Ellie's World Archives 2021


Earth Day 2021, Northern Lights and Volcanoes, Phoenix Rising, Hourglass and Climate, Hollow Earth, UFOs, Spitzbergen, Hitler, Lyrids Peak
Blue Peacock, Peacock Couch, Pink Winter Cactus, Anunnaki Seeds Bloodlines, Verrazano Bridge
After the Storm ~ Raindrops, Sun Halo, Stunning View of the Verrazano Bridge
Where The Rivers Meet - Turkey, "Sarah and Alexander", Derinkuyu, Gobekli Tepe
That Foggy Feeling: Detached, Covid, Temporal Distortions, Ellie, Z, Wedding
Prince Philip, UFOs, and the Journey of the Bloodline
Journey of the Bloodline: Egypt: Akhenaten & Nefertiti, Discovery in Luxor
Stargate SG1 ~ Star Crossed Lovers ~ Martouf and Samantha
Pharaohs' Golden Parade, The Great Pyramid Experiment, Emerald Tablets of Thoth
'Ever Given' Suez Canal, Barges, Wormholes, Passover, Golden Light, Fade to Black
Pentagon Confirms 'Pyramid-Shaped' UFO Video Footage Is Authentic
Brenda, the Blue UFO, Ellie Morphs into an Anunnaki
Roswell Revisited ~ Festival & Crash ~ Pink UFO ~ Resident Alien
Yuri Gagarin and Other Soviet Cosmonaut Experiences in Space

Romance Spring 2021~ Take Your Time
Relationships and Wedding Dress Styles ~ Spring 2021

Full Super Moon Selfie - Verrazano Bridge
Doorways, Multidimensional Screens, 36 Around, LHC, Muon, New Physics Theory
The Doorway Effect
Dreams of Earthquakes: Ellie, Wilma, Pat, Michelle, Atlantis Rising
Either It Works ... Or It Doesn't
Spring Equinox 2021, Aries, Celebrations, The Falcon's Nest, Horus, Reincarnation, Rebirth
Taking the Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine
Oprah Interviews Harry and Meghan
The Message is on the Marquee
Immigration Crisis by the Numbers

Programming :: You are Your DNA Codes
Contacting Covid - It Had an Agenda
Cloud Scrying: Great Pyramid over the Verrazano Bridge, Ancient Aliens
Age and Time are Illusions - Turning 78
February 2021 North American Ice Storm
2021 - Outdated Paradigms and Encoded DNA
Origin of Modern Humans Cannot Be Traced to Any One Single Point in Time or Space
Second Impeachment of Donald Trump
Super Bowl LV - Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Set Records
Glitch in the Matrix, Simulation Theory, Cyberspace
2021 February Nor'easter

The Gateway, The Sentinels, The Way Station, Time Travelers
Spooky Action at a Distance, Einstein, Bernie, Ellie
2021 Aquarius, United States Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden
2021 Insurrection at the United States Capitol
New Years Weekend 2021- Fireworks, Family, Sunset Messages, Text and Videos
A 'Sweet' Email From a Crystalinks Fan - Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Welcome to Planet Earth

Psychic Reading With Ellie

Sarah and Alexander