Time Travel and Hyperloops

Monday August 12, 2013

The Montauk Project: On or about on August 12, 1983, the alleged time travel project at Camp Hero interlocked in hyperspace with the original Rainbow Project back in 1943. The USS Eldridge was drawn into hyperspace and trapped there. Two men, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron both claim to have leaped from the deck of the Eldridge while it was in hyperspace and ended up after a period of severe disorientation at Camp Hero in the year 1983. Here they claim to have met John von Neumann, a famous physicist and mathematician, even though he was known to have died in 1957. Von Neumann had supposedly worked on the original Philadelphia Experiment, but the U.S. Navy denies this. - Montauk Project   Wikipedia

The Philadelphia Experiment was allegedly based on an aspect of the unified field theory, a term coined by Albert Einstein. The theory of everything (TOE) and Grand Unified Theory are closely related to unified field theory, but differ by not requiring the basis of nature to be fields, and often by attempting to explain physical constants of nature.

Preston Nichols and Al Bielek told me about the 40 year time loop - 1943 (the year I was born) ---> 1983 (coincidently the year Sarah was born in my book) ---> the next loop being 2023. Today marks the half way point in that loop. The hologram ends when time stops and the loops of consciousness cease to exist.

Above and below and connections with Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955)

Einstein-Rosen Bridge - Wormhole

Time Travel Through the Grids

Today's Google Doodle featured one of the "boys" I knew back in "the day" in the labs.

August 12, 1887 - January 4, 1961

Erwin Schrodinger

  Erwin Schrodinger Google Videos

Erwin Schrodinger was an Austrian physicist who achieved fame for his contributions to quantum mechanics, especially the Schrodinger equation, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1933. In 1935, after extensive correspondence with personal friend Albert Einstein, he proposed the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment.

Google Doodle Honors Physicist Erwin Schrodinger   Live Science - August 12, 2013
Google honored the physicist Erwin Schrodinger with a custom-made doodle today, on what would have been his 126th birthday. The doodle depicts Schrodinger's cat, a famous thought experiment that probes the implications of the fact that quantum particles can exist in multiple states until they are measured.

Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.

Erwin Schrodinger Quotes 1

Erwin Schrodinger Quotes 2

Just when I thought this blog was finished I had to return through the wormhole ...

  Elon Musk to outline 'Hyperloop' idea   BBC - August 12, 2013
US entrepreneur Elon Musk is expected to give more details later of his supersonic "Hyperloop" concept to link Los Angeles and San Francisco. The SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder has teased audiences with titbits of information about the rapid transit idea, which he claims could make the 380-mile (610km) journey in "about half an hour". It seems to involve sending passengers through a tube in capsules. Mr Musk says Hyperloop could be built for less than a conventional rail link. The current proposed 130mph (210km/h) high-speed train connection between LA and San Francisco is unnecessarily expensive and underwhelming in ambition, he has complained.