Noah's Ark and New Beginnings

June 11, 2013

Email from my friend Dean who lives in Manhattan ... after days and days of rain ...

Downsizing and moving on is all part of what is coming. Climate changes and other natural disaster often help people get the message ... don't stay too attached to anything. As for the shedding of friends, that's been a constant for years as people change along with their relationships. The person with all the issues, the needy one, has got to be let go or you will drown along with them. And so, Matt, when you finish your ark, look up and you will find your next direction. Sometimes you have to rock the boat a bit to get things done.

Noah's ark reminds me of a wormhole. Noah, in the photo below, is Brian Green the famous physicist who showed us that ... this is all an illusion. Freedom is remembering who we are, why we are here, and where it is all going.

Etchings on a temple wall in Abydos, Egypt
The figure in the middle is Khepri a creation God

Email from Darlene in Austin, Texas