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Human Migration December 2023
UFOs in 2024 - The Gradual Dissemination of Information
Time Travel: Quantum Leap, Arthur C. Clarke, Monolith, Magi, Ellie and Z
2001 A Space Odyssey - Thus Spake Zarathustra
Magi, Zoroastrian Priests, Z, Zoroaster - Myth, Math, Magic, and Mystery
An Enigmatic Truth
Hanukkah Time Loop - Dreidels and Totems
Creating a Simulation - Old Models and New - Almost
Free Will Rewind 2023
Who stole the Menorah on Hanukkah?
Leaning Towers: Obelisk, Tower of Pisa
Ellie and the Xmas Tree in the Park Across the Street
Brenda Lee - 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'
'Rizz' Oxford's Word of the Year
George Santos Expelled From Congress
Remembering Sandra Day O'Connor

Thanksgiving Blog 2023 - Journey of the Bloodline
Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter: Souls That Travel Together
Shelf Life

The Bird and the Storyline in Time
     Thanksgiving and Holiday Messages
     The Penguin's Message (Antarctica), Thoth's Message
     Quetzalcoatl, Mayan Myth, Math, Messages, Pyramids, Clock
     Doomsday Clock Warns We're Alarmingly Close to an Uninhabitable Earth

Pyramids, Ancient Aliens, Antarctica, Art, Mission Statement, 1989

Red Sails in the Sunset
Ellie and the Red Leaves of Autumn
Ellie Celebrating Diwali 2023
Veterans Day 2023
     Pillow Talk, Home Sweet Home (Music File)
     All Empires Eventually Fall
     Reality by the Numbers - Hopscotch - "Be Happy"
     Hopscotch Fibonacci
     Black Dress, Black Flower
     Sunset Themes, Beam Me Up, At the end of the day ...
     Portals in Time and Consciousness Opening

Stan Tenen - Hebrew Alphabet - Geometry of Light
Sunset Themes, Beam Me Up, Portals in Time and Consciousness
Pillow Talk - Home Sweet Home

     Hamas Tunnels
     Buried For All Time - Creation - Discs
     Ancient Tunnels and Unplugged Buried Civilizations
     Turkey: Gobekli Tepe, Derinkuyu, Karahan Tepe
     Theia Impact - Debris on the Moon and Inside Earth
     Messages From Space - Solar Max, Vanishing Stars, Black Holes
     Wake-up Dream - War - Tunnels - Matrix Code

Full Circle Moments - The Little Girl in Time
     Garden of Eden - Abigail Edan Released - Hebrew Bloodline
     The Place Where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet
     Full Moon Pic, Ship, Stairs, the Beginning and the End
     Montauk Point Lighthouse - Ellie's Lighthouse
     Time Travel - Mirror Reflections in Time

Remembering Henry Kissinger
     Political Tessellations (Tesla, Trumps, George Santos)
     Gestalt Psychology - Law of Closure

Halloween 2023 - Many Themes
Remembering Matthew Perry

Ellie's Blogs October 16-18, 2023
Ellie's Mirror Reflection in the Matrix of Time
Cloud Scrying Messages - Phallus or Nuclear Explosion?
The Feather - Language of the Gods - Connecting the Narratives
UFO Sightings Increasing in End Times
Coffee, Spirits, and War (Israel-Hamas) - There's a Ghost in the House
Autumn Sunset and Solar Reflections
Simulation Inserts are Monoliths of Dark Energy that Program Reality

Be Careful Humans Ahead
2023 Israel-Hamas War (Not Just Another War)
     Freedom Tower - Ellie's Message From the "Cloud"
     The Children
     Ancient History (Maps)
     New Moon Solar Eclipse 21° Libra and Geometry (Animation)
     Kabbalah - Bridge of Time - Geometry of Creation

Forbes Women Over 50 -2023
Basking Ridge Family Adventures - The Necklace
2023 Nobel Prize Winners
2023 US Migrant Crisis Comes to NYC

50th Anniversary of the Bay Ridge Third Avenue Street Festival
It's a Sign - One Way

Full Harvest Supermoon 6 Aries - Text, Pics, Music
Stargate Sunset - Primordial Moments
Ellie, The Blue Light, Crystal Reflections
Sunsets over the Verrazano Bridge September 18-22, 2023
Sunset over the Verrazano Bridge September 5, 2023
Climate Change Parallels Human Behavior
Lighthouses, Open Spaces, and Perspectives
Ellie's Labor Day Weekend 2023

