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Events leading up to the riot at the US Capitol have been in the making since Donald Trump became president. Underlying it all was his lack of experience, personality disorders and quest for money and power, past criminal activities, reactions to violent domestic terrorist attacks within a country begging for government change - all of which led to his rise and inevitably his fall before the eyes the world.

In this timeline we play our games as characters in the world of cyberspace which makes it easy for conspiracy theories and cyber terrorists to coordinate their attacks. In a world we see as raging out-of-control and descending into chaos - it wasn't difficult for those programmed to lead us there - to influence others who would partake in an uprising. Perhaps the attacks were done in the name of democracy by restoring Trump to office - or other personal agendas - that led up to this moment which still ripples in the timelines - pre-and post the Trump era.

It is a pattern repeated over and over throughout human history as dictators came and went and the human consciousness grid sought to evolve into something better. In the second decade of the 21st-century it was played out in the world of cyberspace as if a game - a reflection and reminder of who we are as actors in a simulated reality.

At the end of the day this is just another adventure in the simulation which tends to create demented characters to elicit emotional responses as part of the human experiment in linear time. It will never be over until the simulation of reality Fades to Black - endlessly creating a new set of situations that humans are programmed to experience and resolve.

Images from the 2021 Insurrection at the US Capitol

Wednesday January 6, 2021

The day was filled with hope for the country as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were to be certified by Congress as president and vice president and yet there was an underlying ripple of chaos as promised by Trump since election day maintaining that the election was fraudulent and have been stolen from him - something he needs to believe as he cannot live with losing.

I had already posted that Jon Ossoff would become the winner in the Democratic run-off election in Georgia, giving Democrats control of the Senate and House.

I spent the rest of the morning with clients returning to my computer as Mitch McConnell confirmed election results. He was followed by Chuck Schumer a fellow Brooklynite who I knew back in the day when he was first running for the Senate. And there he was ... Ted Cruz of Texas addressing the Senate - as he had promised - to delay the certification - indeed a fool's folly for personal gain.

For me this became a day of "binge watching" as events unfolded before the world - truly a mockery to American democracy. During the course of the day I texted off and on with both family and friends.

I watched as protestors within the crowd of the "Save America March" descended upon the capital to stop the constitutional transfer of power as well as their own agendas. They had assembled on The Ellipse where they were encouraged by Trump to "fight like hell" to "take back our country" and to march towards the Capitol, Giuliani called for "trial by combat," and Trump Jr. threatened the president's opponents by saying "we're coming for you," having called for "total war" in the weeks leading up to the riots. Thousands of others were caught off guard as about 1,000 protestors marched toward the capitol ... without Trump.

About 90 minutes later, they were inside the Capitol, where Capitol police say they were overwhelmed by the crowd, though police unpreparedness poses questions. Others inside the building, including Congressional staff, legislators and Vice President Mike Pence, were evacuated or told to seek shelter.

Images show rioters with Confederate flags and Trump paraphernalia ransacking offices and parading about the Senate floor.

In all five people died including a capitol police officer. The Capitol was finally cleared at 5:40 as arrests started. Elsewhere across the nation, smaller but similar scenes unfolded, including in front of Georgia's capitol building and the governor's mansion in Washington state.

After abandoning the proceedings as rioters forced their way inside the Capitol, House and Senate members reconvened at night, finally affirming Joe Biden's Electoral College win. Several GOP senators who'd planned to object changed their minds because of the day's events but not everyone. Two House members nearly came to blows during a debate over Pennsylvania's election results. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a staunch supporter of Trump, vigorously defended certifying the electoral votes. Earlier in the day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence had voiced their belief in the legitimacy of Biden's victory and rejected Trump's claims of voter fraud.

It took President Trump hours to respond to the domestic terror attack. In tweets and a video message, the President offered only lukewarm admonition and repeated some of the baseless claims that motivated the protests in the first place. "We love you," he said to rioters in the video. "You're very special." The video and some of his tweets were taken down by Twitter, Facebook, and instagram, in what the companies said was an attempt to prevent more violence. Trump was later permanently banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

US allies and adversaries looked on in shock and revulsion as events unfolded. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the disgraceful scenes in US Congress. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas compared the violence to the Nazis burning the Reichstag parliament building in 1933, saying, "The enemies of democracy will rejoice at these inconceivable images." Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Trump a "sick person" who had disgraced his country. Top diplomats and leaders in Iceland, France, Austria, Poland, Ecuador, Colombia and Scotland, among others, reminded the US of its role as a global model of democracy. Russian President Vladimir Putin offered no comment.

For weeks Trump - before and after the November election - had said that if he won it was legal but if he lost it was rigged and he would fight in and out of court to the end which led to the insurrection.

The aftermath of this experience will create a trail of investigations for months. Attention seeking Donald Trump had his last hurrah ... maybe. We'll see where this goes hopefully to impeachment before he creates more collateral damage and pardons himself.

Trump issued two statements - one on Tuesday the other on Thursday - both pledging an orderly transition on January 20 - but not without baselessly reiterating that he still thinks the election was stolen from him. The President's ongoing refusal to accept reality has led to concern, both within the White House and beyond, over what Trump may do and how his supporters, rivals and, indeed, the world will respond in his final two weeks in office.

Trump had been sending out all sorts of verbal messages about what he's going to do from the time of his final debate with Biden. Why didn't they anticipate this happening and had better security? Why weren't there more Capitol police? Why didn't they call for back up sooner? Why wasn't anyone listening and preparing? Something is off. Another conspiracy?

The latest version of domestic terrorism seems to be frustrated brainwashed Americans who have been programmed to believe what people like Donald Trump tell them. He plays upon their emotions and abuse issues like a cult leader.

