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Pharaohs' Golden Parade - April 3, 2021

Egypt mummies to pass through Cairo in ancient rulers' parade

The lavish, multi-million dollar spectacle will see 22 mummies - 18 kings and four queens - transported from the peach-colored, neo-classical Egyptian Museum to their new resting place 5km (three miles) away. With tight security arrangements befitting their royal blood and status as national treasures, the mummies will be relocated to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in what is called The Pharaohs' Golden Parade.

They will be transported with great fanfare in chronological order of their reigns - from the 17th Dynasty ruler, Seqenenre Taa II, to Ramses IX, who reigned in the 12th Century BC. One of the main attractions of Saturday's event is King Ramses II, the most famous pharaoh of the New Kingdom, who ruled for 67 years and is remembered for signing the first known peace treaty.

While most of the ancient rulers' remains were brought from Luxor to Cairo via boat on the Nile, a few were transported in the first-class carriage of a train. They were housed in the iconic Egyptian Museum and visited by tourists from around the world for the past century.

Ellie and Z - The Great Pyramid Experiment

The Land of the Pharaohs

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April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday

Enjoy Easter Sunday and the last day of Passover if celebrating

April 2, 1968

Marian Apparitions in El-Zeitoun, Egypt - Videos

First sighting of Our Lady of Zeitoun, also known as El-Zeitoun, a mass
Marian apparition that occurred in Cairo, Egypt, over a period of 2-3 years.

Apparitions are projected illusion in our simulation that
allow you to connect with something allegedly spiritual.

The story of the Great Pyramid Experiment is written down somewhere.

In 2021 the last day of Passover is Easter Sunday - April 4.

The same soul - different civilizations and roles - Moses, Jesus, Thoth, Zoroaster, etc.

The story of the Great Pyramid Experiment is written on tablets somewhere.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

What a Trip!

After almost a week of dredging, drigging and tugging - and with some help from the moon - salvage teams yesterday freed the giant container ship the Ever Given that had been stuck in the Suez Canal, one of the world's most important shipping lanes. The crews working to dig out the ship were largely dependent on forces beyond their control: the moon and the tides. The full moon on Sunday offered a few extra inches of tidal flow and gave workers the boost they needed to set the ship free.

Some blamed it on the Curse of the Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had funerary solar barges which resemble a wormhole. The man in the wormhole pic is physicist Brian Greene one of the first to explain Simulation Theory. Wormhole or time travel.

Back here in Bay Ridge another container ship - the EverGreen - headed out to sea Tuesday morning about to pass under the Verrazano Bridge where I get to watch ships - from sail boats to ocean liners - coming and going.

As a metaphor "ships" represent "life paths".
Humanity is stuck in the chasm of Covid and Climate - Then and Now.

A Balance of Elements

Golden Beacon of Light - Fade to Black - Golden-Class Ship

Monday morning a beacon of light from the other side reminded me of a European city by a river I once visited. When I looked at the pics below I wonder why a red brick building photographed as black if not to bring a message... From a Golden Light to Fade to Black - Watch for it.

Container ships moving out to sea remind me of the Ever Given a Golden-Class Ship.

The Journey of the Bloodline