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2007 News in Review

A Year of Spectacular Comets APOD

A Different Kind of Deja Vu - 2008 Style
The Z Files 2007
   Adventures with Z, the 36, George, and Pat
   "The Tin Man" Miniseries
   Tornadoes and Other Spirals
Thunderbolts of the Gods
Pluto in Capricorn
The Holographic Principle
Ellie, The White Spider - The Bracelet & Egyptian Symbology

Christmas Related
Business Blogs December 2007
   Ellie, Dennis, George, Symbology, "National Treasure Book of Secrets"
Christmas Party at Fort Hamilton 12/09/07 - The Biggest Secret of All Time - Red Hat Society
From Laptops to Lap Dances
Givers and Takers ... Which Best Describes You?
Christmas Files 2007
   Various Photos and Links of Ellie, Friends, Family, Brooklyn, Snow Scenes
   21/21/07 - Five-year Countdown to 2012
   What Shift Are You Working Today?
   Reality Check 2007 Into 2008
   You are the 'You'niverse - U in Verse - Creation by Harmonics

Last Week of 2007
The Last Week of December 2007
   Football - New England Patriots Undefeated
   Your Personal Review of 2007
   The X, Y, Z Files 2007
   Benazir Bhutto Assassinated December 27, 2007
   Peacock, Goddess, Crystal, Butterfly, Hummingbird, Quetzal Bird
   7 Years of Revelation Till 2012...

A Pawn in the Game
Veteran's Days 2007
   Helping a Soul Cross Over
   The 11:11 Phenomenon
   Amsterdam: Crystalinks reflecting in the window of 705 Kirkstraad Canal
Alien/UFO Disclosure 2007 - Budd Hopkins, Larry King and Others
It's All Coming to the Surface UFO's, Volcanoes, Emotions, Oprah
Two Year Anniversary of Ralph's Passing - Spirit of Ralph Returns November 13, 2007
To See The World in a Grain of Sand
Time Trax - Ellie, Ron, Dennis, Trae, Time Travel and Loops - Nazi Germany
Photos of Ellie Working as a Psychic at the Rex Manor
The Turning Point
William Blake ~ The Movement of Consciousness ~ Time and Geometry
When the Money Runs Out

The Soul
What is a Soul?
Journey of the Soul
Soul Mates
Twin Flames
Connecting With Your Soul Group
Travel Connections and Crystalinks

Your Magic Stone, Woodstock Adventures, Magical Moments with Merlin, Ellie & Dennis
The Psychic and The Psychologist
Libra New Moon, Synchronicity Principal, Observable Clarity and Reasonable Response
Bipolar Relationships
Food For Thought - Family, Friends and Restaurants
Crystalinks Super Stats - 2,907,155
California Wildfires of October 2007
Puzzles and Location Shots

From Duality to Singularity

Manuscripts Found ... Truth Revealed
   Papal Inquiry into the Trial of the Templars
   The Lost Book of Nostradamus

"The Lost Book of Nostradamus" - Ellie on the History Channel 10/28/2007

Book of Thoth "M" and "W" Reversed
We Are Spirit Having a Physical Experience, Ascension

Week of 9/11/07 and on ... Rosh Hashana, Ramadan, Full Moon 18 Virgo
Week of 9/11/07 ... All Blogs Combined By Themes
9/11/07 - Grandparents Day 2007
9/11/07 - Ellie, Esther, The Wig, and the Orb - Ellie's Diet
9/12/07 - Earth Changes Mirror the Evolution of the Program and Consciousness
9/13/07 - Banana Umbilical and Bloodlines - Pat, George, Ron
9/14/07 - Iapetus, Arthur C. Clarke, Eyes, Iris, Isis, Horus, Fibonacci Coding, Binary Numeral System
9/15/07 - Highlander The Source
The Spirit of Anna

Book Signing - Ellie With Whitley Streiber - September 20, 2007
Autumnal Equinox - Sun 00 Libra - 'M' "W" Return to Balance
Anna's Journey to Israel, Temple Mount, Masonic Program, Upstate New York
Magna Carta - The Fight For Freedom - Masonic Memories

Blogs and Blurbs - September 19-23, 2007
   Ellie The Storyteller, Protectors, Teachers and Guides
   Emotionally Detached, Conscious Awareness
   People Watching, Too Close For Comfort

Sometimes Life's a Beach! Plum Beach Adventures
Alchemy in 'Eureka'

