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Ellie's 2022 New Year's Blog
Messages, Betty White Passes, Covid, Family, Broadway, Matrix Reboot,
New Moon in Capricorn, Purple, Pink and Red Sunsets, 2021 in Review
Ellie's 2021 Christmas Blog: Predicting the Future   Pics, Text, Video Blogs

Covid Mask Wearing  Text and Video Blog
Climate and Reality Check   Text and Video Blog
Preserving the Future - Svalbard Seed Vault - Earth's Black Box
Hanukkah - New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 12/4/21 - 2021 Phenomenon - Antarctica - Penguins
Is Cruising During Covid Safe?
Omicron Variant and the AI - Getting Vaccinated
Exercise and Emotions
Block ... 2022
An Unconventional Truth
You Can't Change Anyone

Thanksgiving in New Jersey 2021
Gray Sweater Pics with Greg Chan
Scrying - Holograms in Quartz Crystals  Text and Video Blog
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  Text and Video Blog
Reading With Ellie  Text and Video Blog
Brian Williams - All Things Come to an End - That's All They Wrote
Venus-Moon Conjunction & Coronal Mass Ejections   Text and Video Blog
Red Sunsets Over The Verrazano Bridge November 2021   Text and Video Blog
NYC Marathon 50 - Sunsets Over the Verrazano Bridge - We are all Connected   Text and Video Blog
Return to Standard Time - Zsia's Flowers, Wishes, Dandelions, Clocks
Balancing the Equation
The Battle for Planet Earth - COP26
Understanding Healing in 2021
Crime and Chaos on the Belt Parkway

Halloween Week 2021
   Dark Matter in a Simulated Universe
   Drawings of Ellie by Visionary Artist Steve Soeten
   Simulation Theory
   Meta - Metaverse - Facebook - Reality is a Simulation
   Rorschach Halloween Aurora - Aurora Images
   Halloween Pumpkin Stroll - Text and Videos
   National Chocolate Day
   Pumpkin Day
   Ellie, Spirits, Haunted Houses
   Bay Ridge Pumpkin Patch 2021
   UFOs and Aliens in the News
   Orson Wells broadcasts H. G. Welles' 'War of the Worlds'
   'Starman' and 'Stargates' - They're not coming back
   Men in Black - Two Types - Humans and Aliens

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie Mystery
Stress and Memories
Laundry Room Adventures

An Autumn Romance   Text and Video Blog
Nikki and Ryan - The Libra Spark

Beam me up! Ellie in the Matrix. William Shatner in Space at 90
Spinning Top, Inception, Entering Dreams
The Universe May Have Never Begun - Something is Missing

Do you trust the Government?
Nobel Prizes 2021
John Dee's Spirit Mirror - Crystal Scrying
2021 Autumn Sunsets From Ellie's Terrace
White Auroras Over Finland

La Palma Volcano, Crete Earthquake, Atlantis, Searching, DNA Knots, Theory of Panspermia
Why are you here?
The Where and When of Reality Closure
Loops of Time and Emotions Bring You Back to Where You Began
What is your purpose? Virgo Transition 2021
Working Alone Versus Working With Others   Text and Video Blogs
Coping With Anxiety Since Covid, Smoking and Meditative Breathing, Covid Update on Yom Kippur 2021, Feathers   Text and Video Blogs
The Rush That Anger Provides - Emotion Junkie
People say a lot of thing - Trump - Biden at the UN
Ellie's Rainbow Bridge - Watched and Protected
Remembering Willie Garson
Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory
Close the US Southern Border
Yom Kippur 2021 - Covid, Weighing the Odds, Ancient Egyptian Themes, Ellie and the Feather, Merkabah
Coping With Anxiety Since Covid, Smoking and Meditative Breathing, Covid Update on Yom Kippur 2021, Feathers   Text and Video Blogs
9/11 Twenty Years Later   Text and Video Blogs
    Sunsets, Rainbows, Rooftop Memories, Joanne's Story Updated, Windows on the World, High Holy Days
Mu - Mythological Civilization, Bio-genetic Experiments, End Time Pandemics

Ellie, Beyonce, Diamonds, Fade to Black, New Moon, New Year, Bridges, Stargates, Time, Matrix, Dial Home
Hurricane Ida - Ellie and the Bridge
Crystalinks Turns 26
     The Matrix, Einstein, Time Travel, Ellie in Nazi Germany, Antarctica Memories Text and Video Blog

The Narrative: Time Travel, Nazi Experiments, Thule, Antarctica, Black Hole, So. Sandwich Islands

