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As we search for the future we sense is imminent, we examine clues left from the past ... all the while know time is relative, can be manipulated and altered, and is in the Now, allowing what we believe to be real to be encoded and encrypted as we evolve.

It would appear that UFO's are showing up in increasing numbers, not to mention the credible and current specials presented by the History Channel among others. Tuesday night, January 2, 2006, the History Channel aired a special about The Devil's Sea aka The Devil's Triangle which they referred to as The Dragon's Triangle.

Near Japan, The Devil's Triangle is the Pacific Ocean's version of the Bermuda Triangle, but far more turbulent as it is in the Ring of Fire, an area with many active underwater volcanoes and earthquakes causing much chaos that some attribute to USO sightings. There are more active volcanoes in the water than on land throughout the planet. It is the sea that will rise up and speak out.

One would have to wonder why alien creators or visitors would set up underwater bases or that subterranean civilizations really exist. Portal perhaps ... not bases. The answer would go more to parallel running grid programs, including that which we call Lemuria and Atlantis, among others known to those of the indigenous peoples of the world, kept secret from the outside world.

Mythology: The TV special showed a picture allegedly dating to the earliest UFO recorded image in history which was found in Japan and part of its mythological past. It shows a female goddess who came from under the sea in a USO and was a creational force (metaphors). This all tells me that the pieces of a giant puzzle are coming together on many fronts and frequencies linked to different groups of souls who will follow them to completion. I still follow these adventures, always awaiting something more.

Matthew Hurley examines 'Hoaxes and Misinterpretations' on his website.

Wall in the tomb of Ptahhotpe in Mastabas, North Saqqara

It is in fact a vase with food offerings ... image below from Bonechi's book All of Egypt.

Coincidence? Subliminal triggers of winged aliens with large dark 'liquid' eyes?