Children Tech 2013

July 30, 2013

They are generally smarter than us. Many have total recall. Many will have careers not as yet created and defined. Most will change careers in their lifetimes. They experience in a co-existing future that is merging with present day. They are the next generation of ... children.

Today's children have been born into the age of technology, their minds easily able to adapt to the ongoing changes. With increasing violence and the natural disasters in the world today, children need a cell phone. Children text ... endlessly .. which they seem to prefer to a phone call. They no longer learn script in school, just tech. It's all changing.

My Grandchildren

My grandchildren have been all working with iPads from the beginning, and with the exception of Noah, 7, all have iPhones and other Apple products. Matthew turned 10 yesterday and I am awaiting to hear what he wants for his birthday. He loves the iTouch I got him last year. He taught me how to use Instagram to send photos.

My daughter Tracy teaches gifted children in Gilbert, AZ. where every child gets an iPad for school use. In preparation for the start of the school year next Monday, I bought Tracy's children Joie, 10, and Giovanni, almost 13, the Kindle Fire HD, which they are preparing with books and other things they can use for school, not to mention other fun stuff. Joie told me that she can synch her Apple products to her Kindle. Very cool.

My grandson Dylan, 12, prefers the iPad mini as it is easy to carry around. His brother Michael, 15, got a cell phone in first grade ... One day my daughter, Zsia, was 10 minutes late picking Michael up from school, stuck in traffic on her way home from work. Little Michael chose to wait for his mom outside rather than return to the school building. Panicked, Zsia arrived at the school, relieved when she saw him, yet wondering why someone didn't see him standing there alone. That day Michael got his first phone ... on a family plan ... and was always reachable after that.

In the News ...

How young is too young to give a child a smartphone? It depends on the family situation and knowing if the child is responsible to take care of the phone. At the very least a disposable phone is a good way to go.

Toddler Tech: How Young Is Too Young For a Smartphone?   Live Science - July 30, 2013
New research has found that one-quarter of children ages 2 and younger own a smartphone. Overall, 44 percent of children under age 17 own a smartphone. Smartphones were most prevalent among children between ages 14 and 17, with two-thirds of respondents in that age group saying they owned a smartphone.

  Yemeni girl from YouTube wants education, not marriage   CNN - July 31, 2013
In the nearly two-and-a-half-minute video, which was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral, Nada accuses her parents of trying to get her married off in exchange for money. She explains how she doesn't want to be one of Yemen's child brides.

This Yemini girl wants to learn about technologies.
At age 11 she is making a statement about the old ways.