Book Launch: Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life
    Creating Your Own Book, Leo the Lion, Lost Book of Nostradamus, Atlantis
Sacred Imagination
Energy Programs, Earth Changes, Virtual Reality
    Ron & Ellie, Disasters, Crop Circles 36 & 144,
    Mexico: Slipping Tectonic Plates, Gordon-Michael Scallion, "Eureka", "The 4400" & Virtual Reality

Fire the Grid
The August 2007 Grid, Clients, Dreams, Email
Ancient City Grid Plans

Tornado Touches Down in Bay Ridge Brooklyn - 8/8/07 -- Also 118 Connections
Big Ben, Time Stopped
Foco Tonal

August 15, 2007 a 'Wow Day'!
   Traveling with Tom and George, Ground Zero in Manhattan, 36 Creational Forces and Beyond
   The Wow Signal! Sagittarius, Ouroboros, Projected Illusion, Wow Mom (Poles Reversed)
   My Screen Images Turn to Color
   8.0 Earthquake Hits Peru
   The Ica Stones of Peru, Prophecy of Cataclysm

Virgo Transition 2007 - Crunch Time
Crystalinks Celebrates its 12th Anniversary!
Huge Hole Found in the Universe - Horns and Cones - Virtual Reality Blog, NY Times
Sexual Themes Clients Recently Discussed ... How do you feel about ...
Studying Abroad 2007-2008

The DNA Zipper Effect
Zoo Hypothesis
Grey Matter - Greys Matter
Videos: 2012, Sibyl, WebBot Project, Agartha, Crystals, Flying Humanoids Mexico

Summer Romances
Jobs and Businesses Evolve Overnight

'Squatter Man' Archetype
36 Around 1 and Related
Earth's Size: Growing or Shrinking?
Manhattanhenge: Exodus From Manhattan, Reed Sea, Thoth, Book of the Dead
Coney Island Theme Parks Closing
Thomas Troward

"The Lost Book of Nostradamus" - Taping in Manhattan 7/20/2007

3 Triangles in Brick Chimney - Pearl Street near Ground Zero
Explaining Sun Dogs and Sun Spokes - Rainbows and Clouds

July: 2007 Crop Circle Fun & Messages Continue: 12 Around 1, The Canister, Dandelions Are Free
August: 2007 Crop Circle Fun & Messages Continue: Butterfly Effect, Dandelions Are Free

Enki: Maasais, Canaanites And the Inca Connection
Sleep Paralysis
Boutique Hotels
The Kolbrin Bible
Who Are Women Most Attracted To?
Crystalinks Updates, Seven Years of Blogs

The Dragon and the Pearl, Axis Mundi, Identifying Hatshepsut's Mummy
The Dragon and the Pearl
Axis Mundi, Rod of Hermes
Identifying the Mummy of Pharaoh (Queen) Hatshepsut

Crop Circles 2007 Images and Research
2007 Crop Circle Fun & Messages Continue, Alice in Wonderland, Cats, Nebula, Ouroboros

Ellie at the Tribeca Film Festival April 2007
2012 - 'Heroes' - New York City - Hiro - Niachi - 'Sarah and Alexander'
Fibonacci Numbers
Making Lists, Effective Time Management
Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder - Earth Changes in the US
A Journey Begins and Ends, The Bloodline, Signs of Completion, Circles, Mudra, Okay
Houses in Weird Places
Memorial Day, Ellie and the Navy Lieutenant

Ellie's San Francisco Adventures, May 17-24, 2007
Stuart Mitchell - Breaking the Codes At Rosslyn Chapel and Much More

April Fool's Day 2007, The Carny Experience and ET's, Clowns
Our Changing Universe, Pole Shifts, Vitruvian Man
From New Age Theory to Quantum DNA
No One Wants to Work Anymore
Employing an Obese Person
Changing Your Mind
Are You Creating a Different Reality Than Your Parents Did?
Being Around Smokers Stinks
Stonehenge Amulets
A Soul Spark in the Wrong Body
2012 It's in the Cards
Zero Number - Codes and Coding, 11
Red Square Bipolar Nebula
Patagonia Adventures, It's Melting Down, Climate Changes
Lucid Dream, Escape, Games, TOE, Loops in Time
The Oldest Tree: Upstate NY, Taurus and Relationships, Egypt, Alpha-Omega, Frond
Virginia Tech Massacre, First Hand Account

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula: Longest Underground River Found
Cape Islands, Crack in Earth's Crust
What Lies Beneath, Archaeology, March 2007
     Huge Underground "Ocean" Found Beneath Asia
     Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula: Longest underground river found
     Scientists probe 'hole in Earth' in the mid-Atlantic
     Peruvian citadel is site of earliest ancient solar observatory in the Americas
     Greek archaeologists find 2,200 year old Goddess Hera Statue
The Lost Tomb of Jesus, Discovery, Zep Tepi, SG1

