1939 Recycled

1939 Recycled

Phone booths often have important functions in
films such as Dr. Who, The Matrix, and Superman.

Saturday November 23, 2013

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the TV series Doctor Who - all about time travel. Goggle honored the series with a google doodle. It has been suggested that the transmission of the first episode was delayed by ten minutes due to extended news coverage of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy the previous day; whereas in fact, it went out just eighty seconds late.

This week my experience here ignited, linking 1939 time travel experiments and this timeline, something I have been waiting for all of my life. Before mentioning anything to anyone - others were - dreaming about 1939, typing it without reason, thinking about it, and connecting in the most bizarre ways.

It all began with this 1939 song "We'll Meet Again" the last scene on Monday's episode of Castle acting as a catalyst or trigger, followed by a "visit" by my cohort in time travel Cheryl Allison who went by the name Deja (to return). Deja and I were brothers in Germany - both physicists - who later "died" in an explosion while trying to escape with secret documents. That is what I have clearly remembered since childhood.

The word "Castle" links to another time travel trigger about a gala party in a castle in Bavaria hosted by Hitler in 1939. Those involved with time travel clearly remember attending, having other identities (lives) and the covert activities that occurred as the war was about to begin. In this timeline, all of them remembered working with time travel, long before meeting me here. I am sure there are others out there who also remember and are being triggered now. The song for us is equivalent to the wake-up music trigger in the film Inception.

The music trigger sent me to Wikipedia 1939 where I instantly focused on: January 27 - Adolf Hitler orders Plan Z, a 5-year naval expansion program intended to provide for a huge German fleet capable of crushing the Royal Navy by 1944.

Ships took me to the time traveling World War II Philadelphia Experiment and the people I met in this timeline linked to that experience. All of them remembered being at the gala in Germany and their work with time travel. For some there is a connection to aliens who assisted in the development of the technologies. The alien gray biogenetic experiments allegedly began during the war and paralleled Hitler's experiments to find a race of "Supermen" - perhaps linked to inserts about Atlantis. Friedrich Nietzsche - Ubermensch - Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Alexander. Shortly after I wrote this blog, the film "The Philadelphia Experiment" aired on the Syfy Channel.

I searched "Z 1939" and found this 2013 article from Mail Online

'Time Traveling' Jay-Z is the spitting image of man in 1939 vintage snap.

I asked Deja where she was and she showed me this image.

Grids, Wormholes, and Masonic Symbolism

Imagine experiencing this insert (reality) again and again ... and being one of the few people who understand the loop? This takes me to the most popular Stargate SG1 episode in its 10 year history - Window of Opportunity -- Summary 2. It's about a planet designated: P4X-639. (note the 39)

The energies grew with endless connections the day 1939 recycled, allowing me to know that a perfect alignment from this timeline to 1939, and all the way back to the Middle East, and the inception of this hologram, is close.

One of the more interesting synchronicities came from my friend Ron who called to ask why he had been thinking about 1939 all day. We quickly discovered that his grandfather, who was obsessed with music boxes, patented a music box that year (Ron has the pdf file of the patent). Ron has a music box left by his grandfather which rests on his mantle.

The words "Music Box" and "Mantle" are triggers in my book Sarah and Alexander along with an antique pocket watch that Sarah gives Alexander, and an amulet he gives her, when they meet as children. They will meet again at the end of the story.

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