Autumn 2023 Voyages and Meditation
Some Things Rock - Rock Art - Joie Modeling in Nature

The First Domino - Trump, Letitia James, Cassidy Hutchinson, more
Alien Mummies? 2023 UFO Government Report
9/11 Blog - September 11, 2023
    Never Ending Stories and Conspiracies Connect Everything
    Definitive Transitions - Maui Wildfires, Burning Man Flooding, Morocco 6.8 Quake and Unexplained Lights
    Mercury Retrograde, Virgo Transition, Rosh Hashanah-Yom Kippur
    Journey of the Soul
    9/11 Sunset and "Twin Rainbows" Over the WTC - Pics and Video
    NY Jets Monday Night Football - Aaron Rodgers Injured Out For The Season

Morocco 6.8 Quake - Unexplained Lights
Earth's Core Communication - Golden Orb Discovered Northern Pacific
Burning Man 2023 - Great Desert Exodus After the Storm
Remembering Musician Jimmy Buffett
Ellie's Adventures with the Spirit of Professor Calvin Brooks
Ellie's Adventures with the Spirit of her friend Joel Rosmarin

Crystalinks Turns 28
Ellie's Cartouche and Egyptian Themes
Extraterrestrial Art Work and Messages by Mike Kehoe
Psychic Day 2023 With Ellie - Channeling Andy Warhol, Edgar Cayce, Crystals
Devorah's Birthday, Channeling App, Edgar Cayce, Akashic Records, Aliens
Ellie and Erica's Crystal Adventure
Iron, Magnetics, and Crystals
     Ellie's Black Tourmaline Crystal - Iron and Magnetics
     Michigan Meteorite - Iron and Magnetics
     Asteroid Psyche - Iron and Magnetics
     Earth's Core Crystals - Iron and Magnetics
     Kissing Fish Effect - Magnetics Merging
     Do you remember a device similar to this?

Full Blue Super Moon 7 Pisces (Water)
Maui Wildfires - Climate Change Summer of 2023
Artificial Intelligence - Marvin Minsky
ChatGPT - Education and Writers' Strike
Social Media Streamer Creates Riot in Manhattan
Platforms and Stepping Stones
Crop Circles - History, Theories, Timeline, News

Republican Debate August 2023 - Chris Christie on UFOs
Trump's Mug Shot and Surrender
The Invincible Trickster - Donald J. Trump

Everything is Artificial Intelligence
E.C. Phone Home - Egypt - A Place Called Home
7.25.76 - Face on Mars Photographed - Science and Pseudoscience
About "X" (Elon Musk)
WWII, Oppenheimer, Alien Connections
July 4th - 11.11 Digital Time Code - Everything Comes To An End
Pic of Freedom Tower Before Being Hit By Lightning
Ellie and Her Family - "Six" on Broadway - SAG Strike
The Backlist Finale - No. 00 - Fade to Black
Knowing Solar Cycle 25
Spooky Action at a Distance - Sunset - New Moon
Canadian Wildfires Produce Orange Supermoon and Sunsets
Orion, Betelgeuse and Sirius, Dog Days
A Place Called Home - The Great Purpling - Chaos
Perspective - Verrazano Bridge
Fisherman Spots Whale Breaching Under Verrazano Bridge
Microburst Rocks Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - Heat Fatigue - Gulf Stream Collapse
Climate Anxiety 2023
Post Covid Disconnect 2023
Emotions and Conspiracy Theories 2023
People Watch Negative TV to Combat Life's Stresses
Remembering Tony Bennett

Elon Musk - What's Outside the Simulation?
Supreme Court Decisions - Affirmative Action, Student Loans, LGBTQ
Extreme Tourism - Titan Submersible Incident
Titan Adventures - Myth, Math, and Mysteries
     Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting, The Visitors
     The Passage of Time, Time Travel and the Physics of it All
     Recalibrating To The Time Before Time
     Creating Equations
     Seshat Egyptian Goddess of Math - Female Counterpart of Thoth
     The Human Equation - Out of Africa to Greece and Rome
     Reality is an Algorithm
     The Titans - Myth, Math, and Mysteries
     The Fate of the Modern-day Titans (Ships)
     The Phoenix in the Alchemy of Time
     Masonic Program
     Sarah and Alexander - Guardians of the Seed
Journey of the Bloodline - The Last Symbol

