Reality Check January 2013

Sunday January 20, 2013

As I was driving east on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, passing Plum Beach, the Atlantic Ocean to my right, I was shocked to see what had happened when Hurricane Sandy hit last October. The sand has moved all the way to the pull-off area of Plum Beach.

Suddenly a gusty wind blew up stopping traffic as a wave of sand flew across the parkway, looking like a haboob (intense dust storm) you've read about most recently in Australia. That was weird. No time to take a photo in the sands of time.


Monday January 21, 2013

During a reading with a school teacher named Janice, her deceased mother, Josephine, showed up and talked to us about Janice's recently misplaced jewelry. Sure enough Janice lost jewelry in December when she moved, yet she remembers exactly where she put it. No ... it was not stolen, misplaced, or inadvertently thrown away. We asked Josephine where the jewelry was. She knowingly described it - then said the strangest thing. "It is in the old reality."

Josephine didn't know if Janice would get her jewelry back as she doesn't understand why reality has changed.

Remembering that last week a spirit named Michael said we now look like static to him, I asked Josephine how we appear to her.

Her reply, "Like black shadows" - which are nothing more than projections. I actually thought she would concur with Michael, but she didn't.

I further remembered seeing Sheila the day she died last week - as a black figure trailing off into the void. Sheila hasn't been back here since. She must have been too busy with her funeral!

Synchronicity ... my client was also driving on the Belt Parkway yesterday and saw the sand blowing around ... only it was spiraling up and onto the parkway.

Temporal Anomalies and the Presidential Inauguration

Monday January 21, 2013

Around 2:00 I turn on ABC news to watch the Inaugural Luncheon while on a break between clients. At 2:15 I stopped to prepare for my 2:30 client, setting my DVR to record from that point, noting the red "Record" button was on.

3:30 ... After finishing the reading, I decided to run a few errands as very cold weather was expected.

After returning home, I turned on the news then clicked on the list of pre-recorded shows. The sportscaster in the box on the right is live programming. I selected the show on the top and clicked on the Play Button which should read the exact time it started to record (around 2pm) but it didn't.

As I started to watch the recording, I was surprised to read the time stamp. The recording appeared to have started just after 5:00. But I didn't record anything at that time and that does not correlate with Obama's luncheon speech on the video. I paused the video and took a photo of the time.

Second Inauguration of Barack Obama - January 21, 2013


In May 2012, I replaced my 6 1/2 year old Mac Pro with a new computer - same model. I deleted everything personal off the old Mac and put it out to trash.

8 months later ... I received the following email today from someone who never heard of Crystalinks and uses the email address BKz.

The GeorgeMobile ...

This is the color I see in the Void- shiny liquid black

If you are moving back and forth between realities many things don't add up from dreams to physical experiences. George told me a story about waking up three times this morning, the first two knowing he was in the wrong reality, the third time he was here. It was like the scene where the cat walks by twice in the Matrix film I posted last week. It meant that the someone was tampering with the Matrix.

All of this space-time shifting will definitely affect short term memory ...
you start something ... get distracted ... and forget ... whatever. Has this happened to you?

We know the brain is a computer programmed to run on Binary Code. The best I can figure it ... the ON OFF mechanisms are changing causing much of what many of us are experiencing. This is not to be confused with medical conditions that affect brain functioning.

Monday George bought a new Honda Accord. We had discussed the color - and decided on black. He surprised me by emailing: The color of my new car is ... CRYSTAL.BLACK !!"

Does this mean we're about to Fade to Black?

Black Fractal Visions

The last thing I saw before going to sleep were two fractal images both black on white.

Mandelbrot Set

The Sierpinski Triangle known as a "rep-tile" arrangement.

Whatever is happening has to do with the end of this reality back to the black void of creation.