Ellie and the Blue Photos

The images below were taken in my home in Brooklyn, July 2, 1988, by a friend, fellow high school teacher and hypnotherapist, named Mike. They are part of a infrared photo series taken over what seemed like a 20 minute session, yet the actual time lapse was one and a half hours. Mike had hypnotized me as we researched my past/parallel lives. The room was dark. I was wearing a white tee-shirt and light blue pants. The camera was on a tripod in front of the bed.

Scrying with the photos brings many interesting clues as to who I am and why I am here. The third photo has stirred the souls of many people in person and in media. I have allowed the negatives to be professionally analyzed, and much of it remains unexplained. The photo was set up as guidepost on my quest to find my truth and that of humanity and creation. The picture reads as if a 'collage' of images linked to that end.

Tee-shirt displays - a phoenix (rebirth), starfish (regeneration), and dolphin (resurrection)

Arm wearing a wrist device comes through the mirror (Illumination, Truth).

Anunnaki Wrist Device used for communication, teleportation and time travel.

The Source

Uraeus Headdress

Linked to Snakes (DNA Creation) and the Anunnaki


Move your cursor over the image above.
The enlarged lips are reminiscent of Akhenaten.

Schrodinger's Cat on the right.

In the course of developing his thought experiment,
Schrodinger coined the term - Quantum Entanglement

The Greys - Programming From the Collective Unconscious

Entity of Light Behind the Grey Alien

They are the Shining Ones, Anunnaki, Creators, and The Watchers

Ellie morphing into Anunnaki in a restaurant in Rhode Island - July 2014

Simulation Hypothesis - Holographic Universe





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