Loneliness: Emotions, Syndromes, Support Animals, Alone vs. Lonely
Roadmap to Divorce - The Sleep Divorce

Ellie and Karen - Laughter - How do you communicate - Texting - Phone?
Ellie and Karen - Bench Talk - Chaos in Brooklyn
Ellie and Leslie on the Summer Solstice
Ellie and Clell on an Ocean Voyage

Fade to Black
UFOs - A.I. - Algorithm of Reality
The Limo and the Escher Effect - Prom Night in Brooklyn
Apple Vision Pro - Is Reality a Virtual Construct?
Canadian Wildfires Blanket The US
Florida and the Elephant's Graveyard

Prigozhin & Trump Connections - 2023 Wagner Group Rebellion
Trump Indictment and Arraignment - Classified Documents June 8, 2023
The Masonic Program and The Trump Effect - Link to the UFO/Alien Scenario

Ellie and Devorah - TikTok Moments at 80
Ellie's Memorial Day Week of Events
Spring In Full Bloom - White Trees - Promenade
Fleet Week NYC 2023 - Military Ships and the Philadelphia Experiment
Ellie's 2023 Mother's Day Adventures in NY and Connecticut
*Ellie, the GaZebo, and the Rainbow
Canadian Wildfires Create Orange Haze and Stunning Sunsets
Rooftop Pics - One World Trade Center - Venus at Sunset
Pink-Lavender Sky
*Moon, Moving Orb, Verrazano Bridge, Pink-Lavender Sky
*A Ripple In Time (Photo) - Fog Under the Verrazano Bridge
*Lightning Storms, Freedom Tower, UFO Drone Near Verrazano Bridge
Ellie Wearing Roses and Flying ~ Sun Scapes
DNA and Destiny - Artificial Intelligence and the Human Experiment
Artificial Intelligence will one day bring the truth about reality
May 2023 - Ellie and Joie - Simulation Through the Lens of Time
Met Gala 2023 - Joie Walks the Runway

Preakness - Black Moon - 7's - Earthquake
Kentucky Derby Day - Zsia, Jon, Nikki, Ryan, Ellie Flying
New York City 5 Boro Bike Tour 2023

The Asylum Seekers and the Parents
Title 42 Ends - Southern Border Immigration Crisis

Graduation Blog 2023
Intersecting Destinies 2023

Adventures in Iceland With Michelle
Remembering Tina Turner "The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll"
Martha Stewart Lands Historic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover
Trump: E.Jean Carroll Loss and CNN Town Hall
The Saga of NY Councilman George Santos
Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla

May 11 - Covid 19 as a Public Health Emerge Ended
Long Covid Emotional and Physical - International Long COVID Awareness Day

"A Beautiful Noise" - Neil Diamond's Story
The Passages of Time are Often Surreal - Melting Watches
Ellie The Vessel - Surrealism
Spraying Tugboat and Glistening Salt Water Ripple Under the Verrazano Bridge
Cherry Blossoms in the Park with my friend Neal
Lucid Dreams, Surreal, Weather Whiplash, Brooklyn Brownstones, Fort Lauderdale Floods
Climate Change and Seasonal Allergies
Ellie's Easter & Passover Blogs - Connecticut & Manhattan
Ellie and the Mural of the Pope
CT Beach, Harlem Cathedral, Hudson River Sunset, Spiraling Building, Freedom Tower
Ellie, Kim, Pier, Gardens, Split Screen Sunsets, Space
Remembering Jerry Springer - Reality TV

Trump Indicted, Gwyenth Paltrow Exonerated, Tony Lazzaro Guilty
Ellie's 2023 Trump Blogs
Joie: Arizona Desert, Nature Therapy, Stacking Rocks - Balanced Rocks - Spinners
The Sunset of Old Technology - Age of Artificial Intelligence
ChatGPT - Editing Necessary

Is Astrology Accurate
Theories About End Times Spring Comes to the Giza Plateau
     Ramadan - Passover - Sound Waves and Levitation - Mohammed, Ellie
Oscars 95 - Everything Everywhere All at Once - Time and Timing
My Daughter Nikki Wins a Tech Awards on International Women's Day 2023

