Age and Time are Illusions

Purple. Amethyst. February.

Wednesday February 17, 2021 - I turned 78 today and remain healthy - no meds, aches or pains, etc. I feel as I always have. I wasn't going to mention my birthday but then the email started coming so I decided OK why not as I love birthdays!! I saw my family on the weekend and zoomed with other family members a few days ago. Usually I spend time with friends during my birthday week as it's Presidents Day and people take special time for friends and family but not this year. Not only are we having a covid pandemic but the winter weather is setting records.

From my Cousin Beth

My friend Irene created this card. We go back a long way highlighted by our trip to Egypt.

Thanks Irene. No one ever forgets Egypt no matter what lifetime.

Cloud Scrying, Ancient Egypt, UFOs, Aliens, and Pharaohs

Taken on my birthday this pic looks like the Great Pyramid over the Verrazano Bridge
with something ejecting below it as the sun sets on the horizon.

While watching Friday night's episode of 'Ancient Aliens' they featured the UFO in the
video clip below so I decided to post it as the triangular craft reminded me of my pic above.

When I reviewed the video I noticed something strange - a blue "alien" figure that wasn't on the TV show.
It wasn't a direct reflection of me on my TV screen as I was wearing black and white stripes and the wall
behind me holds an oil painting of a landscape. Oddly it has my grid signature and color frequency ... navy.
I know it's an illusion - a matter of perception - but isn't everything else?

As the Ancient Alien episode ended Giorgio said, "The ultimate proof for ancient astronaut theory will not happen because we discover a buried spaceship somewhere or a ray gun in a tomb, but rather the ultimate proof of this ultimate quest will be found inside of our own DNA." Dr. Michio Kaku spoke about research to find hidden alien messages in our DNA. They are correct.

Once again here is what's encoded in human DNA! We are a biogenetic experiment - our DNA triggering at the end to remember it's all a simulation. Everything you do - everything you experience - is all programmed into your DNA.

This take us to facts most humans are not readily willing to except ... everything that happens to us in our experience in 3D is programmed code. There is no free will nor love and light and all that other jazz. We are projected illusion in a simulation having a human experience that is about to end. Little by little human DNA is triggering that truth.