Zoroaster in Afghanistan, Twin Crossings, The Blue and the Gold, The Book and Z, 9/11 Text and Video Blog
2021 Evacuation from Afghanistan Text and Video Blog
     When Lightning Struck One World Trade Center and the Washington Monument
     Trees: From Boots on the Ground to Roots on the Ground

Tipping Point: War, Climate, Extraterrestrials, Humanity, Time
8.8.8 Lion's Gate, Egyptian Connections, Ellie's Image in the Mirror, A Love Story, Pine Cone Symbolism, Vatican, Family Text and Video Blog
The Lost Message and the Covid Messenger
2020 Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles, Covid-19, Mental Health
Earth Changes Summer of 2021
Psychic Readings and Earth Changes Text and Video Blog
4 Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship (2021)
The Tree and Me - Roots Above Ground
Covid and the 2021-22 School Year

The Book With No More Pictures
Mental Health - The Tsunami of Emotions - Navigating Life in a Bipolar Reality
Death and RebootText and Video Blog
Borsch Belt Adventures - Jackie Mason Dies - Ellie Upstate as a Child
Smoke from West Coast Wildfires Wafts to East Coast Text and Video Blog
Messages in Photos: Satellites, Verrazano Blue Light, Lightning Strikes, Reflections in Time
Ellie and the Blue Photo
Adventures in Space - Jeff Bezos - Blue Origin
Can Men and Women Just Be Friends? Text and Video Blog
Are You Psychic? Text and Video Blog
Are You A Time Traveler? E and Z Time Travelers - Mirrors, Portals, Anunnaki Devices
Ellie Age 16 - Being Cool
Space Tourism - Pros and Cons 2021 - Richard Branson
The T-Bar Exercise for Balance Text and Video Blog
Watching the UEFA Euro 2020 Final With My Italian Neighbors Text and Video Blog
Cancer Moon, Zoroaster, Afghanistan, Flood Stories, Noah, Ellie, Defender, Time to go Home, 6.0 Earthquake, 1954
Hurricane Elsa Aftermath - Lightning Over the Verrazano Bridge
Digital Nomads 2021 - Changes in the Workplace After Covid - Dee and the Orange Earrings Pics, Text and Video Blog
July 4, 2021 - Stunning Fireworks, Connections to Freemasons and Aliens Pics, Text and Video Blog
World UFO Day - Dream about the Drake Equation

Ellie Interviews Rae Chandran - Journey Into Awareness Text and Video Blog
Collapse - From Surfside Condo in Miami to Reality Text and Video Blog
Waterfalls and ... Heatwaves ... Dolphin Meditation ... Rainbows & The Gay Experience 2021
The Gay Experience 2021 with Ellie and Jay Text and Video Blog
The Tired Pandemic Text and Video Blog
Bridges, Strings and a Supermoon Ellie Plays Guitar - Full Strawberry Moon Serenade Text and Video Blog
Mercury Retrograde after Covid Text and Video Blog
A Summer Romance Text and Video Blog
Father's Day 2021 - Issues and Covid Text and Video Blog
The Color Orange Text and Video Blog
Ellie's Beginner's Guide to Meditation Guided Meditation
What happens in China ... Dropa Stones, Extraterrestrials Text and Video Blog
Lenticular Clouds, UFOs, Mothership Supercells Text and Video Blog
Life Review During a Near-Death Experience Text and Video Blog
The Journey of the Soul in End Times - Flood Stories Text and Video Blog
Lilibet: Welcoming An American Royal Baby Text and Video Blog
Plum Beach Adventures - Mike, UFO's, Merlin, The Lighthouse Text and Video Blog
Gymnastics Then Now - Simone Biles & My Daughter Text and Video Blog
Ellie's Purple Pyramid Pics - Creation and The Way We Were
The Z Files - Define "Home" Text and Video Blog
The Z Files - Zooming With Ellie -The Common Sense Factor Text and Video Blog
The Z-Files - Covid and the Ouroboros - Issues Coming Full Circle Text and Video Blog
The Z-Files - Returning to the Workplace after Covid Text and Video Blog

Memorial Day 2021 Text and Video Blog
Covid and Celebrations 2021 - Memorial Day, Weddings, Graduations Text and Video Blog
Solar Cycle 25
The Mercury Connection ... Then and Now
Ellie in the Old West - Texas Gun Laws 2021 - The Voice Finale
The Transgender Journey 2021 - Ellie Interviews Devorah Text and Video Blog
Where Have All the Spirits Gone? Text and Video Blog
Origin Theories about Covid-19 Text and Video Blogs
Full Blood Moon 5° Sagittarius & Human Behavior Text and Video Blogs

