New Years Weekend 2021

2020 was a year few will chose to remember but none can forget as events became more challenged and surreal. Four stories dominated the news forever changing the face of reality - a pandemic, an election, severe climate changes, and a racial-justice movement. The past is gone - the present fleeting - the future uncertain - with 'hope' forever its promise. Old administrations failed in many ways with new players coming into power.

2020 in Review

New Years Eve 2021

I was asleep at midnight when suddenly I heard the sound of fireworks outside and across the city.

I turned on the TV as the swarovski crystal ball was slowly descending ... counting down to welcome the new year from Times Square. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my phone, and started to video. It reminded me of the 4th of July which represents freedom to Americans.

The roaring booms and flashing starry lights set against the backdrop of the dark night sky were inviting to this star traveler.

It's the excitement - the electricity of a New Year rippling through the grids and welcoming us to a program reset.

We each have our hopes, dreams, expectations, and perhaps resolutions. I hope 2020 brings you good health and a better year as we say goodbye to 2020.

My Family Welcoming the New Year

My daughter Tracy, Joie's Mom, wishes everyone a very
Happy New Year, as do my other two daughters, Zsia and Nikki.

Happy New Year from the Crystal side of my family.
Cousin Emily placing her wish on the Wishing Tree
in Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles.

Crystal Reflections

My Xmas cacti are blooming again. I moved them off the windowsill
where they bask in the sunlight and energies of the bridge all day
to take this pic with "their" crystal cousins.

Sunset Messages - January 2, 2021

Left to right

Sunset over the Verrazano Bridge

Zeus' lightning bolt (thanks Z) which resembles
a rip in the grids or fabric of space-time

Two White Birds (Doves) in the center

Rainbow (right side)

Rainbow Cropped

Backstory: As I sat on the couch watching the sun set, while talking to my friend Marion, I noticed the rainbow first. Z said, "Grab your phone and let's get some pics." This is the best one. The rainbow doesn't exactly show its RoyGBiv colors, but non-the-less was a surprise as there hasn't rained today

A few minutes later ...

Flaming Red Sunset over the Verrazano Bridge