Are future insurrections being planned? Undoubtedly as we live in the chaotic influences of end times.

Remember when I blogged about end times and political unrest leading to martial law. It seems we are getting close. It all appears to be part of a Master Plan for closure and there is no going back. Part of it includes Covid-19 and its mutations, lockdowns, severe climate changes, threats from space (not aliens), and more as previously posted.

Super Spreader. With COVID-19 on the forefront - and increasing daily - one couldn't help but notice the insurgency was a super spreader and wonder if there was a connection between the two events.

In a pre-recorded message Thursday night Trump conceded publicly for the first time that he will not serve a second term, stopping short of congratulating President-elect Joe Biden but acknowledging a transfer of power is now underway. He later said he will not attend the inauguration. For Trump it's always about money - hundreds of thousands of dollars solicited from supporters since election day.

Chapter 11 ... 11 Days to Go

Banned. Best news of the first week of 2021. Twitter finally banned Trump and some of his associates permanently so they will not incite additional terrorism. They should have no access to all media platforms including those Trump wants to create as well as the dark web.

Censored. Twitter should be censored or taken down until after January 20 and perhaps permanently as it seems to be one of the main platforms for dissension in a world that grows crazier every day.

Timelines. Months ago I said to my readers and several clients who are psychic that Trump has "spikes" on his timeline around the time of the election and after. If you look at them today they are flaring out of control like a 10.0 on the Richter scale. Trump's not going anywhere.

Unfiltered. It seems inevitable that Trump will not easily fade into the woodwork as he craves the attention of his supporters who will plan another insurrection. It reminds me of dictators who have been deposed and go crazy at the end. We have enabled Trump long enough. Let's get this done.

Drawing Parallels. This takes me back to the militant group ISIS founded in 1999. Lost and frustrated souls from different countries abandoned everything traveling thousands of miles to join the group - brainwashed to believe their rhetoric only to discovery a worse fate than they ever imagined. Martyrs. Rapists. Murders. Many died. Others tried to escape to their home of origin - only to be turned away as potential spies, terrorists, and more.

Patterns. Those who blindly follow the teachings of an unstable leader will experience being used and abused before they either die, become incarcerated, or worse.

Myriads. The algorithm of our reality is based on bipolar conspiracies so they will never stop. This has always been part of the human equation to study emotions. Today represents the 2021 version of our original storyline.

Trump. Impeachment ahead even if it continues past January 20 so Trump can never run again. He has to pay the price for his actions emotionally, physically, financially, and in every way.

Victims. Trump is a victim of his upbringing as are most everybody else. Those who follow will one day see they too are victims.

Chapter 11. Trump has filed bankruptcy six times in the past. He owes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then there's the matter of his taxes which takes him back here to New York where prosecutors will find him guilty of any number of crimes he cannot pardon himself from. Narcissist always play the victim so others will be sympathetic to their behavior.


When I looked at the expression on the faces of some of the insurgents - several of the younger people didn't even know what they were doing there because they probably don't understand politics.

Others there were caught up in the energies and experience of the moment.

Some had pre-planned personal agendas having nothing to do with Trump and the election but with race, religion, and destroying a broken political system. They've always been out there ... waiting ... now here was their 15 minutes of fame.

Trump has no interest in their agendas only that they support and worship him. Some do. Some don't. But Trump really doesn't care. He will feed upon their energies to stoke the flames of insurgency again with those who see him as a God. If given the opportunity he will pardon those arrested as he did with his incarcerated cohorts all of which is very sad for American democracy.

There are three plans for Trump to leave.

Plan A: Trump resigns and Mike Pence pardons him. Nobody thinks he's going to resign because that admits guilt and he'd doesn't see himself as guilty

Plan B: Article 25 - Pence and the cabinet remove Trump from office.

Plan C: which is what I think will happened takes us to impeachment next week. It will pass the House but McConnell will delay it in the Senate until Biden comes in the office and the Senate is run by the Democrats. These proceedings can and will continue after Trump is out of office - their purpose to secure that trump will never run for office again. And his delusion Trump could see him leading these people it will Civil War in which he wins and runs the country his way. It is very sad that it's come down to this.

It is in everyone's best interest as Trump becomes more delusional that he is removed from office ASAP.

As witnessed this week Trump is a dangerous threat to society. His followers will wait and see what happens but somewhere you know they are plotting and planning to overthrow the government especially now with so many minorities gaining power and influence.

If Trump gets away with this it will signal to his followers that they can move forward and plan their nefarious activities.

Looking Ahead

You know I believe reality is a simulation coming to closure. Predictions made years ago are finally coming to pass.

Reality is accelerating exponentially splitting off like branches on a tree - in many ways revealing hidden secrets that need to come to light and taking down antiquated systems of experience. We are in the throes of epic crises.

We can't fix the climate - changes increasing exponentially based on the algorithm of reality. I follow earthquakes. Whatever climate changes are affecting your area expect this year to increase so think carefully about what you want to do and where you want to live if you have options. Personally I don't think any place is safe.

We will contain the spread of Covid-19 as thousands of Americans die each day. They say Covid does not depend on external factors other than finding a host. This is true. You may call it weaponized as it seems to have a consciousness and agenda. There are other endless health issues that tear down the fabric of the human experience.

With COVID-19 on the forefront increasing daily - one couldn't help but notice Wednesday's attack on the Capitol was a super spreader. Let's see what the next two weeks brings besides the arrest of some of the perpetrators which takes us to ...

Politics is self-correcting with an unexpected outcome.

The human condition in 2021 is going to weaken/awaken not in the metaphysical sense of love and light and all that religious stuff.

It's about remembering. It's always been about remembering.