UFOs May 2021
Orbs of Light - Ellie, Debris, and UFOs
The God Equation, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Crystalinks Logo
2021 UFOs and Presidents, Government Cover-ups, Hackers and Alien Agendas, Looks are Deceiving
Messaging Then and Now, Darwin Arch Collapses, Lady in the Stargate, Time Loops

Grids - Politics - Republicans - Pyramids
Instigating the Human Drama Into Chaos
Ellie Revisits The Brighton Beach Boardwalk
Mother's Day 2021in NJ with Family, Flowers, Elon Musk on SNL, Simulation Theory, Cryptocurrency, Nonuplets Born
Solar Cycle 25 - CMEs - Sunset Grids 0ver Bay Ridge - UFO
Auroras, Pics, Text, Video
Mystery Airships
536 AD - The Year an Unexplained Dusty Fog Covered Earth
Billie Eilish and Joie - Teens Modeling Corsets

UFOs and Dissemination of Information April 2021
Blown In The Wind - Ellie at the Verrazano Bridge, Reptilian, Text, Pic, Video
The Woman in White, El- Zeitoun Marian Apparition
Full Pink Supermoon Inspires - Cherry Blossoms in the Park - Pics, Text and Videos
"The One" in Pink - Full Pink Supermoon in Scorpio
Akhal-Teke - The Golden Horses
Visiting Narrows Botanical Gardens
Earth Day 2021
     Lyrids Peak, Northern Lights and Volcano Pic,
     Thoth, Phoenix Rising, Lightning Hourglass as the Earth Burns,
     Hollow Earth, Message to Humanity, UFOs, Spitzbergen, Hitler
Blue Peacock, Peacock Couch, Pink Winter Cactus, Anunnaki Seeds Bloodlines, Verrazano Bridge
After the Storm ~ Raindrops, Sun Halo, Stunning View of the Verrazano Bridge
Where The Rivers Meet - Turkey, "Sarah and Alexander", Derinkuyu, Gobekli Tepe
That Foggy Feeling: Detached, Covid, Temporal Distortions, Ellie, Z, Wedding
Prince Philip, UFOs, and the Journey of the Bloodline
Journey of the Bloodline: Egypt: Akhenaten & Nefertiti, Discovery in Luxor
Stargate SG1 ~ Star Crossed Lovers ~ Martouf and Samantha
Pharaohs' Golden Parade, The Great Pyramid Experiment, Emerald Tablets of Thoth
'Ever Given' Suez Canal, Barges, Wormholes, Passover, Golden Light, Fade to Black
Pentagon Confirms 'Pyramid-Shaped' UFO Video Footage Is Authentic
Brenda, the Blue UFO, Ellie Morphs into an Anunnaki
Roswell Revisited ~ Festival & Crash ~ Pink UFO ~ Resident Alien
Yuri Gagarin and Other Soviet Cosmonaut Experiences in Space

Romance Spring 2021~ Take Your Time
Relationships and Wedding Dress Styles ~ Spring 2021

Full Super Moon Selfie - Verrazano Bridge
Doorways, Multidimensional Screens, 36 Around, LHC, Muon, New Physics Theory
The Doorway Effect
Dreams of Earthquakes: Ellie, Wilma, Pat, Michelle, Atlantis Rising
Either It Works ... Or It Doesn't
Spring Equinox 2021, Aries, Celebrations, The Falcon's Nest, Horus, Reincarnation, Rebirth
Taking the Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine
Oprah Interviews Harry and Meghan
The Message is on the Marquee
Immigration Crisis by the Numbers

Programming :: You are Your DNA Codes
Contacting Covid - It Had an Agenda
Cloud Scrying: Great Pyramid over the Verrazano Bridge, Ancient Aliens
Age and Time are Illusions - Turning 78
February 2021 North American Ice Storm
2021 - Outdated Paradigms and Encoded DNA
Origin of Modern Humans Cannot Be Traced to Any One Single Point in Time or Space
Second Impeachment of Donald Trump
Super Bowl LV - Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Set Records
Glitch in the Matrix, Simulation Theory, Cyberspace
2021 February Nor'easter

The Gateway, The Sentinels, The Way Station, Time Travelers
Spooky Action at a Distance, Einstein, Bernie, Ellie
2021 Aquarius, United States Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden
2021 Insurrection at the United States Capitol
New Years Weekend 2021- Fireworks, Family, Sunset Messages, Text and Videos
A 'Sweet' Email From a Crystalinks Fan - Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Welcome to Planet Earth
Bright Red Sunset Over the Verrazano Bridge

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