Star People Revisited
Chile Connections to Antarctica's Underground Bases
Antarctica - The Hologram Project - Project Highjump - Aliens
The Place Where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet

Vanished - What Happens When People and Objects Go Missing?
Alaskan Anomalies
The Bermuda Triangle and Related Areas of Disappearance
MH370 The Plane that Disappeared

View from my Window - Special Effects - Ships - Beam Me Up
Sphinx - Z - The Lion's Tail/Tale - Fade to Black
The Galactic Keyhole - Keyhole Symbolism
Full Crow Moon - Tesla the White Pigeon Returns

Ellie's Blue Photo - Spirit of Joan DeMaio - The Door and the Keyhole
The Spirit of Joan DeMaio - Full Moon Sunset Pics

The Verdict - Alex Murdaugh
Dr. Seuss - The Final Chapter

Impact - Meteors - How did Life on Earth Begin?
The Unexpected - Closure Comes Out of the Blue

Duke the Great White Pyrenees and the February 2023 Winter Storm
St. Germain - Real or fiction? Human or Immortal?

Ellie Turning 80 With Family, Friends, and Aliens

Acts of War - Biden Visits Ukraine - Russia-Ukraine Conflict One Year Later
Violence Comes to Bay Ridge Brooklyn and the Campus of MSU
Morning People and Neanderthal Genes
     Moonrise Over the Verrazano Bridge- Amazing Sunset - Spring in February

Bay Ridge Sunset Pics February 13, 2023 - Enveloping the Universe
Unidentified Flying Objects
     Drones and Balloons Shot Down - Alaska, Yukon, Lake Huron, Michigan Triangle

UFOs Monitoring Natural Disasters & Preventing Nuclear Ones
Remembering Melinda Dillon - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

February 6, 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes and Aftershocks
     Mythology: Epic of Gilgamesh ~ Flood Stories ~ Anunnaki Gods ~ Zoroaster
     The Future of Everything
     Strange Bird Behavior Before the Earthquakes in Turkey
     Lenticular Cloud over Turkey - UFO Connections
     Donut Effect, Osiris, Black Hole, Sacred Geometry
     Paradigms are Patterns - 90 Degrees of Separation
     Solar Polar Vortex Emerges - Solar Max - 2025

Weather Whiplash
     Ellie's Adventures in the Park
     Fractals and Fibonacci Sequence
     Snowscapes and Lamp Lights
     Record Setting Low Temperature - Ice Storms
     Ice Covered Weeping Willow Trees
     Purple Full Moon
     Leo Full Moon ~ The Little and the Lion in Time
     Wormholes, Time Travel Harmonics, Grammys

Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs Beat Eagles in Final Seconds - Rihanna Performs

The Lost City - Cradle of Life
Everything Everywhere All At Once
2023 It's All Connected
The Last of Us - Adventures of Ellie and Joel
Doomsday Clock 2023 - A Storm is Coming
     Waiting at the Station. Vanishing Point. It's About Time.
     Ellie's Dream of 2025, Dean's Astrology & Astronomy
     Doomsday Clock 2025, Climate Change, Flood Stories
     Astronomy, Moon's Wobble, Pyramid and Hourglass

Final Connections
     Aquarius, Sun and Moon
     UFO Updates and Distractions 2023
     Emotions and Memory - Repository of Information - Stargate SG1
     Dreams and Memories are often Gray areas - We are Time Travelers
     Explorations to the Unknown - Making Contact
     It's All Connected

Pink Fluorescence Under the Dome - Cactus - Ancient Egypt
Why We Choose The Homes We Do
Weird Houses Around the World
The Sea Calls, Inception, Climate, California Flooding, Ellen DeGeneres

Who Misplaced or Stole the Classified Documents? UFOs and Presidents
The Epic Battle to Make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House

Buffalo, New York 2022-2023 (Storms, Earthquake, Damar Hamlin Medical Emergency)
Grandson Matthew Attends Tulane Win at Cotton Bowl - Bills' Damar Hamlin Injured

Remembering Lisa Marie Presley
Remembering Cindy Williams
"Spare" Prince Harry's Memoirs - May 2023 Harry, Meghan, and the Paparazzi in New York City
Award Season 2023 - Changes In Perspective

This is the Year of Big Ideas - Sunset Reflections - Janus God of Beginnings and Endings
Happy New Year from Ellie and Z - The God Equation
2022 In Review Many Themes

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