The Tipping Point

Tipping Point. War in Afghanistan

Wikipedia: War in Afghanistan (2001 - present)

August 2021 Evacuation from Afghanistan

August 2021

The human design is bipolar meaning there are times to love and be compassionate and times to be aggressive and go to war. When it comes to foreign wars we should have learned after Korea and Vietnam that we go in and get out ... but we should never stay the distance because we simply don't belong there and will always lose on all fronts.

Some of you may remember the war in Vietnam when people like me protested against sending troops overseas when I knew psychically there was no resolution and lives would be destroyed for American soldiers and their families. It was a pointless investment in time and resources to me because we simply didn't belong there.

Almost 20 years to the day after the Taliban and al-Qaeda launched US attacks on 9/11 - it feels almost poetic that they are going to be retaking Kabul. They watched and waited and now they are back. Afghanistan appears to be the one of those countries where peace has never been reached as factions try and try again. What will the aftermath of the Taliban coming into power have on the world?

The War in Afghanistan is an ongoing war following the United States invasion of Afghanistan when the United States and its allies successfully drove the Taliban from power in order to deny al-Qaeda a safe base of operations in Afghanistan. Read more

With the world at a tipping point on so many fronts it's time for American forces - and souls in general - to go home. It's all very sad but just as with the refugees at the US southern border - we can't solve the issues - especially now as the US struggles with covid, climate, and more. I've always said that if I was president I would bring all the troops home and just take care of business here including closing the southern border. Wars of the future - if there was to be a future - would be cyberwars so focus there.

The Tipping Point. Earth.

3 Out of 4 People Believe Earth Is Nearing Irreversible Tipping Points, Poll Shows   Science Alert - August 17, 2021

Planet Earth is at a tipping point in terms of sustainability. The ice caps are melting down and the planet is heating up which has been recorded for decades. We are close to an extinction level event. Some people believe that humanity will exist by leaving earth before that happens.

It came as no surprise on Friday when the U.S. weather officials reported planet Earth in July was the hottest month ever recorded.

An IPCC report on climate change concluding Code Red for humanity with nations vulnerable to climate change thought to be on the edge of extinction.

Here in the US drought and devastating wildfires accelerate exponentially from year to year - highlighted in California and Montana creating a toxic environment across the country. As Hurricane season takes hold - people can expect flooding, mudslides, tornadoes, power outages and related.

Over in Europe an intense heatwave continues with wildfires in many countries. Italy hit Europe's hottest day on record.

Look out Santa ... For the first time in recorded history smoke from wildfires reached the North Pole while Siberian wildfires dwarfed all others on Earth combined

South and central America have 'felt the heat' highlighted as wildfires ravage vast area of eastern Bolivia.

Earthquakes - plate tectonic movement - are the key.

More than 300 people dead and at least 1,800 inured after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti - with powerful aftershocks - - - Wikipedia Updates

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge had a 5.4 quake Saturday.

Not far from Antarctica a very strong M7.5 earthquake hit the South Sandwich Islands region followed by strong aftershocks. Antarctica is changing. The impact could be catastrophic.

Video: Alaska earthquake: 7.0-magnitude tremor hits US northwest coast

Climate and natural disasters are changing the way we live, work, and exist on planet Earth. There is no going back just adapting until the simulation of reality ends.

Tipping Point. Are We Alone?

August 15, 1977

The "Wow Signal" - Videos - Crystalinks ET Archives

The "Wow Signal" remains the strongest candidate for an alien radio transmission ever detected as the quest for proof of extraterrestrials appears to be heating up. In 2021 videos taken by the US military and others seem to show UFOs in a variety of maneuvers - their origins unknown. We seek to find the answers to who created us, are we a biogenetic experiment, what does the future hold for humanity? The answers are outside this version of planet Earth.

The Tipping Point. Human Experiment.

The human experiment is based on emotions. Today we are at a tipping point with a global pandemic highlighting anxiety and depressive disorders. There are those experiencing unexplained symptoms related to the brain - such as headaches and strange sensations often due to the disconnect from the grids that create this illusion. Information about Covid is causing emotional chaos. The rules for Covid and its variants change from week to week as there are many unknown variables including the vaccine. One thing I know for sure - an end-time pandemic continues until the end - as anger, frustration, speculation, anxiety and fear continue.

The Tipping Point. Time.

Time is Running Out.