and attended the infamous
UFO Conference in Las Vegas

Somewhere in the Nevada Desert

Women and Alien Abductions

Does alien abduction and experimentation on women make them feel like victims? YES. In today's world with focus on abortion laws and a woman's right to decide about her own body this seems like one more way of taking advantage of human female consciousness.

It's obvious humanity exists in a biogenetic experiment to which we have glimpses of how it was created and why. Was it the Anunnaki, the grays, or another race, or perhaps they are all the same - screened images in the projected illusion of our reality to make them appear as something they are not. I'm not sure what the statistics are on male versus female abductees but I have worked with both groups who, after hypnosis, report similar experiences, the ones you've seen and read about in media.

Alien abductions of girls and women seem to begin at puberty - the victim part of a list of family members who have also been taken and experimented on - generally to harvest their eggs. This seems to be about genetic bloodlines with specific markers - something that goes back for generations if not to the beginning of Time.

The consensus of abducted women is that they were taken to create hybrid children. They describe various medical procedures that occurred while they were on a ship. They are often taken again because the hybrid child seems to need the nurturing that one receives from the mother - a human connection.

There are all sorts of hypothesis as to where these and other aliens came from - somewhere in space or perhaps they are time travelers from the future who once looked like us until something changed their genetic code. I know there are people out there who think they have the answers to alien abductions and experiments but I really do not believe the truth is known and probably never will be. Current abductions may be a way of letting us known we are a biogenetic experiment.

I know I am connected in some way to the gray aliens as I have been hypnotized and they show up. It's never anything detrimental almost as if they are watching over me. On some occasions I've closed my eyes and see the black eyes of a gray staring back at me. At one point I believe I was looking at the mirror reflection of myself in some other reality or experience. The multi-dimensional nature of my experiences has never truly brought into focus my human-alien connection but I'll known - remember - when the experiment ends. My connection goes to those who created this biogenetic experiment on planet Earth and keep rebooting it to a greater destiny. Rebooting the hologram changes most of the timelines and experiences one has in physical form - memories erased.

I believe the bio-experiments have come to an end as time runs out. Can or will they be rebooted? Everything in me says NO. Some abductees continue to report telepathic communication with different alien races which may or may not be accurate. Whatever is going on has a play in everything in this reality. One must always assume there are things in the bigger picture that we as humans will never be privy to though many think they understand the whole picture. As with everything else there are conspiracies, lies, coverups, and more that keep humans - or should I refer to us as programmed alien-human hybrids engaged.

Alien Abductions