February 2021 Nor'easter



Sunday January 31, 2021 - The Day Before the Storm

Lines and more lines - from Covid testing to vaccines to food shopping before the storm.

Snow spreaders and plows prepared roadways and bridges.

Statue of Liberty is on the far left with the pointed top.

This reminds me of the scene from The Day After Tomorrow a climate science fiction disaster film

February 1, 2021 Nor'easter

Monday Morning: 10+ inches on my terrace

8+ inches on my railing.

Hours after posting the pics measuring the storm - I looked back on my phone at the two photos and noticed a third apparently taken after the one facing the Verrazano Bridge. This is obviously a digital effect but is there a message? I 'hear' 'The Spaces Between'. Sometimes things are not as they seem in the projections of time. You and I and everything we experience as real are pixelated images in a simulation sometimes seen out of phase.

When I posted the pic below - I had the strangest feeling of connection
as if it belongs to the pic in the post just above. Wow! Charkas opening.

Astronomers spot bizarre, never-before-seen activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe

Monday Afternoon: Looking Down ... The snow is almost to the top of my 16 inch high snow boots.

The Day After the Storm

In another part of Bay Ridge ... Who's going to clean this person's minivan?

I'm sure many of you surmised I was going out to play in the snow today.
Along the way I met the 'Birdman of Bay Ridge' who comes by every day ...
whistles and the birds descend like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.

On my way to the park I met my neighbor Alex also out for a walk. In the background
you see the obelisk and the bridge. Is 78 too old for snow angels? Let's go Alex.

A short time later ... How do you like our snowman? Does he need a mask? Sorry friends in Florida. I love this especially during Covid where your interactive fun time is limited. The snow in my part of Bay Ridge is not very high. A few gusty winds but that's all that remains as the streets get cleared away. I probably will take out my car on Thursday when it's sunny in the 40s and the snow is a big bunch of mush and I can park maybe.

My Granddaughter Joie Modeling in the Snow

The Snow Goddess Who Lives in the Woods

The Magic and Beauty of Winter