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Watergate Scandal 50 Years Later - Trump Elevator - Descent into MAGA Mob Rule
Democracy Then and Now - On the Precipice of Becoming a very different Country and Reality
The Experiment, January 6 Hearings, Clouds, An Uncertain Future, Mass Shooting Escalate in the US, The Old West
Bloodlines & Crystals
Ellie's Strawberry Obelisk Crystal, Angelina Jolie, Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee,
Blue Bloods, Egypt Connections, Sunset over the Pyramid, Mesopotamia
Where the Rivers Meet

Reality by the Numbers - Inclusive Numbers
Roe v. Wade Overturned - Pride March NYC 2022
Double Divorces - 2 Becomes 1 Becomes 0

Family Fun
Fun in Connecticut with Ellie and her Daughters
Nature Says Good Morning - Visionary Art - Lunch with Ellie and her Daughters at Rockefeller Center
Ellie, Matthew, Nikki - Saturday Afternoon in Brooklyn With Family
Ellie Crystal Rockin' With Her Crystal Cousins - Nancy, Emily, and Dave

Quintessence - Dark Energy - Collapse of the Universe
Black Hole Messages, Antarctic Blackhole Increasing
Another Sunset ~ Another Time - Zep Tepi ~ Cleopatra, Thoth the Penguin God ~ Scribes
Memorial Day 2022 - Parade, Tributes, Manhattanhenge, Sunset
Robb Elementary School Shooting - Uvalde, Texas
Antique Cars, Safety on NYC Buses and Subways
National Wine Day - Ellie and Phone Booths
Climate Change Summer of 2022
Overcast Sunset by the Verrazano Bridge - Pink Sweatshirt
Raindrop Sunset - Big Dipper
Nature Therapy - Verrazano Bridge, Azaleas, Water Fountain, Squirrel Talk
The Heart of the Matter - Love
Quintessentials: Hope and Free Will
Becoming Reclusive in 2022
2022 United States Congress Hearings on UFOs
SNL Skits - Alien Abductions (2017-2022) UFO Intel and Sightings, The Human Experiment, Belief Systems
Lenticular Clouds over the Verrazano Bridge and One World Trade
"Doorway" on Mars - Science and Pseudoscience
SagittariusA* and the Galactic Center Black Hole Image
Astronomy, Math, Astrology, Mythology, Prophecy, Black Sun, Eclipse
Films, Fractals, Sunset Vortex
Ellie's Tsunami Dreams & the Fibonacci Sequence
Kentucky Derby Party in NJ - Mother's Day
Cherry Blossoms in the Park - Tulips in Front of my Building   Pics, Text, Vlog
Dysfunctional Couples - Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
New York Psychic Reader Murdered by Client

What is the Agenda? Humanity's Lessons
Symbols of Freedom, Ravages of War, Grandma Sarah From Odessa, What is the Agenda? Time and Superman
Pink-Violet Sunrise over the Verrazano Bridge
Time and Superman
Time is on my Side
Passover, Easter, and Ramadan - Three Abrahamic Religions fell at the same time in 2022

ROI-NJ Names Zsia Rosmarin a Top Women in Business Influencer for 2022

New York City Two Years After Covid
Memory Loss and Stress
Brooklyn Subway Shooting April 12, 2022

UFOs - Science and Pseudoscience April 2022
     The Turning Point
     Remembering Who You Are Through Art & Archetypes
     Remembering UFO Researcher John Lear
     Pentagon Report on Alien Abductions
     This is not happening
     It's antiquated
     Researchers made a new message for extraterrestrials
     Life is Virtual Reality
     "Aliens Among Us"

Remembering UFO Researcher John Lear
UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History
2022 Perspectives on Society
April Fools' Day - Fools Gold & the Stranger, Ellie's Sunflower Plant
Online Dating Humor - UFO