Ndeze (Anagram: 'end ez, EZ'). Rare baby gorilla born on my birthday (1 of 12)

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse - March 3, 2007
Science: Fundamental Rule Describes All Galaxies
     There is only one geometric design found throughout the universe

International Women's Day, Tips For Women, Mercury Retrograde
Focus: How to Manifest a Parking Spot
Ron and Ellie, Nazi Germany Biogenetic Experiments Heard, Time Travel
Electrical Storm Over Sydney Harbour, March 4, 2007

'Spring Forward' With The Trickster March 2007
     Resetting Clocks, The Icicle and the Tree, Sleeping Prophet, Earth Changes, Consciousness Frozen in Time

Inedia, Food For Thought
Time to Check Out Your Old Journals

Messier 12, Geometry, Ouroboros
440 MHZ, A440
M. C. Escher, Perception, Geometry, Thinking Outside the Box
World Water Day 2007, Climate Changes, Gaia Hypothesis
Heaven's Gate Revisited - 10 Year Later
     Metaphysics 10 Years Ago - UFO's, Crop Circles, Channeling
     Honi the Circle-Maker, Rip Van Winkle, Masonic Program, The Z Wink, Ranka

Do You Hear Songs in Your Head? Dreams?
The Observer, Sand Art, Sand Painting, Native American, Tibetan

UFO's in My S.P.A.C.E., "The Last Mimzy"
Keep the Child in You Alive, Visualization
Children's Books, Write One, Healing the Inner Child

The Chachapoyas Culture of Peru, Inca
Matriarchy 2007, Consciousness
Tom and Ellie, Waking Up Suddenly in 2007
Full Snow Moon 2007 - Penguins
Self Awareness, Who in the World am I?
Z, Zed, Zero Point
Big Babies, Soul Journeys, Abortion Dilemmas Parts 1 & 2
Global Warming 2007
The Mission Feeling 2007
Thurisaz, Archetypes and Messages

Alien Connections - Ellie and Xavier
     What does Ellie have in common with a 9 year old black boy in Tennessee?
Ellie The Soothsayer in the Newspaper
Ellie's 9-Foot Pyramid, Capstone, Tree, and Verrazano Bridge
     Pyramid Meditations with Ellie on YouTube

Synchronicities 2007 - It's All Greek To Me

The Zig Zag People Of Creation

Running Agendas and Time Management
     Clearing the patterns of your life for a reason

Melting 2007 - Reverse Fibonacci Spiral

Anna Nicole Smith - The Journey of the Soul

Business ... Matters 2007
Women Left Unprepared To Care For Themselves
Why Are We So Angry?

Valentine's Day 2007
     The Heart and Other Issues in the Box
     Older Women Who Cannot Take Care of Themselves
     Quote, Spritual Heart, Apple, Nebulea
     Running Towards Something, But What Is It?
     Mercury ... The Swift Footed Messenger (God), Caduceus

Expos 2007
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab Closes

Egyptian Connections 2007
     Tomb of Pharaoh Akhenaten's seal bearer discovered
     Cleopatra No Beauty Queen, Coin Suggests
     Sherif, Zahi, "Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs"

Archaeology - Persian Soothsayer, Priestess With The Golden Eye

The Game Board of Reality, 26 Year Olds, Seniors, Emotions, Global Adoption
The Human Experience/Experience
Oprah ... "The Secret", Synchronicity, Law of Attraction, Serendipity

February 22 - 222 Day - Founding Fathers - Freemasons
222, The Secret, Vesica Pisces, Tube Torus

Stock Market Crash 2/27/07 - Numerology

Nines in Your Numerology Chart in 2007
Gerald Ford, Freemasons, Monolith 2007, Nostradamus
Seated Goddess Figurine From Catalhoyuk
Auroras 2007
Anomalous Happenings
     Chicago: UFO over O'hare Airport?
     New Jersey: Strange Object Falls From The Sky - Meteorite
     Japan: Dragon's Triangle

The Rebound Relationship
Political Agendas - Bushmen - Unexplained Gas Odors
Sundance Festival January 18-28, 2007
New Moon in Capricorn Meditation - My First MP3 File - Happy Birthday Aquarius
Finding Missing Persons - Getting the Message
Doomsday Clock Reset to 11:55
Fibonacci Numbers

The Next Generation Of ... Cellular Automaton
     Pyramid Meditations with Ellie, UFO Themes, NYC and Media

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