Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 2

The Laundry Room Incident

Tuesday June 18, 2013

In the morning I went to the laundry room in the basement of my building to do my wash. I have a washing machine in my apartment for personal items but once a week I do the towels and linens in the laundry room. As I got there, the Super's his wife was using 3 washers, so I put my linens (1 king size fitted sheet and 3 pillow cases) in one washer and my three large bath sheets (towels) in the other. (see layout below). She and I chatted briefly then I went upstairs.

30 minutes later I returned and noted that her laundry was tumbling along in dryers 3 and 4. I put my sheets in 1 and towels in 2 along with one of those small white static cling free sheets (Bounce) in each. At this point I noted that the card I use in the laundry room had $21 left on in. The maximum is $40 so I decided to replenish the card next time with $20.

The Dryers - The first dryer on your right as you look at them is #1 because it's closest to the door.

Images retrieved from video surveillance

Removing my linens from dryer 1

Opening dryer 2 with the towels

Removing the towels and stuffing them into my laundry bag

Throwing away the Bounce sheets - Note the full laundry bag

The elevators are on the right. On the video, I walked down the hall then entered the left elevator as you face them.
As many times as I tried to photograph me walking in, I never showed up in the photos, but at least I confirmed which elevator I used.

You may remember my elevator experience last week when the doors to the left elevator opened and all I saw was darkness as if the void or "fade to black". An elevator is a vehicle used by hypnotherapists and others as a tool to move consciousness through time. The common denominator in both experiences is the left elevator which is closest to my apartment.

Back in my bedroom, I took the bag of laundry and dumped it on the bed.
Now here's where things get weird. The towels were not there - just the sheets.
Could I have forgotten the towels in the dryer? I wondered.

Off I went to the laundry room assuming my towels were still in dryer 2 yet clearly remembered removing them
and throwing away the Bounce sheet. Guess what? The towels weren't there! Now I was further confused.

I looked over at the washing machines and noted that their lids were all open,
meaning they were left that way to tell other tenants they are empty.

I walked over to the machine where I had washed my towels ... and there they were ...
washed and ready to be placed in the dryer. Though I rarely curse, all I could think was ... WTF ...

I removed my towels again and put them back in the dryer.

I went upstairs ... got the card and another cling free sheet ... went downstairs. I further noted that the card went to $19 when I placed it in the dryer this time ... concluding that I had used it to dry the towels in the first place.


Thursday June 20, 2013

The Super's wife told me that when she took her clothes out of the dryers - she definitely remembered seeing my towels and sheets tumbling in the other 2 dryers. It should be furthered noted that as the super's wife she likes to make sure all is in order. As she left the laundry room she noticed that all of the washers were empty - their lids open.


Friday June 21, 2013

On my way to dinner I was in the left elevator going from the 6th floor to the lobby. The elevator stopped at the 5th floor and a man I had never seen before got on. As he seemed a bit nervous, I asked him if everything was okay. He told me that at 7:00 this morning he got on the left elevator to walk his dog. Suddenly it stopped and remained that way for 15 minutes, after which he hit the button for the 3rd floor and it started again. I asked him why he didn't ring the emergency bell. He said he felt it was too early, that people would be sleeping. There's lots of metaphors here.


Saturday June 22, 2013

I read a women named Elby from New Jersey, who works as an auditor. Deciding to pay me before the reading, she opened her medium size bag and was perplexed when the money wasn't there. Carefully removing the entire contents of her bag, the money was nowhere to be found. As her husband had driven her here, she went downstairs and got the payment from him. When she returned, I was sure the money was still in her bag as was Elby, who is also psychic. She opened her bag again and as you may have guessed ... there was the money. She had taken the elevator on the left when she originally arrived.


Thursday June 27, 2013

The Super has been very busy this week as his helper (porter) is on vacation, but he took the time to view the video footage with me before it gets deleted. We watched the video together and I took the pics above. We both saw me remove the towels and place them in dryer 2 at the time I placed the sheets in dryer 1. We saw me put the Bounce sheets in each dryer and turn them on. The rest is shown above as best I could capture events.

As I have never done drugs, nor drink, am not on meds, have no emotional or physical problems, and remember the events clearly - I can only conclude that time looped once again for me. My friends agree as they have similar experiences. The illusion of time is disappearing.

Elevators remind me of this image.

Sumerian God at the British Museum

The Anunnaki Stargate
Biblical Stories
Note the "wrist devices" used to teleport

Biblical Flood Stories

Gilgamesh at the Louvre

Note the "wrist devices" used to teleport

The Gilgamesh flood myth is a deluge story in the Epic of Gilgamesh which takes us to the Middle East and a pantheon of gods known as the Anunnaki. Today, people across the planet are experiencing flooding of biblical proportions in end times - currently highlighted in Canada, the U.S., Alaska, India, France, Spain, Great Britain and Ireland, and Indonesia. Floods brings landslides, sinkholes, disease and more.

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