May 30, 2013

Many people cannot work with authority figures, especially those that are incompetent or micromanage. This is all part of the process that burns workers out. A worker who has been fired can either move on or "go postal" as witnessed in 2012 with the violence that ensued by workers who lost their jobs then lost their minds.

Does a part of you believe we should rise above being slave labor and should pursue goals that nurture the soul? I do. The word "work" should not be in our dictionary or mind sets. Life should be about learning and accomplishment without judgment.

The article below makes some valid points about the nature of the relationship between employer and employee. Remember that most most bosses have a boss who tells them what to do. It all works until you find the overworked, overstressed workers who can't take the pressure...

Everyone wants to be appreciated and have something to look forward to in the future. Praise and recognition are very important, but as with all self-help articles and metaphysical theories - it's all good old common sense. In a good economy workers thrive and in a bad economy they burn out.

8 Things Bosses Say That Make Workers Happy   Live Science - May 30, 2013

It doesn't take a big raise or lavish gifts to make employees happy. Instead, bosses and managers who foster a culture of inclusion and openness with their employees will reap the benefits resulting from an engaged and happy workforce. One of the simplest ways for businesses to ensure the happiness of their workers is to make sure bosses and managers use certain words and phrases when talking to their workers. Some of the best words and phrases bosses can use include the following:

That was my fault
You can guarantee your team already knows who is responsible for failure; you will gain more respect by owning up to your mistakes than by ignoring them.

I'm glad to have you on the team
This is one of the most powerful and motivating phrases employees can hear from their boss or superior.

Here is a road map of our company and our future goals
Employees want to know what is going on, and organizations need to clearly communicate with workers before final milestones hit.

Thank you
The words "thank you" make people happy - but to make employees even happier, bosses should tell them specifically why the thank you is due. This shows that the boss is paying genuine attention. For instance, saying "Thanks for handing in that financial report a day early," or "Thanks for working late yesterday to solve the computer problem," can go a long way.

This is why
Employees want to know why companies are doing what they're doing -in an open and honest way. Sometimes, the "why" can be difficult, but they need to hear and understand it. Other times, the "why” is big, and they'll be motivated and excited by it.

I know I can always count on you for _____________
The key is to be specific. People (not just employees) love to be recognized for their unique strengths and talents, for those things that we notice they do better than anyone else. Any phrase that can hone in on the specifics of the employee's gifts is going to be a winner. It sounds simple, but you would be amazed at how difficult it is for bosses, managers -those in charge -to pay close enough attention to the employee to give those specifics.

I believe in you
As in, believe in you and will work with you through the good and difficult times.

What do you think?
As a 10-person firm, everyone's contributions are important. Since we all work on many projects simultaneously, it is vital to get input and feedback from multiple team members, so asking others' opinions is crucial.