A Night at the Oscars with Will Smith - The Slap Heard Around the World
Earthquakes, Ley Lines, Earth's Grid System, It's all Connected
St. Patrick's Day Fun 2022
Warnings: Language of the Birds, Natural Disasters, Daylight Saving Time
J&J Covid Vaccine Holds Its Own against Pfizer and Moderna
Programming Shifts - Spring 2022 - Self Awareness
Avoidance and the Heartbeat of Reality

2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Ellie Crystal's Ukrainian Ancestry
Ukraine: Sunflowers, Fibonacci, The God Equation
Ukraine Flag: Blue and Yellow, Blowing in the Wind in Brooklyn, Earrings From Ukraine
Nowruz 2022, Zoroaster Frieze, UFO Wake-up Dream

Journey of the Bloodline From the Middle East and Africa to Europe and America ...
Z when complete is the Hourglass
Anunnaki Wake-up Dream - Zoroaster Frieze
Persia, Zoroaster, Anunnaki, Creation
Dreams: Gold Pocket Watch - Messages From Z
The Blue, the Gold, and the Stars
Creation: Amun Egyptian God, Anu Sumerian God
Great Pyramid, Ellie in the Subterranean Chamber

Russia Invades Ukraine
Ellie Crystal's Ukrainian Ancestry
Everything always reverts back to Z
The Roles We Play - Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Ellie Cheering for Peace in Ukraine (YouTube)
Ukraine Flag Blowing in the Wind in Brooklyn (YouTube)
Rosslyn Chapel - Holy Grail - Freemasons - DaVinci Code
22/2/22 - Time and the Palindrome, George Washington, Master Plan
Shockwaves and Dreams
Blue and Gold (Yellow) Earrings From Ukraine
Sunflowers, Ukraine, Fibonacci, The God Equation
The Sunflower is the Lion
The Winged Lion is a Symbol for Zoroaster - Blue and Gold
"Sarah and Alexander" The Alchemy of Time
Daylight Saving Time Remains
Clients and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
It's All Connected
The Epilogue

Hexagons in Space
Purple Planets, Full Moon, Superimposed Realities, Mission Statement,
   Lions, Battle of the Pyramids, 1939, War Games, Oz, Dreams

Turning 79 - Ellie's Birthday Adventures at the Jersey Shore

Mardi Gras Fun with Grandchildren Matthew and Joie

From Ellie's World to Ellie's Wordle - She Wins on Three Tries

2021 NFL 2021 Season Finales
     What Are the Odds? Patterns and Plays - Tom Brady Retires

January 2022 North American Blizzard (Great Pics)
Searching For The Beginning
     The Time Machine, WWII, The Webb Telescope, UFO's, Black Holes,
     Zep Tepi, X Particle, Ice Circles, Spinning Ice Circles, Antarctica Romance

Train Bandits 2022
Havana Syndrome
Post-COVID-19 Syndrome or Long Covid
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD

Ancient Symbols, The Ancient in the Stargate, Ancient Bloodlines
Symbolism: Aquarius, Origins of Life, Snake, Aboriginal Dreamtime
Myth, Math, Memory - Thera, Atlantis Rising, MAR Rising, Antarctica Portal
Royals, Bloodlines, Kate, Elizabeth, Philip, Allie, Aliens Agendas
How Did The Big Bang Arise Out of Nothing? Fade to Black
Sand Dunes and Megaripple Fields in the Order of Things
What if Math Is a Fundamental Part of Nature
Why Do People Dream of an Apocalypse?
2021 United States Capitol Attack One Year Later
     Biden Speaks - Democracy - Statue of Liberty - Birthdays and Quotes - Sunsets and Freedom
Ellie's Pics - Sunsets and Freedom
Ellie's Pics -Sunsets and Contrails Over the Verrazano Bridge

Ellie's 2022 New Year's Blog
     Messages, Betty White Passes, Covid, Family, Broadway, Matrix Reboot,
     New Moon in Capricorn, Purple, Pink and Red Sunsets, 2021 in Review